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Provincial Minister’s trip to China will only benefit Chinese


Provincial Ministers on board Emirates flight to attend a series of workshops on development
Provincial Ministers on board Emirates flight to attend a series of workshops on development

Development Analyst Nsama Chikwanka has charged that the ten-day trip to China by all the ten Provincial Ministers will not yield any positive outcomes for Zambia.

On Sunday evening, a delegation of provincial Ministers and some officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy left for Beijing, China to attend workshops on development.

But Mr Chikwanka stated that this trip is not about Zambia’s development but about furthering Chinese interests in Zambia.

“I commend China for being relentless in seeking opportunities to further its own development interests. Truth be told, this trip to China will benefit the hosts more than the visitors, at least in the medium to long term. Why? Firstly, it is their initiative. From a development planning perspective, set its own growth targets,” Mr Chikwanka said.

He said the Chinese carried out a stakeholder analysis, developed interventions, timed them and assigned a budget.

“The 10 provincial ministers from Zambia are mere objects (as opposed to being subjects). They’ll be used to help the Chinese government deliver on its set medium to long term development goals. Let’s not lie to ourselves,” he said.

He said this trip is not about Zambia’s development adding that if it was, Zambia would have initiated and fully financed it.
“We would have planned it. In short, we would have been more strategic. For now, it’s at best mere tourism for the chosen 10.”
He added, “If you disagree, and you’ve a right to, get a copy of the Provincial development plan for any of the 10 and point out one development objective to which this activity will contribute to achieving. This trip is about access to power, authority and control as China seeks to acquire more of Zambia’s underdeveloped areas,” Mr Chikwanka said.

Ministers chatting with Chinese officials shortly before departure
Ministers chatting with Chinese officials shortly before departure
The Provincial Ministers relaxing in the VIP lounge at KKIA shortly before leaving for China
The Provincial Ministers relaxing in the VIP lounge at KKIA shortly before leaving for China


  1. Shallow analysis. What would make them fail to emulate some if the good practices they meet. Even at personal level there i
    s a lot they can learn and apply. Development Analysit, my foot.

    • Copper has only helped a few individuals in Zambia to get rich through corruption and the end users to get what they want, is it a curse or a blessing to Zambia? the poor get poorer as they lose their jobs and get polluted water and lung cancer!!

    • You will do good my friend John Mulele to actually read the provincial development plan the author has pointed you to before you show us how illiterate you are.

    • The Government of Zambia has not spent not a single pen. The expense is on Chinese tax payers. stop complaining on things u don’t understand.

  2. Zambians are too good at talking even on matters that they don’t even understand. Those ministers are travelling to china not on Zambia Government expense but it is a scholarship from china. Zambian govt dint spend anything on the air tickets. Please consult b4 u yap.

  3. What can these Grade 12 failures go and learn apart from shopping for their girl friends and taking pictures with chinese people with their broad african smiles! If the government was serious about learning something from this trip they would have sent technocrats not the dull Lusambos.

  4. Ba kaputo davies, you voted for your so called grade 12 failures. where do you get the audesity to call them failures. iam wondering if u are more educated than your failures.

  5. @Zedboy! Do I sound like I voted for these hungry villagers! These are your kind boy. I l vote maybe when my tour of duty come to an end! When, I don’t know! Good luck with your PF.

  6. The author is right …you have to be well traveled to understand the mindset of different cultures…there is nothing like a free lunch…if you want to promote Tourism in Zambia invite 20 of the top mangers of tour operating websites for a free tour of lodges in Zambia; by doing so you are plant a seed in them every time African Safari comes up they will think Zambia. This is what China is doing but because the are Public Officials it is essentially bribing them as they know we are cheap and easily corrupted.

  7. It is a total share waste of public funds for the poor. Money which is supposed to be used for develpmental projects in the Country even try and use the money as revolving funds for the Youths in our rich but poor mother Zambia.Why not sending the Commerce minister to go and attend that useless meeting. Which will only benefit few individuals. Awe Lesa atwafwe.

  8. Already all these impostors claim to be Chinese investments benefit only them and their Chinese fellow dogs. How can you explain all supply and contract business in all Chinese owned mines being given to their fellow dogs? Go to NFC in Chambishi and see who is doing all the business including supply of buns (kampompo)? Can any serious Government give work permits to foreigners to come and do the Jobs that Zambians can do?

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