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Kambwili demands that Councillors be paid Salaries and Baluba Mine open immediately


Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili
COUNCILLORS deserve to be paid salaries and it is unreasonable for Government to continue to insist that the civic leaders should only be entitled to a meagre allowance when they do a lot of work in the communities they serve, Chishimba Kambwili has declared.

Mr Kambwili, the former Information and Broadcasting Services minister, said councillors were the “immediate eye contact and representatives” of the people and it was unacceptable for Government to condemn the civic leaders to a K700 allowance.

Mr Kambwili said in an interview yesterday that councillors were doing a lot of work in their communities as they were the first point of contact for the central government and should therefore be considered for salaries and not “mocking” allowances.

He said the current K700 monthly allowance was an insult to councilors whose public service could not be compared to Members of Parliament.

Mr Kambwili said he was aware that Government was going to be hurt with his support for councillors in their demands for salaries but that he was now a back bencher in Parliament and was not bound by collective responsibility.

Mr Kambwili said it was demotivating to councillors to be subjected to a K700 allowance when mayors were being paid a monthly salary of up to K19,000 yet both officers were civic leaders.

“For me in Roan constituency, I want the councillors to start getting salaries and I would also want to speak on behalf of all the councilors across the country. This debate of our councillors being entitled to a K700 monthly allowance must come to an end. Councillors and mayors are civic leaders and in fact the councillors do more work in the communities they live but they are subjected to a mocking K700 while the mayors are earning K19,000. It is unreasonable that Government should continue on this path but should quickly address this matter,” Mr Kambwili said.

The Roan lawmaker however advised councillors across the country against threatening Government to withdrawing their services because an antagonistic stance was not going to be a solution for their demands.

He said he would remain a strong advocate of introducing salaries for councillors because the country would only be able to get the best civic leaders if there was something attractive in being a civic leader rather than just service to the people.

“With the current amended Constitution, if you want to be councilor, you have to resign your position if you are a teacher or nurse. This means that you have to forfeit your good salary as a teacher or nurse to stand as a councilor and only to receive K700 as an allowance. That is not attractive and that is why we end up with mediocre councillors,” Mr Kambwili said.

Mr Kambwili has also demanded the immediate opening of Baluba Mine in Luanshya which was shut down now that the copper prices on the world metal market had soared to more than US$5000.

Mr Kambwili said the owners of Baluba Mine, Luanshya Copper Mine, had no reason to keep the mine shut because the world copper prices had tremendously improved.

“Baluba Mine must be opened immediately without delay and all the miners who were sent on recess should be called back to start work,” Mr Kambwili said.


  1. Suddenly we are smart why give an interview go and say it in parliament where you get gratuity and salaries in a very poor nation

    • They do more work than MP’S so kambwili is over paid? This man is a hypocrite then lets cut MP’S salaries starting with kambwili!

    • may i suggest that the sitting allowances given to the MPs be given to the councillors. this will not affect Mutati’s budget

    • I can’t believe this demand is coming from Chief Government spokesman. Most counselors are UPND. So what’s stopping the act, is it the MMD Budget? Most

    • CK is right but for as long as we have this centralized govt this won’t be tenable. Each council should be able to determine how much it pays their councillors from its resources. This in turn will spur civic authorities & communities to innovate on how to make money. #DevolvePowerToDistrictsNow.

    • Kambwili, concentrate on your health and well being. You are in Government why didn’t you make those changes for those people. You should be impeached on treason charges. You are a spy with a family who resides in another country. Bye

    • Government is being unreasonable – CK
      CK, tell the nation how many wards are in Zambia. Tell us the number of Councilors in Zambia and your proposed wage bill. Yes, now that you are fired, you can now speak the loudest.
      You could have defended the miners even when you were Minister. Get fired for their cause. Now I see that you are a coward.
      We are yet to hear more from you going forward I guess.

    • This is typical of majority our MPs…its all about me me me nothing about Good Governance, Accountability, Prudence, Transparency or fighting corruption.

    • So after looting national resources meant to pay civil servants and now he needs their support he behaves like he is honest. Why didn’t he do this when he was in govt. He should have made sure they were paid all the time. What other types of civil servants? CK needs to be honest.

    • Nostradamus you don’t think. Most Councillors are UPND? How true is this statement? Have you just come back from jerking off?

    • Councils make a lot of money through bus stations and so on. If only they could improve their financial management, unfortunately cadres make this difficult for them. Can you imagine a well qualified professional in a certain council confessed admiring a toilet cleaner collecting council toilet fees because there is no strong accountability-controls for those funds toilet users pay. They say issuing a receipt at a council toilet is optional. Don’t even talk about bus stations.

