Initiative for the Adaptation of African Agriculture (AAA) Weeks ahead of COP22, about 20 African ministers commit to reducing the vulnerability of African agriculture to climate change




On September 29th and 30th, 2016, about 20 African ministers, joined by representatives from international institutions as well as scientists and experts, are gathering in Marrakesh (Morocco), to attend a High Level International Meeting ahead of the upcoming COP22 negotiations.
The aim of this meeting is to build a support coalition for the initiative for the Adaptation of African Agriculture to climate change. In all, nearly 30 countries are represented.

An initiative to reduce the vulnerability of African agriculture to climate change
Launched in April 2016 under Morocco’s impetus, the initiative for the Adaptation of African Agriculture to climate change was born out of the observation that Africa, Agriculture, and Adaptation are only marginally taken into account in international negotiations and climate-fund allocations.
While all three are particularly vulnerable to climate change, they can also, and above all, play a major role in providing solutions.
The AAA initiative intends to act on two main levels: –

  • The Negotiations level, in order to place the Adaptation of African Agriculture at the heart of COP issues and challenges, and obtain an equitable distribution of climate funds between adaptation and mitigation.
  • The Solutions level, in order to promote and foster the implementation of concrete and innovative projects in terms of soil management, agricultural-water control, climate-risk management, capacity building and funding solutions.


A High Level Meeting to rally Africa around the initiative for the Adaptation of African Agriculture to climate change
About 20 African ministers are meeting on September 29th and 30th, in Marrakesh (Morocco), alongside representatives from leading international institutions (FAO, the World Bank, ADB, among others), as well as scientists and experts.
The aim of this High Level Meeting is to rally all stakeholders – whether in the area of agricultural development or in the fight against climate change – around the AAA initiative. In all, about 30 countries are represented in this Meeting.
It is intended to be an opportunity to share agricultural solutions and good practices that can be extended across the entire African continent. AAA initiative adopts a project-based approach that represents concrete ways to funding.
This meeting will also mark the launch of the #weAAAre campaign.
This campaign will focus on raising public awareness and mobilising the international community to act in favour of the AAA initiative in the lead-up to COP22, which will be held this year in Marrakesh from November 7th to 18th.
In terms of implementation, the initiative can lean on the great dynamic that is currently energising south-south cooperation, as well as on the ongoing rapprochement between African states, which is a priority for His Majesty King Mohammed VI.
Indeed, AAA seeks to serve Africa’s interests in such a way as to enable the continent to become a key player in climate-related issues.



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