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Muvi TV Journalist arrested for conduct likely to cause breach of peace


Police officers outside Radio Mano
Police officers outside Radio Mano

Zambia Police have arrested Muvi TV Journalist Njenje Chizu with conduct likely to cause the breach of peace.

According to the UPND, Njenje was picked from Radio Mano studios by over 100 police officers who stormed the station in a bid to stop UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and vice Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba from appearing at the radio station.

The Zambia Police stopped Njenje and other Journalists from filming their sealing of the community radio station.

Meanwhile other Journalists ran for their lives after Police threatened to beat them up.

And Zambia Police has since summoned Radio Mano management for interrogations.

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his vice Geoffrey Mwamba were on Friday evening slated to appear on a paid for radio program on Mano FM but police objected and threatened to arrest them.

And police officers told Radio Mano management that the station should not air a live paid-for UPND meeting for unknown reasons.

The meeting was addressed by Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba.

Police officers outside Radio Mano
Police officers outside Radio Mano


    • That is very good of the police to have done that.

      Remember the primary role of the police is law and order in order to maintain the peace.

      Why in a democratic country freedom if speech and assembly are important, it cannot be taken for granted that everyone will not abuse it

      The behaviour of HH and his vice GBM is extremely unbecoming.

      It would be very wrong for any radio station to give them an open platform to speak whatever they want.

      Their recent talk and utterances have been divisive, and anti-peace and anti-government.

      It is risky to allow them a live program, and journalists need to know that by now.

    • That is very good of the police to have done that.

      Remember the primary role of the police is law and order in order to maintain the peace.

      While in a democratic country freedom of speech and assembly are important, it cannot be taken for granted that everyone will not abuse it

      The behaviour of HH and his vice GBM is extremely unbecoming.

      It would be very wrong for any media house to give them an open platform to speak whatever they want.

      Their recent talk and utterances have been divisive, anti-peace, and anti-government.

      It is risky to allow them a live program, and journalists need to know that by now.

      Fire in Rwanda was facilitated by the media. Errors caused by the media can affect everyone.

    • What do you expect from the duo who live in denial. Lock them up. They are just poisoning the peace in Zambia.

    • Emmanuel Mwamba aka peace for Zambia

      Man you have totally lost all acumen regarding what the tenets of democracy are. Whats happening in Zambia is worse than in Zimbabwe where radio stations and papers operate at least freely.

      What law did the UPND people break? Going to answer questions from the public on the radio now is a criminal offence in Zambia! How preposterous!

      Lungu and his stooges failing to understand why IMF has developed cold feet to bail their government out. Latest IMF guidelines now stipulate rule of law and good governance are top priority before any bailout is granted. Other wise IMF will be promoting illegally and thuggery by propping up dictators who run their countries like mafia empires.

      Chagwa and his stooges must fall at all cost if Zambia is to…


    • Democracy calls for responsibility.

      Democracy calls for people to respect election results, not to promise to refuse to accept results if they lose, even before the vote is cast.

      Democracy does not give from to people to call for chaos when they lose elections.

      The legal system threatened to disqualify Trump when he said, even before the vote was cast, that he would not accept results if he lost.

      The American system called it a ‘historical embarrasment’ by a presidential candidate .
      And he had to withdraw the statement and promised he would accept if he loses.

      HH promised not to accept and when he lost he remained true to his word and went ahead and began and has continued to call on people ‘rise and fight’ – totally undemocratic and unacceptable.

  1. Comment: enough is enough please pf losers concentrate on fixing the nation you have damaged… b.u.s.h.i.t

    • Chances of PF reelection in 2021 is zero that’s why they want to shut down the party forming the next govt. The whole of Zambia will be Dundumwezi in 2021. Enough is enough from these thieves.

  2. I think PF should not be threatened by people who want to air their views. Arrest them if during their airing their views the commit a crime. Also UPND be smart and don’t just cause confusion. PF earn from South Africa where a President has no control of the media even when it sinks so low to dehumanize him. The people will judge if what is being aired is childish, nonsense or not. But there people like me who will never support UPND even when they win an election becasue of the tribal tag the carry daily. So don’t fear and run the country in fear-PF? Stop victimizing Zambians.