    • Pay them from your stolen loot, the budget does not provide for crookedness like the one you are suggesting. Stupid fool.

  2. They should be paid but the money should not come from the central government. Councils countrywide make a lot of money. Let councillors be paid by the councils they fall under.

    • Baluba Mine will only reopen after Chimbwili returns the Eurobonds he and his fellow PF crooks looted from Zambians. Why is this Silverback jumping up and down after copper prices rose for just one week? To paraphrase, one Chimbwili does not make a gorilla pack.

  3. This clearly demonstrates that lungu can never be removed through any democratic process, and it is time for Zambians to seriously consider an uprising.
    This uprising does not necessarily mean taking up arms as happened in the 1960s – not yet anyway – but for Zambian to take a leaf out from the so-called Arab Spring, which saw the downfall of similar longtime dictators in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.
    Zambian need to realize this fact now, and not expect some miracle to happen that will usher in a new democratic dispensation, but we need to do it ourselves.
    Nothing short of an uprising – a chachacha – will work.
    Let all Zambian go out into the streets en mass to make their voices heard clearly and unequivocally that, ‘lungu must go!’
    Let every street in lusaka, kitwe, kasama, mongu,…

    • What uprising? Merely because you have not been bequeathed with a political appointment. Not at all. The constitutional court ruled in favour of ECL, that is PF justice, we all must wait till 2021. Zambia is a democracy. After all “Ni Lungu balefwaya” not you. Just go back to where you came from and lick your self inflicted wounds.

    • @Michael 4: Your comment is total rubbish. You portray yourself as someone who takes to fighting whenever their point of view is questioned.
      Please argue your case, we will listen!!!!!!!!

  4. Mr Kambwili has opposition blood in him and hence is better placed under close scrutiny in Government even in the Gender Ministry that won’t be a problem…

  5. Am shocked that the Mayor is pocketing K19 pin! This is amazing! While we appreciate the demands by Counselors for a monthly wage, were they not aware that the Job they were getting into no Salary or its that they didn’t read the constitution as it has been even with our MPs? How do u demand 4 something which u knew very well after being employed? Where will the money come from since they were not budgeted for? I suggest that those demanding 4 a salary, resign n let those who can serve as per current arrangement take over until the end of their term! Selfish leaders!

  6. We have been told time and again that govt doesn’t have money, where has money come from all of the sudden now that CK is out of govt?. Maybe he should propose that there be sacrifice by ministers and their president from their salaries to contribute a little towards their salaries. Councils should not be coerced into paying huge salaries to councilors at the expense of service delivery in the community they operate from. Some of these councilors have no capacity to bring about development so desired in their communities, especially those in rural areas where some were just picked on the basis that they were grade twelves despite the results obtained. All they wait for in their council meetings is allowances with no idea how funds are generated.

  7. Tha babbob now wants to hoodwink the masses….he has an agenda. Isn’t this the same idi**ot who said the mine was not going to be closed ? He is now siding with councillors which is not bad in itself but ill intended. Why not talk about the degenerate ministries F Pcreated? Anyway it will be interesting…Edgar Lungu will drink his own medicine..real tribal sh***t is just starting. A revolt is eminent in this *******ic party and will spread all over this country. I wish the Post wad still open.

    • @8 Mentalist, Kambwili has given reasons for stating his opinion publicly. He is NO LONGER A MINISTER thus NOT HELD BY COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY- ” Mr Kambwili said he was aware that Government was going to be hurt with his support for councillors in their demands for salaries but that he was now a back bencher in Parliament and was not bound by collective responsibility”.

  8. If we had fewer corrupt leaders looting the coffers and council land, the councils would have more funds to pay the councilors.

    Kambwili, please find a mirror to scream into.

    Dununa Leveshi

  9. The demand for salaries by the Councillors is not premised on what they do in their respective wards. By contrast its anchored on the difference with what the Chairperson/Mayor gets paid at the end of the month when they do nearly the same thing. Can someone educate me on what difference has been observed since the Mayors started work to deserve the amount of money they receive.
    Councillors country wide knew what they were going to be receiving and so this fuss is because of the other team getting so much for doing next to nothing. Other than talk of salaries for Councillors Government should be considering reducing the salaries for Mayors drastically.

  10. Hahaha I least expect this guy to rant-rant like this. Is this not the same guy who stole boma cash and today he says pay councillors when he is the very guy who stole from the same poor he is trying to defend – talk of hypocrisy!!!!! Eiiiiish

    • During campaigns they were kneeling in front us and saying the only wanted to serve….now they are in pwer they are saying the money is not worth it!!

