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ZNBC workers threaten to down tools over delayed salaries


ZNBC workers loitering outside their offices
ZNBC workers loitering outside their offices

Unionised workers at state run Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation this morning threatened to stage a go slow to press for payment of their delayed salaries.

Sources from the Zambia Union of Broadcasters and other Information dissemination confirmed that the members demanded to be addressed by management.

A check at the Mass Media Complex in Lusaka found several workers loitering outside while others were sun bathing in the car park.
The workers say they are getting frustrated by the growing trend of delayed salaries.

21st of every month is traditionally the pay day for ZNBC but the date has been shifting with some months salaries coming on the last day of the month.

The workers are now accusing Director General Richards Mwanza of mismanaging the institution saying since he was appointed, the financial situation at the state broadcaster has worsened.

Efforts to get a comment from Mr Mwanza proved futile as he is out of the country in the company of Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili’s tour of Turkey.

The go slow in full effect at ZNBC
The go slow in full effect at ZNBC
ZNBC workers chatting outside their offices
ZNBC workers chatting outside their offices


    • Please don’t down tools. Just report that salaries are in the bank and that PF is the greatest party. Please report that Kambwili is doing great and has ensured you got bonuses. Please keep on pro-pf reporting.

    • ZNBC can down tools but no one will miss them. Their world ranking is number 9999999999999999th only beating Zambia Daily Nation.

    • Don’t do that our hard working ZNBC staff. if you do that where else are we going to listen to the Dununa Reverse song before, during and after PF 19hrs main news? They say you reap what you sow and being the major culprits of depriving the people of Zambia of making informed decision prior to the General elections by completely blacklisting the opposition, you deserve even more of this. You were excited for nothing especially ka Bangwe Navile

    • Can we have a new National Broadcasting house please? this one looks like a PRISON. the Mass Media complex is such a eyesore!!!!

    • @NEZ
      I wish you a quick recovery.

      Dununa reverse has started to take root. The only money Lungu has is to pay the soldiers and his police force but for how long before they start complaining.

      I wait to see the police ‘s salaries delayed for months on end.

    • I hereby welcome Dead NBC’s threat to down tools. I support your action with all my heart and I’m sure majority of Zedians will be supporting your action. This is because we are all looking foward to your black out. Imagine no deadNBC! Life will be nice without PF propaganda, without listening to news done by scared stiff spineless journalists orchestrated by bootlicking editors scared of Kambwili and unwilling to fight for their rights. Chickens pretending to be journalists. Journalism is for the brave. Not for people crying that I have a family to feed. Go become a bus driver then

  1. And who was making fun of the Post employees when they went a few months without pay? (am thinking……. tick… tock… tick… tock…)

    It was ‘onourable Kambwili.

    • PF should just close this propaganda unit. I have not watched their news or listened to their radio stations in years. ZNBC will not be missed if it shut down. ZNBC belongs in the same bin as Contract Haulage, Zambia Airways, UBZ, etc. It is a drain on national resources.

  2. These 1diots they are supposed to be paid on the 21st and today the 21st they go on a go slow?They are key architects for the return of Lungu and they don’t deserve another chance.Fire them or tell them to go dance dununa reverse

  3. Patriots should not strike……..but the cause is genuine. Please pay on time or Cut Hours and Head Counts to relieve the shortage of finance. It’s wrong to hire if you can’t pay. If I understand this correctly, they are complaining of shifting pay dates rather than Not being paid at all? It’s a bit trait considering other public staff not being paid for months!

    • @ Patriot Abroad, are you really abroad or you just brag from Misis? Your comments lack merit most of the times. Do you know the importance of contracts?
      If you are abroad, you must be in Congo or Zimbabwe.
      And what time do you work? Because Every time you are online commenting on every article.
      Get a job.

    • @ Cc, I don’t understand the importance of Contracts??? What’s the relation of contracts to this article? You obviously have some gripe. I’m online a lot of of the times because I have an IPad and mobile Data. My online life relates to my MA in Digital Media, either way I’d be online. I am a property owner and have multiple Business premises and am in the process of Setting up an International business, if you must know. Find another way of expressing your frustrations. Get a life.

