Understanding the Economic – Energy – Sociopolitical Nexus


There is a nexus and energy is at the centre of it!


Energy drives the economy. Where there is abundant affordable energy there is economic boom. Wherever you take energy to, economic activities spring up. Energy spurs up activities that absorb that energy. An active economic hub will need energy. Energy can activate an economic hub; take energy in the middle of nowhere and suddenly you have all manner of economic activity lucrative enough to support that energy service and the resident social services.

When the availability of energy stimulates economic activities that lead to job creation, revenue creation and living comforts & conveniences, etc., then the social benefits are seen to accrue. Socially tendered to masses are content. Content masses are generally productive leading to heightened economic performance and a resultant increased contribution to national coffers. With more government revenue, service delivery improves; Social upliftment ensues that leads to political stability.

Political stability creates a conducive environment for social investment, economic investment as well as further investments in the energy sector by confident and ascertained investors. A well invested politically stable energy environment breeds further economic activities that require energy as the society become more productive with the assurance of a return on their investment.

Confident Investment in the energy sector ensures the availability of a ready to deploy energy resource. The economic – energy – sociopolitical nexus then goes it’s full circle to not ever stop but continually fueling off each element of the nexus.
ENERGY remains at the centre of this narrative!

By Chisakula Kaputu


  1. I 100% agree with you mr kaputu,but it seems to some pipo this means nothing,they don’t care and they don’t know the importance of your article I mean mr president in particular.

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