  11. Trying to be relevant by supporting a wrong idea..! Kambwili plz stop this nonse…se..! We are told to sacrifice for the economy recovery…and u are there supporting wastage…!

  12. Is this because tasila lungu is one now…were hav they been all along to request now..I know the amount is too little so wat moved this time

  13. Am enjoying it. Lungu thought stealing the elections and locking up GBM and HH would give him peace. Alas he now has a black mamba in his blankets and the room is dark. Dununa reverse. Nayonayo. Mulimbe.

  14. Sorry Kambwili you’re part of government just a few minutes ago. Let Nawakwi, HH, Kabimba, sinkamba champion this crusade

  15. Guys,
    I endorse the case for opening of Baluba Mine.
    I started my mining career there in November 1981.
    It is a polymetallic mine (producing copper and cobalt).
    In the underground stopes, when copper runs out (cut off) cobalt continues 1.5m either side of the copper orebody, called hanging and foot walls. Recently, cobalt price has been on the rise. I explained this concept to MMB Mwale when he was minister of mines. I’ve modeled Baluba, it is profitable at a copper price of $2.01/lb. Copper closed just now at $2.47/lb

    • Are those ZCCM days numbers? Mining did not stop the day you left the mine. This mine is depleted of reserves with thin, flat dipping marginal ores remaining. It should have been closed a long time ago were it not for the Chinese wanting to make a name for themselves. No western mining company will touch Baluba. Chimbwili should try mining for copper in the Luanshya Golf Club grounds instead himself.

  16. What will a councillor be doing from 9 to 5, Mon to Friday…you have to define the row of the councillor before you start spewing out from your tin Mr. BUFFOON….If you reward a salary at what GRZ Grade; what next driver and vehicle.
    Why do they join politics? These people are too greedy with no care for taxpayers money..its no wonder this thing has being stealing with impunity…

    • Thank you for the correction..unfortunately LT have an outdated comments platform that you can not edit especially if you are on the move…on top of that you have to log twice when you visit the webpage via mobile as you are initially redirected by malware to another suspicious page.

    • Most councillors have full time jobs either in private companies or government. The best is to up their sitting allowances to 3,000 and the number of sittings limited to one per month.

  17. This is nonsense ba CK!!while Donald Trump is forsaking his anual salary,thats when you want to waste tax payers money?shame!!if this is how you think,then ECL was right by firing you!!!all politicians are ther to offer a service and not to make money.what of us who vote for?do we get any benefits from your works directly?am PF and i have always supported you CK,but on this one-sorry you are 100% offside!!our economy is too small so it cannot pay more than 1000 councillors across Zambia!!

  18. “Councillors and mayors are civic leaders and in fact the councillors do more work in the communities they live but they are subjected to a mocking K700 while the mayors are earning K19,000.” If it is a clear cut issue that mayors do less work than councilors, just swap the remuneration package. Let majors taste K700.00 allowance per month and councilor get K 19,00.00 per year not per month.

  19. Suddenly this Big Chimbwi has perfect eyesight & clarity, to see wrongs he never saw a week prior to getting Chagwa’s size 10 boot up his rect@l canal.

  20. The mines will soon start operaring at full capacity as copper prices have now started to rise so on that one ba CK don’t jump on the bandwagon because soon Baluba will reopen and it is not because of your statement but the external factors of increased demand from the US and China. As for the councillors why didn’t you raise this subject earlier on? Better then we reduce all MPs and Mayors’ salaries as they already enjoy too many benefits and huge salaries, allowances and gratuity!

  21. All of a sudden the alpha chimpanzee has foresight to see clearly, having been recently ejected after being used in a true condom style! The chap is soiled, he better first wash himself clean after the encounter like Zuma advised. Anyway, he caught something during the PF copulation that will kill him soon, he is heavily diseased and he stinks!

  22. But on a serious note, why do these people from that part of Zambia have such a cunning semblance to gorillas? In both looks and behavior, they are apes!

  23. The frog has started croaking. Anyway ECL will soon lock him up. His saviour would be UPND but he used to insult them therefore they wouldn’t welcome him.

    • There are no permanent enemies in politics. Who knew GBM and HH would one day work together? What about Sata and Willie Nsanda? Tekanyani muone

  24. I agree with Chishimba on this issue its unreasonable to expect councilors to work for nothing. Let’s be serious who wants to work for nothing its not fair pay the councilors or abolish the position if you have no money.

  25. One of the reasons people hate politics is that truth is rarely a politician’s objective. Election and power are.He has started campaigning , where was he all this time, now he wants support from people he neglected , your talk is cheap,fight your own battles sir,your time has come.