  4. Maybe the Government must change the date to the 25th. In my view, the public service in Zambia overstaffed and turns to be the main cost driver. If you want real austerity that can get Zambia to a path of growth, get a leader who says that he is willing to cut the public service by 30% – 40%. 60% of the public service can perform the duties of 100% by scaling down inefficiencies. There are too many ‘jacket-hangers” and “coffin-dodgers” or rather “dinosaurs” in public office.

    • Changing the pay date won’t help the situation because they will face the same challenges of funds when the date arrives.

      I agree with your latter proposal of cutting the size of civil service employees. Actually there will be more accountability and proper monitoring of each employee.
      Service delivery will be less complicated than the way it is today.
      Actually instead of removing subsidies they should have first targeted the civil service.
      Good point.

  5. I thought when you supported PF you knew that PF will meet your needs? Do you think minister go without pay? Who know? You’re suffering.

  6. Guys am not well today. Please I will not be able to give you my wise comments. Please wish me well . Pf supporters I know you wishing me dead but I will persevere. I thank you

  7. I am paying them K3 every month through ZESCO bills and on DSTV. Where is the money? By the way what do these guys do?

  8. Govt said salaries will be at monthend of each month why 21.only Reason Znbc is full of upnd cadres who who make sure they come out twechnically to discredit ring leaders to give room to professionals

  9. What time was this. 21st and today is 21st?

    Heartless workers. We are reliably informed that HH addressed you yesterday.

    We will replace you with people who want to work. Alah!!!

    You campaigned & voted wisely for the Great P.F, & their Infrastructural good works.
    Ni Dununa iye, ahhh ye, Dununa iye, Dununa reversiiiii.

    • In fact I have a solution if you have no food to feed the family due to delayed salaries.
      Just cut up the P.F Lungu campaign T.Shirt, marinate in contaminated tap water from the inept water, & sewage board, add salt, cook, & spice with a huge dose of anti – Tonga P.F tribalism, fry, & voilà! – eat.
      To enjoy the meal, tune in to Dead N.B.C, & dance to Dununa reverse, while enjoying the P.F recipe meal

  11. I say ndai cleaner, i say ndai pukuta, I say ndai wamya. ZNBC sure chikonko mwikate, Edgar Lungu ewo twikwite. Alalila owe salary takuli, znbc ewo twikwite*3 sing along ladies and gentlemen

  12. I don’t see a single comment above sympathizing with the rogues and seriously speaking they are only keeping their jobs because of PF.Our nation is better off without them

  13. Tell your lungs without lungs to pay you .you campaigned for your own Lungs,chimbwi kambwi,Fung bwanga,kapyango the broom and many other creatures of Pfools hyena kraal.

  14. kIKIKIKI Ndeloleshafye, DUNUNA REVERSE – these people were so happy doing the coverage on election day. HH is at his house alelya bwino.

  15. Civil Servants including ZNBC voted for HH. Many were transferred in order to disenfranchise them.

    The biased reporting was under duress, i.e. what their superiors forced them to do NOT what they believed. Thats why LUNGU is deliberately punishing civil service with delayed payments & unfair dismissals. This humble LUNGU you are worshiping is evil.

  16. The PF govt is a badly managed criminal organisation. The auditors report says officials have stolen millions of tax payer money, how come they forgot to pay off their foot soldiers at ZNBC and others who betrayed their fellow Zambians and helped Lungu?

  17. useless *****s when it hammers you that is when you complain . that is how others are feeling , be strong you will be paid on 10/11/2016 when chimbwili comes back from receiving donations.


  19. What is killing this killing this country is not PF but nepotism, corruption, thieving and poor working culture. These can be found in PF as well as UPND. ZNBC workers want money which is OK but ask them how much each of those workers contributed to the company and this county.Some of those workers barely worked for 8 hours but they are shamelessly asking money for 186 hours. Let’s change if Zambia is to be saved

  20. Zambia is indeed dead economically,may the good Lord deliver us from the shackles of poverty brought by mismanagement.

