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Freedom fighter calls for unity, patriotism, hard work

General News Freedom fighter calls for unity, patriotism, hard work


Freedom fighters in Luapula Province have implored Zambians to embrace patriotism, unity and hard work ahead of the 52nd independence anniversary.

Lazarus Malenga 88, of Shulu Nkandu village in chief Sokontwe’s area in Milenge district, said the freedom fighters were driven by patriotism, unity of purpose and hard work to usurp power from the colonial rulers.

Mr. Malenga said patriotism, national unity and hard work were prerequisites for love and peace which are key to attaining national sovereignty and economic progression.

He said the Zambians were known for the culture of unity, hard work, and selflessness.

Mr. Malenga, a former conductor for Difon Malenga and Alfred Mandona bus services that serviced Milenge district in the early 1960s, was speaking from his residence in an interview with ZANIS on Thursday.

He said any dissenting views from patriotism, national unity and hard work were a recipe for instability and should not be condoned.

He charged that people should learn to respect both sitting and past presidents because leaders are appointed by God.
“Presidents are God’s envoys here on earth and will punish erring citizens on his behalf,” Mr. Malenga said.
He reminded Zambians that peace was not cheap and that the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation was not in vain but an affirmative action for peace to reign.
He also reminded those in power that they are presiding on God’s people on the principle of love that the Lord Jesus Christ preached when he was on earth.
“Zambians, especially the government leaders should embrace Christian values in conformity with Christ’s teachings of love to earn peace and economic stability,” he added.
Mr. Malenga observed that the golden age politicians have the duty to stir Zambia to its economic success.
He, however, noted that this calls for hard work, selflessness, honesty and impartiality for both the led and the leaders at every level of the governance structure is vital.
Meanwhile, a 78-year-old freedom fighter of Chipe village in chief Sokontwe chiefdom said the self-rule was achieved at a great price.

Moffat Mapulanga said some people were killed while others were maimed to seize power from the white rulers.
Mr. Mapulanga retaliated that Zambians should embrace patriotism, unity and hard work ahead of the independence anniversary and beyond.
He said as the nation prepares to celebrate the 2016 independence anniversary, people must reflect on the immense sufferings and the loss of lives that the country encountered during the liberation struggle.
He charged that the best way to honour the fallen heroes and heroines of the independence struggle was to preserve the peace and tranquility that the country has enjoyed for the past 52 years.
Mr. Mapulanga said patriotism and hard work should not be exceptional under the self-rule in the quest for the country to achieve economic prosperity.
He observed that since independence, Zambia has recorded significant improvements in various sectors of the economy.
He added that even rural districts such as Milenge have a feel of development and cited the construction of Milenge boarding secondary school and the ultra-modern district hospital as some of the remarkable developmental projects which are visible today.
Mr. Mapulanga further noted that the modern generation of Zambians was free to own property and that the transport sector has magnificently improved.

He noted that property ownership was almost a tall-order during the colonial rule while people had to cover long distances on foot because transport was scarce.
He has since urged Zambians to join in the celebrations while allowing unity, peace, and love to be a permanent feature of the country’s culture.

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  1. This is a good call, every Zambian should pay heed. We shall only survive through unity and loving our country above all things second only to our families. When the going gets tough, the tough pick up tools. Let’s apply Chinese Communist attitude under Comrade Mao. We can win this. An 88 year old patriot putting shame to young ones asking for easy everything! Tolerate no one who wants to derail us.

  2. There are no freedom fighters in Zambia. Our independence was through negotiations only.Who was the Commander in Chief of those stupid lying old men?What was their army called?There is no such history. Those old bastards are halucinating. I was there don’t lie.l challenge these lunatics to show us their guns or military combat. Mwilabepa abaice.That is why you pretend Zambia is a Christian country.

    • Chandrasekhar Chanda, you don’t know what a Freedom Fighters is. Your Freedom today was secured by Brave Men who stood against the Whites in Zambia for Independence.

  3. @2 Chanda Chimbwi, my heart bleeds when I read comments of this nature by Zambians. have your heard of the killing of Lillian burton on the copperbelt? have you hear? have you heard of th beating up of pc fosholo in ndola? have you heard of the countrywide burning of the situpa? have you heard of the passive resistance against a white foreman called William comree in mufulira? have you heard of the armed uprisings against whites settlers in kasama? have you heard of passive semi naked resistance by mama Julia chikamoneka, mama walibita and mama kankasa? have you heard of the passive uprising against white miner bosses by dennis katilungu? have you heard of Donald sokontwe, malama sokoni and kapasa makasa? you aare an ***** if you claim to have been there and not know all these people.

  4. what about the other freedom fighters who were working with the chief terrorist (according to the whites at that time) dr Kenneth Kaunda, alexander grey Zulu, Elijah mudenda? lewis changufu, malam sokoni, munukayumbwa sipalo, mungoni liso, princess nakatindi, Justin musonda chimba,. the younger ones at that time, in the likes of alexander bwalya chikwanda, fines Bulawayo, sefelino mulenga are the ones the old freedom fighters were sending into towns to commit all types of disturbances including burning district commissioners homes and beating up Africans suspected to be against the struggle. dot just yap, go and do research on your own country you dimwit under five arm chair critic. without all these people, there would have been no Zambia.

  5. it is foolish for any Zambian to think, believe and feel that this country did not go through an armed revolution in order to gain independence. the present crop of leaders including under five should realize that freedom fighters paid a very high ransom.. with their own lives for the whiteman in London to captivate and call dr Kaunda and his bunch of freedom fighters (terrorists as the queen’s government called them) to London for a conference. the delegation included king lewanika ii, simon mwansa kapwepwe and harry mwaanga nkumbula.
    we need to honour dr Kaunda and his band of freedom fighters for the sacrifices they made, which included loss of lives for some of them, to have Zambia freed.

  6. stupid swine @6. you are mocking the father of this nation DR Kunda, Mr Grey Zulu, Mr Mainza Chona and all our founding fathers. it shows your upbringing was crooked

  7. Bafikala muleishupa fye just admit lungu is taking us nowhere you tribalists your wives are hungry they not opening there legs for you just busy posting trash it’s just the beginning mukose

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