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Female Nurse assaulted while on duty in Mazabuka

Health Female Nurse assaulted while on duty in Mazabuka


A female nurse of Mazabuka Hospital in Southern province has been assaulted while on duty after  the death of a three year old child.

Southern Province Police Commissioner Godwin Phiri confirmed the development that Sililo Simusho was assaulted by the father of the deceased for alleged poor service at the hospital.

” A nurse at Mazabuka hospital was beaten while on duty by a male  parent an employee at Zambia Sugar, after a three  years old boy died for poor services , ” Mr Phiri said.

Meanwhile seven pupils from Mazabuka have been apprehended in connection with Grade nine examinations leakages.

The police apprehended the pupils from Nanga and Liyobolola after being led by a female pupil from Monze ‘s Manungu School.

Phiri said the pupil from Monze led the police to the other pupils.

“The pupils were apprehended for leakages involving Grade 9 examination papers after a lead from a female pupil who was apprehended from Manungu School in Monze,” he said.

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  1. its their life. leave them and at the end of the day they going to finger point the president that is behind the move of the arrest.

    • one nephew of such a nurse even said to me jokingly “ati, wina bazamutunga nyleti yo benda ka. Ba aunty baja bamayenda ku Mwanawasa general hospital ninshi bakali bokolewa. monga sibaenda kusebenza pama patients…

    • Most Zambian nurses kwena, bama temper! It’s probably because some of them report to work with hangover after dununaling with gallons of hunters dry or shakeshake most of their free time.

    • The mans child died. Its a highly emotional situation for a parent. I do believe many loving parents would have battered the very nurse, should they have suspected death as a result of negligence.

    • Yes Auzi… patients are taken to the hospital to be cared for. Not to be neglected. I know many nurses in government private hospitals who ar

    • Yes Auzi… you are right. The sick are taken to the hospital to be cared for. Not to be neglected. I know many nurses in government and private hospitals who are negligent of their responsibilities.

    • NEZ, Just accept that the party you are supporting is made up of crooks and thugs. Mazabuka is pure UPND and this behaviour is a tactic to try and blame the PF government but you ended up beating one of you own supporters from Kwahaye

  2. ” A nurse at Mazabuka hospital was beaten while on duty after a 3 years old boy died for poor services by a male parent an employee at Zambia Sugar, ” Mr Phiri said.

    What does this sentence mean Mr. Editor….dont journalists investigate stories or its a case of copying and pasting Police statements….where is the passion for the job.

    • So sad @Jay Jay; such grammatical blunders should not be emanating from our so called ‘trained journalists’. This speaks a lot about our education system.

  3. Comment: that man just has issues. maybe he even batters his wife and children at home. Please protect the nurses if you want good services.

  4. lets just start beating them.especially nurses from george clinic in lusaka.weldone for doing exactly what was in my mind.

  5. Why did this man take his child to a government hospital when Zambia Sugar have their own clinic and they do admit patients? I am a nurse and if anyone tries to attack me I will beat the stupidity out of him or her. You bring your children or relatives that area almost dead and do you expect nurses to perform miracles when you know that there is shortage of health workers? If you go to the hospital with a bad attitude then do not the best services. That assailant must be imprisoned and meet his child in hell because he is a devil. He should not be allowed to be roaming in the streets like a rabied dog. The reporter should have named the criminal in the report so that we look for him.

  6. The attitude of most government employees is pathetic. Let’s just admit it without politicizing the issue.

  7. The nurses at Mazabuka General hopsital especially maternity ward are very stupid,you would take your wife you will find this stupid nurse busy what-sapping at work,there is poor services at the hospital,the child is was three days old not what is being reported. Mazabuka General hospital and Ndeke clinic needs to improve,these two stations are weird and very stupid to mention the list. kudos to Kaonga Clinic. Next time i will publish their names here,the sister in-charge should be removed together with her staff, Dr. Chitalu could please find an amicable solution for this poor hospital with incompetent members of staff.

  8. I agree with kakombwe zambia sugar have their own clinic at the factory there how did this fool took the child to mazabuka hospital,he must have killed the child at his home in kabobola or kapufi then took the body to the hospital.cane catter uyu

  9. you dont expect someone from zambia compound there to give better service,kaonga ni kumayadi kuja, the enviroment surrounding the two clininc wil tel the kind of service you wil get.EVEN in lusaka go to kanyama or bauleni clinics and see the altitude of tuma nurses there very stupid.

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