    • The problem is not with airing views. The problem is with the stance which has been taken by those who want to air views.

      You don’t seek platform to denounce government, and you wish to say it is your right.

      Come on, rights come with responsibility. Any perceived right which does not comply with the law is not a right.

      And someone above says PF came in 2011 because they were accorded freedom of speech; yes.

      PF deserved the freedom of speech because they did not abuse it.

      PF never called on people to rise against government. PF never at any time stated that they did not recognise the government and the president.

      Even journalists are expected to use reasonable judgement before they get excited with their programing. Rwanda became a mass grave because of careless…

    • @Peace of Zambia… you’re wrong. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press means just that. People should have freedom to air their views without intimidation. At least let them speak, and if they commit a crime in their speech, then hold them accountable. But to be shut down even before you speak means the government is violating people’s freedom of speech. You don’t have to force people to accept you as a legitimate president. Even in the USA up to now, some Southern radicals still don’t accept Obama as their president. But no one is going around looking for them, to make them confess and pledge allegiance to him. So if someone says he does not accept Lungu as his or her president or argues that Lungu didn’t win the election, that should not be reason enough to arrest them,…

    • (Continued)… harass them or prevent them from expressing their views. If they begin to make threats against the president–then they would have crossed the line. And that’s when the law should move in. Muzzling the citizens and the media even before they express their views is pure dictatorship.

    • @ 5.3 LIE-DETECTOR,

      You are wrong, freedom has to regard the law.

      You do not give a platform to someone you know has intentions to commit offense and then say, we will only question or arrest him when the offense is committed.

      You cannot let the guy enter a crowd with a gun, and say it is freedom of movement, unless he shoots and kills people the we can question him.

      OK fine, remove all the locks on the doors of your house, remove the gate, and the wall fence. Allow people to move freely in the name of freedom of movement.

      Even when you know that the people that normally pass by your place are thieves, leave the gate and doors unlocked, because they have not stolen yet.

      Follow that up only when they have stolen; before they have freedom of movement.

    • You lier chimbwi no plan after winning the copperbelt councils declared that he will make the country ungovernable the sensible govt of chibumba levy who understood democracy did not resort to policing but on performance.The over reliance on police to manage the country is not sustainable.Implementing acceptable policies would do.

  3. Keep arresting these uncultured thugs, vagabonds and villains.
    We should not give room to breathe for Kaponya (HH), GBV and the mercenary Boer thug Gay Scott Mmembe Inc.
    These heavily indebted inbred imbecilles can jeopardise the security of our great nation.
    Also cage the Shiaite propagandist thug Deepak Patel, Pakistanyioko

    • Great nation? Idi0ta. Right now the country doesn’t feel great under PF dictatorship. It’s hardly a month since Lungu put his ministers in cabinet, and he’s already lamenting that they’ve already started looting the government coffers, fattening their bank accounts. And remember this came from the horse’s mouth, so there’s no way to spin it. And he hasn’t shown any real interest in dealing with them i.e. fire them and have them arrested for stealing. The General Auditor Report has also indicated that a lot of money has dubiously gone missing under PF’s watch. No one is interested in following this up either to investigate what happened to the money. And you call that great? Maybe if you’re one of the looters you would say Zambia is great right now. Are you? The rest of the…

    • (Continued)… suffering Zambians don’t feel anything great about not knowing where your next meal is coming from, because some pot bellied guy is busy helping himself to the nation’s coffers.

    • It is there already.

      Dictatorship, kleptocracy and the end of the RULE OF LAW that Mwanawasa worked so hard for.

      Now, according to this illegitimate usurper of a president and his PF police force, every Zambian can be arrested at any time as they are ALL guilty until proven innocent. For anything the police can think of or trump up.

      If the case ever comes to court, we all know that Lungu has fixed all the Judges, so in effect Justice in Zambia is DEAD.

    • PF should never ever forget that if they try and stay in power through illegal means they can also be removed by illegal means and it can be justified.

      Musuveni came to power through armed rebellion. Is this where PF is taking Zambia?

      It will be if they continue with these tactics.

