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Luo advised against appealing High court decision


Nkandu Luo
Nkandu Luo

Losing candidate for FDD in Munali Constituency in the 2016 August elections Antonio Mwanza says the move by former area Parliamentary NKandu Luo is unwise as she risks embarrassing herself in the Constitutional Court.

Mr Mwanza said the reasons for the nullifying are water tight as the evidence is solid and indisputable.

“Nkandu Luo has decided to appeal against the nullification of her election as Member of Parliament for Munali. That’s her constitutional right but should the Constitutional Court uphold the ruling of the High Court then she will be banned from re-contesting the seat in the by-election in accordance with Article 72 of the Republican Constitution.

“The grounds that the High Court has based its decision are solid and indisputable. And Nkandu Luo herself knows from her heart of hearts that she did not win those elections. Deep down in her heart she knows that she was the most unpopular candidate in Munali. She knows that.

“And to take the matter to the Constitutional Court and risk a disqualification all together is very unwise. The wise thing to do is to accept the ruling of the High Court and allow herself a second chance by taking part in the by election than risk a total disqualification, should the Constitutional Court uphold the High Court’s ruling. Madam Nkandu Luo, KAKO NI KALI MUMANJA,” he said.


    • Her lipstick not well done. It’s all over the place. As a minister and MP she can do well to get it professionally done. No wonder she’s on her way out. Mrs Mwanakatwe cannot go out looking like that! Prof. go back to academia where this luck of attention to ‘looks detail’ might be acceptable. You will often be in your office or lab. with looks all over the place and no one will care. Just not in the glare of the public.

    • Thanks Moses you and I have see a finite detail that the counorld could have not. There is also a section where the lower and upper lips meet which has not seen/felt the tip of Prof.’s lipstick, I don’t know if this was another careless mistake or a consevatory technique. Is she building and saving every ngwee for her building project. She also saved on the cost of buying a mirror. I wonder why she bought a flamboyant hat.

    • What did you guys do to be born:

      (i) not ugly
      (ii) HIV negative
      (iii) fearfully & wonderfully made
      (iv) not broke
      (v) intelligent
      (vi) not disabled
      (vii) not albino
      (viii) come on guys…. #smh


    • I bet we were lucky. Bati Bamayo ni ng’anga and she makes less effort. I met her at close range in London in 2012 she is a national disaster.

    • She is really a beauty. Oh, how I envy such beauty. Real African beauty. If only any of you guys would know and appreciate beauty.

    • Even if she resembles the father as a woman she is expected to have XX chromosomes and not XY. By that token she should look like a woman but she does NOT. That is my problem. The other problem I have is that a man somewhere is disadvantaged.

  1. Comment:No, i dont agree with this advise from Mwanza of FDD who was also a candidate in the last elections. She has a lot of people within PF to give her advise. She has even competent lawyers who can give legal advise to her. She will do the right thing for herself and the party.

    • And now she has to pay back all the money she has been getting. Politics is becoming a costly venture if things sway away from you. But will she pay back? The other illegal ministers have not.

    • Hahahahaha!!! I think I need one pic of her as well. I daughter likes opening the fridge, grabs the container of Gabana and shouts, “dad dink, open for me”.

    • Come on guys, we were all created in the image of God, remember? Lets not despise others, God will not be very happy with us. She is our mother, let us respect her and learn to love God’s creation. Am sure there are other qualities which we can really look at unlike beauty which fades with age. I once saw her wearing a very nice mini skirt and she really looked gorgeous.

    • You are correct. UPND fielded a Mrs Lweendo and people did not like her so they voted for the independent but HH won the presidencial vote.

  2. I now believe H.H, had the Election stolen from him. This is a proper Constructional Coup!!
    Before any P.F Goons start spewing their rotten guts, I AM NOT A UPND MEMBER, BUT unlike brainless PF cadres, I know quality when I see it, & H.H, is what Lungu is not, – a proper sober Leader.

  3. May I be educated, with this nullification, are we going for a by election or the s it that the one that came second takes over? If there will a by election, the Heroes stadium constitution was a fruad!!

