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Cost of living rising- JCTR

Economy Cost of living rising- JCTR

The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) says the cost of living for the month of September 2016 has gone up.

According to the JCTR Basic Needs Basket , the cost of living for an average family of five living in Lusaka has increased by K63.2 from K 4,870.89 in August to K 4,934.09.

In a statement released to ZANIS today, JCTR Social and Economic programme officer, Innocent Ndashe attributed the increase to the rise in the cost of a 25kg bag of mealie meal which increased from K80.57 in August to K 84.71 and the price of 1kg dry fish that increased from K 92.80 to K 166.00.

Mr. Ndashe noted that the observation is in line with Central Statistics Office (CSO)’s statement that despite inflation rate dropping from 19.6% in August to 18.9% in September, the cost of essential items such as mealie meal have remained high.

He stated that other items pushing inflation down is the reduction in the prices of motor vehicles that do not have direct bearing in enhancing the standard of living of the majority poor.

Mr. Ndashe appealed for practical measures to be taken to actualize government’s vision of improving the living standards of people in the country.

He added that there will also be need to aid farmers in identifying crops and other agriculture related investment that would do well in their regions, as well as to explore cheaper and more efficient ways of production in the sector.



  1. we are yet to see the worst, in a country were there is no democracy, high police brutality, no rule of law, corruption, drunkard rulers, bankrupt central bank, illegal salaries for illegal ministers, chartering air planes on the expense of citizens, ……….. no one will survive this one.

    • All will be well when the president calls for a day of prayer and fasting combined with the singing of dununa reverse, all the prices of the essential goods will just fall. Zambians made their bed and now the must lay in it.

  2. We told you that neither hh nor gbm nor even myself will.suffer. the same dull chaps who voted pf are now starving because pf does not need to dish out money anymore. You mugs

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