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St.Mary’s School commended for its quality education over 60 years

General News St.Mary's School commended for its quality education over 60 years

LIVINGSTONE Mayor Eugene Mapuwo has commended St. Mary’s Secondary School in Livingstone for its excellence in providing quality education over the last 60 years.
Mr Mapuwo said his office had noted with excitement the tremendous successes the school had recorded over the years.
Mr Mapuwo said this during the celebrations to mark 60 years of existence of St Mary’s Secondary School at in Livingstone on Saturday.
St Mary’s Secondary School, a girl’s school run by the Catholic Diocese of Livingstone, was founded in January 1956 by the first Bishop of Livingstone Timothy O’shea.
Mr Mapuwo expressed his happiness that the school had continued with its vision of offering quality education thereby inspiring thousands of people in the country.
“Having been part of the Livingstone Community for many years, I have noted with excitement the tremendous successes recorded over the years. The school has produced hundreds of high profile people in society ranging from Doctors, engineers, teachers and other diverse accomplishments,”Mr Mapuwo said.
He said his office was also aware that the school was facing a lot of challenges that needed urgent attention but assured the school authority that Government would ensure that all concerns are addressed within the shortest possible time.
Former Catholic Diocese of Livingstone Bishop Raymond Mpezele urged the pupils to take education seriously and appealed to the head teacher to take full responsibility of all the operations of the school.
Southern Province Education Officer Florence Chikalekale said the provincial education office was proud of the achievements scored by the school in providing quality education despite the financial challenges.
In a speech read for her behalf  by Principle Education Standards Officer Fredrick Munkinyi Ms Chikalekale also appreciated the contributions of teachers towards the attainment of quality education despite working under difficult conditions.
School head teacher Magdalene Sitondo disclosed that the school had in the past 60 years laboured to provide quality and holistic education based on Christian principles.
Sr Sitondo complained that the school was in a deplorable state and needed to be completely brought down and new structures built.
“Our school needs to be completely brought down because it has fallen apart, we have cracks everywhere and it is slowly becoming a danger even to the pupils. The school is also just relying on one borehole servicing 660 pupils and so we also need help from good Samaritans to help us have at least three boreholes.
“The private sector should come on board and help rebuild the school and further help the many girls who are in need of sponsorship for tuition fees,” she said.
The head teacher appealed to Livingstone Member of parliament (MP) Mathews Jere to consider channeling part of the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) towards the improvement of water supply at the girl’s school.
The MP  who was in attendance pledged to take up the matter and ensure that the school was helped in uplifting its standards.
Mr Jere also donated 50 pockets of cement to the school and promised to bring on board other stakeholders that would help rebuild the school.

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  1. What we don’t realise nor understand is that, these guys are in big business. We don’t even bother nor establish how much money has and is still being made by those tricky missionaries from such establishments over the 60 years period. All we know is JESUS; a white man with long hair and pointed nose, whom we are made to believe is the son of God, basi…

    • You are a configuration of ungratefulness.

      Ask those who have been educated through missionary schools to learn the value of Christianity in Education.

      For your information, Jesus Christ was never a white man. Jesus Christ was born a Jew because of God’s divine sovereign choice.

      Please stop exhibiting ignorance before intelligent people go to bed because they might expose the hollow base of your ranting.

  2. Blasphemy is a sin bane,twaleni fwaka ukutali. Don’t ask God to multiply your misfortunes and put you to eternal death.

  3. But how many Zambian cam afford this quality education. Pf ministers send their kids to the best schools and abroad while the common Pf voters kid does not even have shoes. Meanwhile ati sontapo

  4. I attended a pta meeting last weekend. School fees that I pay k1000 per term at this boarding school. During the presentation of the financial report I discovered that out of k1000 a k60 is pta fund, k340 is user fee while k600 is for boarding for the term of 91days. I further discovered that the school spend k200 per child per month for breakfast, lunch and supper. To me the amount seem too low to provide decent meals. Can someone comment please as we talk how much these boarding schools make

  5. There is a gap somewhere. This school celeberated its centenary i.e. 100 years in 1996 when Mrs Mwanawasa was the First Lady and we had a celebration to the effect. Now we are being told it was founded in 1956? Sr Sitondo, can we have clarification?

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