President Lungu worried with delays in funding climate change projects

President Edgar Lungu speaking to Journalists before departure for Morocco at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu speaking to Journalists before departure for Morocco at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka

President Edgar Lungu says Least Developed Countries (LDC) are concerned with delayed funding towards technically cleared projects for climate adaptation under the climate finance programme.

President Lungu raised the concern when he made a key note statement on behalf of Least developed Countries group during the high level ministerial dialogue on climate finance under the theme ‘Approach to Mobilisation and Delivery of Adaptation Finance.’

He noted that climate change threatens the survival of millions of poor and vulnerable people in least developed countries.

“For the millions of poor and vulnerable people our countries represent, climate change threatens their very lives and livelihoods. Therefore adaptation to the impacts of climate change is a priority for our countries and must be a key component of the long term global response to climate change,” he said.

President Lungu said through adaptation, countries will be able to reverse the impact of climate change on the environment.

“Through adaptation efforts, the least developed countries will be able to restore the degraded ecosystems and increase our adaptive capacities, strengthen resilience and reduce vulnerability to climate change,” the President said.

He lamented that although developed countries are required under the Paris Convention to provide financial resources in meeting costs regarding climate adaptation, least developed countries such as Zambia are being left with little support leading to neglect of adaptation needs.

President Lungu said although LDCs have come up with National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) towards adaptation to the impacts of climate change, access to financial resources for the formulation and implementation of NAPs has been a challenge.

“We also face challenges in accrediting national entities for direct access to funding and this has created delays in accessing funds for preparatory support that is already available under the Green Climate Fund,” he said.

He said parties have to-date failed to agree on a quantified goal for adaptation finance to mobilise sufficient resources to scale up adaptation finance to levels needed.

President Lungu observed that there is low allocation of funding allocated to adaptation a development he said is a strain on LDCs and makes it difficult to attract private sector participation to support adaptation actions.

He said LDCs look forward to receiving new predictable, scaled up and sustainable resources for adaptation actions, pointing out that enhanced resilience to climate impacts will allow countries to transition to low greenhouse gas economies which will in turn reduce the need for adaptation finance in future.


  1. What specific climate change programs does Zambia have? It’s only continuos workshops and seminars where they eat climate-change-money. Show me just one practical climate change program in Zambia requiring external funding.!!

    • A Chagwa donors are wiser than you dictators. They are delaying the money because they fully understand and know that your intentions for the money are not good.

      Chagwa is now feeling the heat because they is totally no money to pay his bloated civil service in the next few months ahead.

      I hope and pray that donors withhold the money until these political despots begin to respect rule of law and stop human rights abuses.

      Chagwa must fall at all cost.

  2. Whole cutting down trees for charcoal has risen 300 % over the last 5 years lungu wants free money for doing nothing, when he should have been seen to be addressing such issues.

    Don’t give him any money…

  3. “President Lungu worried with delays in funding climate change projects” !!!!!

    What he really means is PF has stolen all the money and they are looking for more money to steal!

    Which projects that are Climate Change friendly has PF put in place? They cancelled Kafue Lower Gorge as soon as they came into power! And Hydro electricity is the MOST Climate Change friendly type of power! Now because of this total F**K UP we have load shedding, and Lungu has built the Maamba COAL FIRED POWER STATION (that does not even work) which is expensive and is THE MOST POLLUTING type of power in the world! Just to try and show he is actually doing something so he could get elected again!

    Enough of this nonsense! Zambia is suffering because of Lungus corruption and incompetence. He should RESIGN…

    • To top it up the corrupt empty tins procure cheap crude oil that fails emissions guidelines at premium price so they can pocket the difference.

  4. This Bum Edgar has absolutely no shame..he just wants money to misappropriate; he doesnt even know what climate change is – please come back Lazy Lungu.

    • He goes to Morocco for meaningless climate change summit but didn’t attend the Japan-Africa summit in Nairobi TICAD6 conference for business and investements.

      Just shows you how he’s got wrong priorities.

  5. Few questions for this gud for nothing president – Lubgu;
    1.Wat exactly are those projects.?
    2.How much fro yr 2017 budget have u put aside for climate change compared to 2016 if any?

    If u fundraising for yr cadres, too bad coz u Trump won’t be fooled like you used to fool Zambian voters.

  6. Climate change is just one of the many ill intended agendas solely created by the ones who claim to offer “solutions”. Here we are, wasting our meagre resources on attending these conferences that bear no fruit at all. Mr. President, to me it seems you are the one who is ignorant about this whole thing. If you had a slightest clue, you wouldn’t waste a penny on such nonsensical programmes. These are well ochestrated, lab manufactured environmental catastrophes.

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