  4. He is ALWAYS up to no good, such that even if he wants to say a good thing they find it safwr to arrest him as a precaution. Same as a known criminal, who is always untrusted and under watch and suspicion even by neighbours…..hiho hiho hiho hiho.hiho.

  5. That is very good of the police to have done that.

    Remember the primary role of the police is law and order in order to maintain the peace.

    While in a democratic country freedom of speech and assembly are important, it cannot be taken for granted that everyone will not abuse it

    The behaviour of HH and his vice GBM is extremely unbecoming.

    It would be very wrong for any media house to give them an open platform to speak whatever they want.

    Their recent talk and utterances have been divisive, anti-peace, and anti-government.

    It is risky to allow them a live program, and journalists need to know that by now.

    Fire in Rwanda was facilitated by the media. Errors caused by the media can affect everyone.

  6. Its UNPD tomorrow its going to be citizens who are being treated this way. PF you happy now but wait and see this is just the being. Its not good for the country. Its time we develop and behavior like human beings. We are going back to the trees!

    • Of course it can be anyone who breaks the law.

      This is the same in every sphere of life. HH and GBM have presented themselves as a threat to national peace.

      When you get a loan from the bank, and you fail to pay back you will be submitted to CRB.

      The next time you want borrow any bank you will be treated as a bad debtor even when this time you have capacity and willingness to genuinely pay back

      So it is with HH and gbm, even when they want to air good views, no one will want to risk by giving them chance.

  7. But MCS and his PF cadres were regularly causing breach of peace from 2011 and the police just looked on.Useless and politicized PFolice force.

  8. The End of PF.

    2016 ,PF lost by a gud margin which they manipulated.

    2021- will be whitewash.

    UPNd should remain united,

    • Comment:we hav uranium for de manufacturing electric plant, coal, wind and escarpments for wind turbines, sun for solar plants. due to bad governance system & ministers with fodged qualifications we jst wait fo a day of prayer & fasting to solve our load sheding. shame to be Zambian.

  9. The whole world knows that HH and his UPND are trading on a wrong path.

    They are aware that he is a time waster and not leadership material.

    This why when, the man HH and his assistant GBM were put in cells country bothered to talk about.

    Instead they were busy congratulating ECL. UN and the USA were busy commending Zambia on refugee management.

    EU was busy pledging their financial support, and Japan and China were busy promising their continued cooperation.

    The Arab world kept pressing ECL for his wisdom and leadership, and UK also added it pleasure with the manner Zambians conducted themselves.

    No one talked about the time wasters, HH and his assistant, GBM.

    • You need to get a job, who has time to post Krap like you have done all day.
      Truth is the journalist detention is brutal and illegal.

  10. I see PF disappearing from Zambia’s history books in 2021. It will be similar to the 1991 revolution! I cannot believe the Christian is presiding over impunity!

  11. Lungu and his advisors are so dull. He is trying to copy mugabe and MU7 and dosantos while he is begging for western money.
    Mugabe dictates over over a very rich country in diamonds, gold, platinum.
    MU7 dictates over a country with a powerful are used by the USA and Uganda hosts a US military base. Uganda is vital in the area for the USA . The Americans don’t like MU7 but tolerate him.
    Dosantos dictates over vast oil and diamond fields and was traditionally in the Russian sphere..

    Now our wana be dictator lungu wants to dictate over poverty with broke copper mines while desperate for Western money ?

    I hope the west dictate their terms of borrowing. In fact I will be lodging citizen complaints to IMF and the US state department about lungu wanting to be like mugabe. Lungu wants…

    • I will be complaint to the IMF and US state department that lungu wants to use IMF money to brutalise citizens and deny them their democratic freedoms. Anyone can lodge and register a complaint with the US state department and the IMF that their money is being used to brutalise citizens.. The more citizens complain the better.

  12. Any zambian who does not want zambia turned into another Zimbabwe should register a complaint with the US state department and the IMF with borrowed monies used to brutalise citizens.

    This is the age of social media. Let’s all complain so lungu does not get money with out conditions.

    God bless zambia.

  13. @18 spaka, you can hang yourself or drink doom, no one will miss you. The Americans are so disgusted with the behavior of HH regarding the recent elections that the last thing they want to hear about, or read about, or see is HH. That applies to any donkey and donkeys dressed as journalists….hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho.

