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Minister of Finance Felix Mutati Dissolves ZRA BOARD

Economy Minister of Finance Felix Mutati Dissolves ZRA BOARD

The government has dissolved the governing board of the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA)

The action has been taken by the Minister of Finance Mr. Felix Mutati, “in accordance with the Zambia Revenue Authority Act Cap 321 Section 10 Subsection 1 and the Constitution of Zambia Chapter 2 Section 26 of the Interpretation and General Provisions.”

“I have dissolved the current Zambia Revenue Authority Board but a new board will soon be reconstituted,” assured the Minister.

The Minister has taken the opportunity to thank the dissolved board for their dedicated duty during turbulent times for the Zambian and world economy. He wished them well in their future endeavours.

This is contained in a statement released to the media by Chileshe Kandeta, the Head of Media & Public Relations at Ministry of Finance.


  1. Uko More PF thugs to be appointed, Knowing that there will be no depute ministers this is a way of trying to accommodate all the PF thugs who feel left out. Watch this space.

    • Mutati does not know anybody in PF. He only knows MMD members. This is an opportune time for him to begin to empower MMD members if he is to make an attempt at presidency in future. lol

    • They are learning from their South African counterparts – STATE CAPTURE and corruption by ruling party members – next they will control the treasury ( Although I suspect they already do taking into consideration the amount of TAX PAYERS MONEY THAT WAS MEANT FOR DEVELOPMENT WAS USED FOR ELECTION CAMPAINS!)

  2. Is there anything like a period for being a board member in Zambia. Or it is just when the minister (or appointing authority) it is time to change.


  4. Please do the same for zesco, zicta, ceec, toz, zdm, zisc, boz, napsa, znbs, naz, fra, change is coming after that ACC will visit you

  5. Snake bite, walibakoselela ba PF ai. You are the one who has replaced MMembe with your obsession, you are an obsessed freak

  6. Snakesbite, all you think of and blog is the Bemba , PF, Lungu Edgar. You are sick, your hatred is unprecedented. Advise to you….learn to live with all these because they ain’ t going anywhere, they are hear to stay. And get out of your tribal cocoon you 1mbecile.

    Kano nganimwe so that you could be employing 99.9% Tongas twlimishiba… 1mbecile

    • Ulimupuba JK, Snake bite says it as it is, Its you a blind follower of Pfools who can not see anything wrong even when the country is on its knees because of PF thugs appointed only to loot government coffers.
      And why insult anyway just shows how low you thinking is, Like Mrs. Obama puts it, When they go low we go higher.

    • Only the guilty are afraid. We know you by your sickening supremacist tribal rants. Non-Bembas cannot be pfooled any more.

  7. The only reason Tongas want to rule is to get all the jobs, non Tongas beware mukashala panse

    Mukashala muli mwamoneni. That’s why Eastern and Northern Luapula Copperbelt and the great City of Lusaka must unite more than ever against aba ba kaitemwe

    • Whatever you are saying in that language is back to you, too. We non-Bembas are not fooled. Your supremacist aspirations have been exposed.

  8. What’s sickening is how they have all migrated from the cursed ZWD (Watch Mbwa) to Lusaka Times to come and spew their rubbish. WHy can’t you stay their mulebepana ifyofine mwalibelela. You comfort each other with lies….. shame on you

    • So its ok to you for all jobs to be shared by bembas and easterners what foolishness is this.We are finished as a country.

    • It is called unintended consequences. Did you really believe for a minute that shutting down the ZWD would stop critics from commenting on your failed policies and stolen Eurobonds?

    • Console yourselves in that language. Whatever! $9.2 billion stolen money failed to secure you an outright victory and had to rig the elections in Lusaka to get a pathetic 13,000 margin. In 2021 you will not have anybody on your side, even the riggers and judges.

    • That is on top of bankrupting zambias coffers campaining and illigally using all organs of GRZ and still they had to rig.


  9. If our ministers have such powers surely how can such govt boards function independently…the evident is there at ZRL and ZAWA we need to relook at these governance issues.

  10. That’s how it feels if the party involves someone who is desperate to form his own government without president even noticing but listening to RB dangerous move will live to haunt him Mutati is there to revive MMD, ECL is blinded by RB foolish advise which will see come down like RB did no warning difficult to climb but very easy to come down.

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