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Lungu’s fight against corruption is mere political rhetoric-UPND

Headlines Lungu's fight against corruption is mere political rhetoric-UPND
United Party for National Development (UPND) Youth Affairs National Coordinator Kenny Ng’ona has branded as mere political rhetoric the statement by President Edgar Lungu that his ministers are corrupt, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.
In a media statement, Mr. Ng’ona stated that he had given the President a 48hours ultimatum to fire all corrupt Government officials.
He expressed worry that the President has taken long to dismiss the purported already known corrupt Government officials according to his sentiment despite assuring the nation.
Mr. Ng’ona said the President have powers to dismiss anyone found wanting and it was imperative for him to immediately fire the people involved in corrupt activities since the people are already known according to his recent pronouncement.
He stated that the president’s delay in taking action on corrupt Government officials who are already known is a clear in indication that his sentiments were merely pronounced and he will not dismissed any one for corruption anytime soon under his administration.
Mr. Ng’ona added President Lungu’s failure to act on one thing simply means he will never act on anything where corruption is concerned as evidenced in the manner he is handling the issue of corrupt ministers and other Senior Government officials.
He further noted that the failure to fire fraudulent ministers immediately despite him having powers right in his hands it may cause some interested stakeholders to raise eye-brows with a lot of unanswered questions and some people may conclude that even the President is also swimming in the same waters with the corrupt individuals in public offices.
“It’s a lie that Edgar Lungu will fire his ministers that are corrupt, he said he knows them and will fire them soon. I gave the president 48 hours to see if at all he really wanted to do away with the conmen and crooks he was referring to be so corrupt in his government”
“What is making Edgar Lungu fail to do away with these crooks in his government? He told us that he knows them. Why keep corrupt people in your team? What will make us not judge you to be like them? Failure to fire them means that you are swimming in the same waters with them” Mr. Ng’ona said


  1. What fight against corruption? You think that ka thief lungu who stole clients money when he was purporting to be a lawyer can fight corruption? All what lungu is concerned with is holding onto power by whaterver means as he knows once he is out of office, all his thieving actvities shall be revealed to zambians. Why do you think lungu is so obsessed with shutting down the post and is now victimising the mast? The mast, a paper which is registered under oracle and pays taxes kikiki Lungu’s day is coming. We had thieves like FTJ who thought they were untouchbale. PLease pf chaps advised that ku president of yours that he will eventually face the law. Now he even wants to extend the term of president that mambala. galu ya muntu!!!

    • @1
      At least ECL is giving us hope that he is a concerned president. let me also remind you that ECL was duly elected president of Zambia. so he is not holding on to power illegally. Whenever you have chance to pray, please ask God for a bit of manners coz you don’t have any.

    • NEZ, NEZ Why do you always imbalance yourself by commenting on issues that you have scanty knowledge. Contrary to your school of thought a good government will never waste time crying over spilled milk. The Chiluba saga was created by the cartel to make money out of it. The cartel made billions of Kwacha out of fictitious investigations than what was recovered. Carrying out the Cost/Benefit analysis, the was one of the biggest scandals in the history of Zambia. In fact there was no funds that were recovered. You are simply telling the Zambians what sort of Government UPND is going to form if at all you will manage to win an election because the Zambians will keep on rejecting you. We need leaders who are not time wasters, who will be serious and concentrate on real issues affecting all…

    • issues affecting all Zambians. When a government is dislodge, their thieving activities if at all they occurred becomes water under for bridge for a serious succeeding government. If there are any issues never should they be dealt with by the government. The responsibility of ironing out such matter should be entirely left in the hands of established institutions like the Police, ACC, DEC and the Courts to sort out and not politicians.

  2. Ba Ng’ona – Ati Edgar this, Edgar that — bupuba. “I gave him 48 hours ultimatum…” My foot, you are you to give a president an ultimatum? Let’s learn to moderate our stupiidity.

    • Mr One Zambia also learn something from South Africa a country with some semblance of normality should be able to give a president ultimatums you are the very type of persons that create small gods out of these presidents. You employ the guy and then claim he is beyond reproach!!! Unbelievable bututu ubu

    • Mr One Zambia – one day all of us including President Lungu and myself will face God’s righteous judgement which will be devoid of looking at the current status of an individual – so whether one is corrupt or not & if one is clever in current terms to manipulate systems to a point where he is not made to account for his or her actions, that will not be so with God – as for former President Chiluba death being a greatest equaliser, it has already made him to account for his good actions as well as bad ones

  3. How can a President be in the pockets of Ma-chinese.

    How does he fight corruption when Kaizer Zulu charges $200,000 for a meeting with him? The caliber of State-House has really been reduced. A FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD DOWN.

    Thats why they brought RDA under State House, so that they can get cuts directly from the Chinese. PF00Lish

  4. What do you expect to.hear from donkeys? They are forever looking for stories to make comments and attract attention. But how else can UPND attract attention? Some have even gone to the extent of dreaming that the general elections will come on 11 August 2016…..hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho. Where is Charles Kakoma? He has not updated us on his bank account. And where Stephen Katuka? In similar shape?

  5. Whenever a trained philosopher and lecturer begins to ponta on social media like a rascal I wonder what rabies have gripped him. Of course its now common knowledge you hide behind an non-existent spirit that brews kachasu but she has actually become real in your wrapped mind. So under the influence of the hard one you now speak like a cadre and not a philosopher we wonder what good education has done for you. Nothing! Now ECL fight against corruption? let me just say don’t say you were not warned. Remember one Fred Namakando aka Fred M’membe? He thought the threat was empty. Now? He is like a mad dog ranting all over for failing to pay tax….

  6. We have officially extended an invitation to Mr Trump to come to Zambia next week. The idea is to make sure he interacts with his counterpart HH so that they can chart the way forward for their respective countries. Some of the items on the agenda are: how to deal with post electoral loss, How to be relevant on the political scene after losing an election, Life after a loss of elections, how to grow your own business outside of white house or state house, how not to engage your citizenry for the next round of elections, and any other competent business. This meeting will be held in the tourist capital of Zambia at Zambezi sun. Lunches will be served in the fringes of Vic falls.

  7. There is no way can lungu a product of corruption and thuggery fight corruption, by that pronouncement he was just trying to divert people’s attention from those for nothing ministries he created.

  8. Tufikala tu UPND thinks oposing everything including right things will gain them our support. Mwaloba ilyauma! Who the hell is this ka Ng’ona or something to give the president 48hrs? Muleikalafye if you have nothing to do or say. Someone will die with Bp coz ECL is president whether you like it or not. Mwaba…utuma……. Ukufota!

  9. Is defending tax evasion, deliberate loan defaulting not supporting corruption? Upnd were ready to go to bed with the scum of the earth just to win the election. With such scum in your government how were you going to fight corruption?

  10. Ba lungu just say these ministers are no longer giving u a cut but because u r an emotional guy u cry foul in public. there is no honour amongst thieves.

  11. Ba lungu just say these ministers are no longer giving u a cut but because u r an emotional guy u cry foul in public. there is no honour amongst thieves.

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