  14. This is not about HH or GBM , even if a Mr X chanda appears on the political scean and lungu see as a threat this is what he will do to them.

    This is about freedom of expression in our zambia ladies and gentlemen. Is this the zambia we want for our children ?

    Let’s all lodge complaints to western embassy websites that lungu will be using the money he wants to borrow so as to brutalise citizens.

  15. The Police are doing their job perfectly – keeping the peace irrespective of who is at state house – encouragement of hooliganism as HH and GBM must face the law period

  16. This story does not hold water. How can police do that, I mean do they think HH doesn’t know his rights together with the journalist who was arrested? If he is arrested there should be something else he did other than the reported. Come on we all know he doesn’t like Edgar but this is fabrication .

  17. Mentor Mugabe must be smiling to see his ‘student’ Lungu screwing up our Country, i.e. oppressing freedom of expression and oppressing rule of law in accordance with the way he mentored him. So Zambia is now indeed Zambabwe, and the Mentor is saying ‘Twalingana nomba’.

    And short-sighted parasites like @peace for Zambia, are busy sponging off Govt funds, hence senselessly defending status quo.

  18. Few Zambians are able to be political analysts. Most of the people in Zambia they moved by the influence of music or somebody who offer them some bear to drink. Very few people understand their rights to express themselves.

    Zambia is a Peaceful nation just becouse people are ignorant of what is politiaclly happening arround them. when Zambians shalll understand what it means “Democracy”, they will fight for it and Zambia will end up not being called a peaceful nation. Keep people in ignorance you will be able to rule over .them

  19. Lungu is a fool who will very soon meet his political doom. Kaunda never raided media Chiluba never sent police to raid media.mwanawasa didn’t attack the media. Sata didn’t close down media. This ka ‘God fearing’ nincompoop thinks he has to lock up journalists. Let’s fight this tyrant
    Let’s fight for freedom

  20. Uncultured, backward and unprecedented behaviour. Surprising? No. Dangerous? Yes. More so that we have characters blogging here supporting this despicable State behaviour. Are you just blindly carried away with primitiveness or its just shocking ignorance? What is wrong with leaders of a party expressing themselves on radio? You are ready to send a ‘formidable’ contingent of police officers to a ‘deal a blow’ to two political leaders – yet you fail lamentably when called to attend to tax paying citizens in distress. This is not about HH or GBM you ignorant fools. This is about a nation, about recognising checks and balances and democratic tenets. When this country sinks to the pits of complete tyranny, the same ‘blind’ followers will lament on what has hit them and their kinfolk…

  21. I remember Marsha Chilemena storming ZNBC when it looked like Mazoka was winning. He was shouting telling the staff they were all going to be replaced when he Mazoka takes over.

  22. i only like the trees above but hate the ones am seeing in uniform. one day kapyango, Kanganja, Kaizer, Katanga and kaChangwa shall pay for their misdeeds

  23. I will wait to hear the statement from the police on the matter. commenting for the sake of commenting is too mean for the civilized world .

  24. Those are powers invoked when you have a state of emergency. That journalist has been picked up on suspicion of what he INTENDED to do and not what he DID. Tell me if that is not paranoia playing out with confusion on which laws to use in a pluralistic society.

  25. This is a pure violation of human rights and a birth of ugly dictatorship. Dictators start by crumping the media and pf has advanced in that. Even if they were going to express how they don’t recognise Lungu, that is still there right. Late Sata never recognised RB!! HH and GBM should have been allowed to air their views but in a most unlikely event that they committed a crime while on air, yes an arrest would be appropriate.

  26. @29 Spaka, you don’t learn easily or at all. Let me repeat myself. The western embassies have no time for your petitions even on their websites. To start with, they only deal with genuine and real people not unidentifiable objects like you and other UPND cadres. When HH invited those western diplomats to his home for dinner, that is the time HH destroyed himself. When he opened his mouth to speak and impress them, the diplomats came out with a negative opinion of HH. They were surprised, shocked in fact, that HH qualified as presidential material in Zambia. They were even more shocked that he presented GBM as his running mate. First impressions matter a lot when you deal with western culture. As far as they were concerned HH may as well not exist. During my several interactions with them…

    • This is not about HH. those journalists being brutalised are not HH.

