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Pictures from Zambia Fashion Week 2016

Headlines Pictures from Zambia Fashion Week 2016



A good number Fashion enthusiasts thronged to Mulungushi International Conference Centre for Zambia Fashion Week 2016 that opened on Thursday October 13th and whose grand finale was on Saturday 15th October .

This year’s guest designer was Paledi Segapo from South Africa . He has dressed South African celebrities such as Donald (Musician) ,  Melusi Mbele (Actor) ,Proverb ( Idols SA presenter) and many others.

This year’s theme was “ Evoke your imagination”

Here are some of the outfits showcased by the designers :


Collection by Mundi Love


chique-le-femme-by-mundi5 chique-le-femme-by-mundi3 chique-le-femme-by-mundi2 chique-le-femme-by-mundi4 chique-le-femme-by-mundi6

Collection by Towani Clark

 towani-clark5 towani-clark4 towani-clark3 towani-clark2 towani-clark1 towani-clark


Collection by Paledi Segapo


paladi-segapo2 paladi-segapo3 paladi-segapo4

paladi-segapo5 paladi-segapo5-2


Collection by Nada

 nada3 nada4

nada1 nada



Collection by Alice Musukwa

alice-musukwa3 alice-musukwa2 alice-musukwa

 alice-musukwa5 alice-musukwa4


Collection by Njavwa Trudy

kwasu-designs-by-njavwa-trudy4 kwasu-designs-by-njavwa-trudy3 kwasu-designs-by-njavwa-trudy2 kwasu-designs-by-njavwa-trudy kwasu-designs-by-njavwa-trudy5


Collection by Nektaria Donta


nektaria-donta4 nektaria-donta3 nektaria-donta2 nektaria-donta nektaria-donta6


Assorted menswear collections

mens-2 mens mens3 mens6 mens5 mens4


Collection by Cecilia Njobvu


cecilia-njobvu2 cecilia-njobvu3 cecilia-njobvu5


(Photos courtesy of Chella Rancen Tukuta , compiled by Peter Mwansa (petermylife.com) , Gspeed Photography and Zambian Fashion Week official facebook page )






    • Most of the clothes shown cannot be worn by Zambian women without bringing them pain and misery!

      You can wear them at your own risk of being stripped completly naked and beaten to a pulp by other Zambians for “wearing indecent clothing”!

    • All the models are fat and need to loose some weight anyway it typical of all Zambian women, they are all over weight.
      I have never seen any one wearing such on the streets of Zambia, where do the sale them.

    • @Nine Chale, @Kachana Banda, the ladies in the swimwear were a bit chunky around the legs so some plus models of sort were included!!


    • Is Chellah not the Photographer and the name across the pics is a kind of Watermark to establish copyright!? The designer names are at the top of each picture group. But I agree that Chellah has stamped the best designs.

  2. Good show. Much better than yesterday’s featured Ushi fabrics ‘Hoax’ Collection. Collections look Polished and Elegant in parts.
    -Mundi Love, 1st and 3rd picture shows good and elegant talent. The rest is a bit lost.
    -Towani Clark. Not her best surely. That first one is very poor. All over the place, some tie dye print with clashing one tone….yuck.
    -Paledi Segapo, very accomplished if not unoriginal. Good stuff for celeb wear. Thought a bit Kanye West in last pic. He definitely us borrowing some vibes.
    -Cecilia Njobvu- Polished styling, good use of colours, pleasing to the eye. Borrowed some Ghanaian traditional print, put use to modern evolving wear. Love her Polka Dots with fresh green and her monotone black white Polka Dot.
    -The assorted Male wear, shows good play on…

    • ….-The assorted Male wear, shows good play on African Print applied to play wear. Good styling.
      -Nektaria Donta’s collectionis polished but a bit like Western fashion Copy. Not very original but a good collection.
      -Njavwa Trudy’s collection centres on one print with strong bold colours. Good workmanship but nothing much to show her range.
      -Alice Musukwa swimwear has some good understated colours and prints, but does not stand a chance in those Chunky Mama African bodies!! Bad fitting, maybe she needed to scale up sizes to fit the Plus size models.
      -Nada’s collection, a touch of elegance, good colours.

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