    • There will be by-elections. Nowhere in the constitution does it say the second one will take over. That would be the most undemocratic clause if it were there. Check out clause 57

      57. (1) Where a vacancy occurs in the office of Member of Parliament, mayor, council chairperson or councillor, a by-election shall be held within ninety days of the occurrence of the vacancy.
      (2) A by-election shall not be held within the one hundred-and- eighty day period that precedes a general election.
      (3) The Electoral Commission shall, by regulation, set the place where, and the date and time when, a by-election is to be held.

  4. Reading the comments suggest that women politicians need to be judged on looks in addition to their abilities to do the job. I guess that is why only handsome men have been voted into government.

  5. Prof Luo has made the right decision under the circumstances. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. By appealing to Concourt the Prof will remain an MP and a Minister for 90 days earning a salary and perks and take a chance with Concourt. Given the State of the Economy and the alleged rigging of the 2016 elections the chance of winning the by-election is remote. To try and rig the By-Election will lead to another disqualification. So Prof Luo is making hay while the sun shines. If Concourt upholds the High Court Ruling then the Prof can quietly slip away from lime light and go back to academia. Thats Cost/Benefit Analysis Mr Antonio Mwanza. The Prof is spot on to cling on to the Ministerial job and retire from politics after 90 days should Concourt confirm the High Court decision.

  6. In the principle of fairness, lets hope all ministers go through this and all provinces where violence was experienced elections the be nullified. As to whether a microbiologist genius will be based on her looks, you of the good looks, try me for size.

  7. It is her right to appeal this judgment.
    I doubt she is a good political Leader but it is her right.
    I met her when she was heading blood bank at UTH

  8. She has to appeal otherwise all other former PF ministers who are MP’s will lose their seats and the presidential election results will also be illegal.The same polling agents who failed to provide verified form Gen 13/12 in Munali also presided over the presidential elections.The consequencies of the Judgement are far reaching.

  9. Mwanza is NOT a member of PF party and is NOT the legal advisor to the former MP for Munali Constituency. The advice came very fast as Mwanza is now seeing an opportunity to contest the sit in the by- election.
    However, in my own opinion, Luo will do better to appeal as the judgement seem to be bending even on the presidential petition. I say so because the judge talks of ecz, state police, and issues of violence. Now her appeal will help to over turn tables if the Goncourt in its usual way throws it out.
    The judgement is setting a precedence more on luck of transparency and accountability by ecz.

  10. What’s he afraid of? Let her appeal it’s her fundamental right. Mwanza you’re not a court of law so don’t jump to conclusions.



  12. I doubt if the reason for staying in office by former Minister can warrant nitrification of election results. This matter is being reviewed by the Con Court and later if the Con Court realise that they error in passing that judgement, then the other courts that nitrified elections based on the same will review their judgements? I wonder, and let Madam Professor appeal against this judgement. After all, the professor is a law abiding citizen. Do any one in the UPND camp expected Ministers to disobey the appointing authority in not continuing with their appointments? What about the agreements that were signed by the same ministers during the period, should they also be declared null and void? Zambians, please I beg you in Jesus name, let us be civil in our debates.

  13. Nkandu, you were minister before and left a mess in your ministry then which you haven’t come out strong to clarify. The issue of seminars at a certain lodge which never took place but government money shared.

  14. Please stop making such bad comments about her looks, she has family, she has children that read these ugly comments and it hurts them. The prof should be judged on her (in)ability to deliver in her public service and not looks, please!

  15. Let the professor appeal.That’s why courts are there.Who are you Mwanza to question the professors appeal?If she is not satisfied with the courts verdict,she is at liberty to appeal.The court will decide her case not nonentities like Mwanza.The judgement is fraught with a lot of errors.If the judge says there were violence in Munali,even other provinces should be affected.Violence was countrywide.

  16. On a serious note, if Prof is guilt of abusing government resources during electioneering , the rest of those most ministers who stayed in power for the illegal 3 months and won their sits should be disqualified. Finish and cla

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