The Zambia Volunteers Network has called on political parties not to be in a hurry in embracing deserters but instead take time to scrutinize them.

Gerald Chiluba who is the Network’s Executive Director says there is need for morality in the political arena and that putting some restrictions will ensure that politicians think twice before the cross to other political parties.

He said the three year restriction before readmission that the PF has put in place in their party is a step in the right direction which should be emulated by all parties if the country is to curb political immorality.

He said the Patriotic Front had taken a brave step to compel members who resigned to wait for three years before readmission as it will bring about morality and objectivity.

Mr Chiluba said that it was important that integrity and morality took centre stage in politics unlike the current scenario which he described as a “game without rules and no linesman was there to raise a flag.”

He also said it was unfortunate that most political parties had abrogated and trampled on there respective constitutions for the sake of political expediency.

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  1. The only thing PF has done which is positive. Sick and tired of these adults who rush to and fro. Miles Sampa suffered a blow. Teach him a lesson. Shame on him.


  2. Along with long waiting rejoining periods; these deserters must not be helped by the Party they deserted. Thinking about Sampa and Mulenga schmoozing with PF ministers for gov’t contracts because of family ties. Make it illegal for the gov’t to give contracts to ‘Partyless’ ( is that a word!), members that have poor morals. Citizens should watch gov’t like hawks, because these deserters create high emotions in the citizenry during elections, contributing to violence.

    Make your choice, pick a side, Feel the force!


  3. True. Let us now see how some people are going to be left sitting on the fence with no direction whatsoever. They will end up going to apologize to the parties they recently resigned from. I am so loving this



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