      Citizens of zambia. By email raise your concerns that the IMF money lungu wants to borrow will be used to shut down all independent media and brutalise anyone with divergent views to PF.

      British Embassy. The UK foreign office. US embassy. Thw US state department. French embassy. Italian embassy.
      Also the UN and IMF.

      All their websites give a complaints or a section where you can rsise a concern or enquiries section via email.

      Don’t let our country become Zimbabwe while we stand and watch. With only a few clicks on Google you can play your part.

      God bless zambia.

    • Yes the western governments don’t need petitions to know what’s happening in Zambia. They have intelligence to spy on all activities and they already know that HH wants their sympathy hence his childish behavior.

    • Is muvi tv HH , is komboni radio HH ? Is UNZA radio HH , these are some of the media houses being harrassed and brutalised by PF.

  27. Contd… First impressions matter a lot when you deal with western culture. As far as they were concerned HH may as well not exist. During my several interactions with them they express surprise HH is regerred to as opposition leader from southern, they ask whether that is the best southern rehion can produce and other unpalatables and unprintables. Try them yourself Spaka Like Crying and report back.

    • This not about HH. this is about freedom of expression in zambia.

      Even if the western embassies have no time for UPND if enough citizens complain through email about the money lungu wants to borrow being used to deny zambians the freedom of expression and democratic rights at least we tried.

  28. Now I want to share some shocking news with all UPND cadres who just chorus senselessly like donkeys. What are you going to say when it happens?

    The news is that within the next two months HH will seek to apologise to Zambians and seek to reconcile with President Lungu.

    This is genuine, reliable information gathered not from the usual “reliable sources” but from the horse’s mouth itself, gathered and compiled from hints and other behaviours in private and in board room meetings. In other words, he is about to abandon everything that YOU think he stands for. So prepare for the shock of your lives baasa….start changing now or else you will remain behind as the only donkeys standing…..hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho. What is unclear just now is how the reconciliation will be, I…

  29. This suggests an overzealous IG. Perhaps it’s time we examined actions to take against officials abusing their positions, at the end of incumbent President. So far we’ve focused on the President. How can Police anticipate what was to be said at a meeting and arrest someone for organising the meeting, when the purported speaker is free because they haven’t committed an offence yet? People, what goes up eventually comes down.

  30. Are the campaigns still on? Ok tomorrow lets hold a rally to sing bello ngayalila or ba gbm or better still yizula bayangana

  31. Comment:
    They should have arrested the masketeers as well. We cleave for a fresh breath of air and in there presence, it seems impossible.


  33. Where is media freedom in this country? The denial to allow citizens express themselves freely is nothing but an affront to media freedom and the very rights and liberties our fore fathers fought for at Garden House in 1990. We are back to the kaunda days. Whats wrong in HH and GBM venting out their concerns through private media? What has gone wrong in the PF- once upon a time a great party? Is Edgar seriously analyzing the implications of these dictatorial happenings and the consequences that they are likely to yield? Now i believe, power has gotten into the Head of the Head of State. CHILUBA behaved like this and in fact so crude and worse than Edgar. But believe me countrymen, days are numbered and Edgar will be alone just like Chiluba was left in the cold. Those surrouding EL do…

  34. Lungu the enemy of freedom of speech. The enemy of freedom of speech is the enemy of democracy! The enemy of democracy is a DICTATOR! A Hitler! An Idi Amin!

  35. Comment:very soon they will be like opposition and soon vanish like MMD,the new law will catch up with them in few years not very long….

  36. Do you think that the government is scared? Break the law and you ‘ll meet with the wrath of the law. Zambia Police is fully supported by the law abiding majority.

  37. The problem is that these two *****s didn’t accept the fact that Ecl is there president and nothing will change that and they underestimate him no wonder the stubbornness,what HH and GBV doing is for there interest not the majority Zambians we know them reaping is what there good at eg when GBV was defence minister,HH privatisation.

  38. The police are clearly being used to harass Lungu’s perceived enemies. US, UK, EC diplomats where are you? This is when we need you


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