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Zambia slip again on FIFA rankings

Sports Zambia slip again on FIFA rankings

Zambia has dropped two places down the FIFA rankings and are not very far from their all-time low placing on the charts.

Chipolopolo slipped from 90th to 92nd in the World following their 2-1 home loss to Nigeria on October 9 in the two sides opening 2018 FIFA World Cup Group B qualifiers.

Without a favourable friendly results, if they can secure any before the next rankings are announced on November 24, and another defeat on November 12 away to Cameroon, the downward trend is set to continue for Zambia.

Nigeria on the other hand gained four places up the FIFA rankings after the win rising from 64 to 60.

Zambia’s lowest ranking was in February 2011 when they fell from 81 to 101 in the World.

Botswana currently sit at number 101.


  1. Andrew kamanga thought running football equalled to running his business. Now I’m sure he regrets having brought he body into that office. Ala kalu is just great which ever way you look at him

  2. No Chela lets not even condemn FIFA here, this is happening Because of Kamanga and Ponga. the gouys are failures when it comes to soccer. There vision was just to boot out Kalu from Football House period.

  3. these are just ranking down by a human being on what position where we in 2012 before getting the Africa cup it depends the people conducting that racking .GO ZAMBIA GO ZAMBIA

  4. People there’s no need to buy good nets and boats if there’s no fish in your rivers. Yes disband the team and find a want to develop standard players.

  5. Iwe Jay Jay is Brazil and Chile now Malawi and Zimbabwe? Stop supporting blindly iwe! Besides Zimbabwe is even better than us because of your clueless Kamanga

    • How long has Kamanga been in FAZ? When the thief Galu was stealing left right and centre you were singing his praises…look at grassroots football no investment for years.

  6. Nothing good has ever come out of Kamanga. The chap has been a failure wherever he’s gone. His only aim was to boot out Kalu from football house without a plan on how he was going to run the association. Emotions should be kept away from football. Period! Eliminate Kamanga and you’ll things back to normal otherwise we are doomed.

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