  21. Comment:you guys don’t even be in go slow you deserve it.I believe you were saying its the duty of government to pay civik servants before the end of every month.znbc who are you if us are not yet paid?akubombenifye nganwalidabwa.who dont want the money 21st wat is 21st if others can get paid pa 45.becarefull.

  22. Comment:U pipo u neva cared for our needs, ZNBC u deserve mo than this guyz. don’t worry, thats dununa reverse u wanted.

  23. Comment: suffering in this country will end in 2021 ,cause in PF there is no money no strut ages or means of finding money .

  24. Comment:let the ZNBC workers dununa reverse, bcoz we told them to vote wisely BT wat did they do? U get yo salaries pa 90 days that’s wen u kno the true PF wit Lu ngu.

  25. i thought these iddiiots are well paid going by how they report especially the remote controlled bangwe navile its time to dununa you careless reporters you dont love your country die with it lease dont pay them

  26. Comment: I have gone through all your comments now listen, Znbc workers and you commentators your comments have really shows your poor understanding, poor thinking, unprofessional, uncivilised, and all uneducated. You should work together and cooperates with your present government at the time. For you who think or need Upnd in power just because HH is rich to give you things on silver plate must forget about it that wealth is his and his family he can’t invest it in gvts programs and he will never do that but even him will follow the procedure. If you all have commented on it feel poor the road to Upnd HH is open go and try to ask for help because of what you think he can help people. Who was against the civil servant salary increments said why have they increased such amount? Its…

  27. Comment:jealous pipo wil never do any gud instead OF dey bisy lookin 4 erros frm HE mr LUNGU.sir dont mine them

  28. Comment:brothers ans sisters y cnt we back up our président so dat hé can take 4ward 4betterment OF our children .lets stop politinking.

  29. KIkikikiki, Just assume you are in a fasting mode. The lost Father Bwalya bragged that the government has money.

  30. ZNBC workers this is very good for you. We don’t sympathise with you. You can go for months without pay that’s when we will be happy. Please go to babe hippo (Kambwili) to tell the SG for PF to pay for those adverts so that you can be paid. If you had allowed opposition parties to advertise on ZNBC they would have paid cash for their adverts and you would have been paid your salaries. Please continue playing and dancing DUNUNA reverse

  31. The situation is worse at Zampost. Salaries are behind by 3 months and most of the allowances are not paid. there is just total breakdown in everything. During the last meeting in Lusaka at Govt complex, macpheson chanda CEO was even boasting that that no body will remove him from HIS position by this Govt. because non is capable to do so in his PF .

  32. anyway you reap what you sow. Now if you have a loan and salaries delay the bank will charge a penalty. For example if the mou between dead nbc and the bank has sets 25th of every month as a date to submit loan recoveries and that date passes you will be charged a penalty. Check your loan statements. I really wish i could sympathise with you guys but I cant pretend, i don’t.

  33. ndeloleshafye.Things gona be okey and the vuvuzelas will disappear.shame will be on their faces because all they would want to see is the economy to collapse.

  34. I find the problem to be with our system of running thing’s this is because government entities are not solely independent why this u may ask? look at znbc pipo pay TV levy, even the ones without TV like me. they also get money for advertising. but am sure instead of the money been used to make znbc better its spend somewhere else eg the collapsing Zamtel and many others. so next time I want to hear ministers go on go slow due to salary delayment with its a fear system.

  35. I hereby welcome Dead NBC’s threat to down tools. I support your action with all my heart and I’m sure majority of Zedians will be supporting your action. This is because we are all looking foward to your black out. Imagine no deadNBC! Life will be nice without PF propaganda, without listening to news done by scared stiff spineless journalists orchestrated by bootlicking editors scared of Kambwili and unwilling to fight for their rights. Chickens pretending to be journalists.

  36. Comment:I can’t agree with you less Smith, corruption, thieving and anything else you would wish to add to the list are what are leaders of the deterioration of our society. I also feel a change in mind set is what would help us. Not just change of ubuteko.

    • I hear the new DUNDUMWEZI Mp has distributed alot of Laptops and Computers with free internet. Is this true and why there so many comments on this post? Please help me know of you can!!!!!!!!

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