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Zambian chiefs in South Africa


Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Henry Sosala Kanyanta-Manga II, Chef Mumena and Chief Madzimawe in Sandton Johannesburg

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Henry Kanyanta Sosala Kanyanta-Manga II, is leading a delegation of Chief Mumena and Chief Madzimawe, to the annual meeting hosted by Africa Resources Mining(ARM) and the Patrice Mostepe Foundation that hosts Kings, Chiefs and other traditional leaders.
This is a meeting of Kings and Chiefs in Southern Africa.This year’s event is being hosted at the Sandton Convention.



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  1. I thought Africa Resources Mining(ARM) and the Patrice Mostepe Foundation that hosts Kings, Chiefs and other traditional leaders hosts those whose land is is rich with minerals. I don’t see the connection of the other two chiefs to this meeting. Chief Mumena must stand his ground and ensure that the people of North Western Province must enjoy God’s Gift to them and not what has been going on. Roads, schools, Universities and Hospitals must be seen to be developed in North Western Province and make sure that the Kaonde Native Authority Council gets back it’s teeth. Mikwakwa , , Masukulu, Ma University, kikatakata Bipatela byakonsha kunengizhiwa kwabula kutaya nekimyene!

  2. The story is so half baked. What is this gathering about? Why is it sponsored by Motsepe? What other kings are attending? History? What’s this year’s agenda? Etc etc wake up lt

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