  26. Bo Inonge CK wanted your Position
    CK has been bitter from since ECL made a statement that his Veep will be a lady. Seeing that he is a man, CK got sick. CK thinks he can make it to the presidency. I thought all those allegations about his misfiring mouth were wrong. He called social media names and threatened their existence; today CK is using these platforms.
    That aside, shouldn’t it be constitutional that councilors should be on salary. If so, your fight is in vain. All corrupt suspicions needs ACC scrutiny. Chill and kindly tell us more about corruption where you are coming from; I mean from your cabinet ministers.

  27. He is so rich that losing a ministerial position is nothing to him materially. He is so rich that like HH he thinks that his next step is president of a party. That is if ACC does not find anything on him. He is so rich that he does not understand why ACC should be pursuing him. All rich people without exception would wonder why these poor people would mot leave alone to enjoy his wealth, no rich person sees anything wrong with howsoever they became rich.

  28. By the way HH accompanied GBM to Kasama thiugh he reported that GBM accompanied him. Where is this week? Has he gone to Chipata? Oh sorry, I forgot that he has nobody TO ACCOMPANY to Chipata.

  29. Interesting political times – ECL Has no choice but to deliver. CK will fight from grass roots to win the presidency of the PF.

  30. Salaries of MPs should be reduced and properties of thieving ministers (MPs) and Govt officials should be confiscated and sold to raise money to pay the councilors. I agree with Kambwili that councilors should be paid more, but he should lead to forfeit part of his salary so that it can contribute towards councilor’s salaries.

  31. why does kambwili look like a chi shombo in the toilet in this picture. kwati chi floater

  32. Mayors and MPs salary should reduced in order to increase councilors salaries. Like Edgar has done by donating 10% of his salary to empowering marketeers and street vendors

  33. Now Kambwili is in full gear towards the Presidential campaigns.
    There are two things Kambwili is doing here;

    1. He wants the councilors to support him against the investigations that he is not corrupt especially on how he obtains so much pieces of land on the copper belt.
    2. He wants grass root support through councilors for his Presidential ambitions.

    Cut the bud for bad pollen before it sprouts!

    Ok Kambwili is free to aspire to Presidence, but the guy is just too corrupt and selfish. He only thinks about himself, his friends and his family. Worse of all he can be a brutal dictator of all times. Mark my word.

  34. But, isn’t the Country decentralising? These councillors will be carrying out a lot of executive functions in their wards. So, they will be working on full time for nothing, until they attend council meetings? Rest assured the cost of Sitting Allowances will outstrip the salaries of Mayors!


  36. When people are out of government thats when they start speaking for the people what happens when they are in government is totally different


  38. Yes you are very much correct in stating that the counselors need to be on a salary and can add to say it should not be less than Five thousand kwacha after tax. Why did it take you so long to voice out? MPs please know that courage is not absence of fear (of demotion) but knowing that something is more important than fear. So do not become tongue tied to pronounce that which is evil.

  39. Kambwili is using a very good strategy especially on our ill knowledged councilors. They will not consider the Constitutional effects, the Budgetary effects Inflationary and other effects. The will just imagining K 15000 every month since the Mayor gets K19000. After one year they will ask for an increment. Go Kambwili. It is a good strategy in that all Councilors are going to support you. Make it your Trade mark be HH picks it for his capital. He has never talked about it but that is going to be his song starting today I can tell you.

  40. For some of these creatures, all they think of is looting the national coffers! Does this chap know anything called constructive criticism?

  41. Why campaign vigorously to serve on a pro bono basis and then turn round to demand payment for doing exactly what you promised? Immorality at its worst. My opinion, just my opinion please, is that not even the mayors deserve any pay. The best service shall be given by those that are willing to offer themselves to the communities, not from jobless slogan chanting dimwits. It does not take rocket science to explain why councils in Europe are where they are, and ours are nowhere. And by the way, why is it that dictators in Africa like to arrest innocent people, leaving foul products of indigestion like mbwili to float freely?

  42. Let them just go on strike ,didn’t the read their job requirements and remuneration? why ask for a salary now?those are voluntary jobs. if they thought they will be selling land with impunity ba zinama chabe. In any case what are do they need the salary for?

  43. Kambwili ought to be contrite. Here is a chap being accused of corruption on grand scale, to wit, the mother of all corruption, and all he can do is engage in cheap political propaganda! The accusations of corruption that he is being accused of are not a joke. He better concentrate on preparing his defence. These antics about false sympathy for councillors and out- of- work miners are merely a case of playing to the gallery!

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