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12 beautiful ladies vie for Miss Zambia crown

Headlines 12 beautiful ladies vie for Miss Zambia crown


The 2016 Miss Zambia grand finale has been set for 17 December at Government complex in Lusaka . The pageant will begin at 1830hrs and will feature a performance by Salma Sky.

12 ladies have made it to the finale. ;

miss-zambia10 miss-zambia9 miss-zambia12 miss-zambia11 miss-zambia7 miss-zambia7-2 miss-zambia6

miss-zambia4 miss-zambia3 miss-zambia2 miss-zambia

You can vote for your favorite by texting their name to 3104.

The winner will be crowned Miss Zambia and will drive home in a brand new Toyota IST.



By KAPA187


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    • I for one not impressed, they just look like those average looking girls you see in the neighborhoods-the Jean Sonaye/solie umwaliss.

      There are far more much better looking girls on the streets out there and not these little ngangas selected-that is my verdict, live with it or discard it, i give it no damn!

    • I am sorry I don’t like any of them and stop MISUSING the word beautiful

      These are paint dry and would do best vying for a regional award like Chinsali or the like.

      I see nothing model like in them and I honestly I am disgusted with myself being click baited on the article and wasting my 4 minutes that I will NEVER get back in my life.



  2. Is this a Joke? Where is the beauty? Beautiful means natural, not acrylic hair, I am so sorry. The khoisan girls in karahari desert are more beautiful than these.

  3. Picture 1,2 and 3 are just average in in terms of beauty. They should be sharp in thinking and very intelligent if they have to compete with the very beautiful girls of Namibia, Rwanda, Angola, Ethiopia, south Africa and Botswana, that is were beauty!

  4. Indeed NONE of them is beautiful. They are ALL ugly considering; they all tend to think/believe that by wearing vima Wig, one turns to become beautiful, far from it girls…

    You can only look beautiful if you look normal and natural. We all have beautiful hair for instance and our skin texture and colour is second to none. I don’t know why we tend to believe that once you turn light skin then you become beautiful, nimaboodza. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, end of story.

  5. I am very disappointed with the sponsors, why should the offer a Toyota IST which is used as a taxi in Southern Africa? you mean you cant give a car like Audi A4, VW passat or Citron/?

  6. These girls would a little more beautiful if they didn’t wear these terrible Indian hair. Blacks feel inferior. Where have you seen Indians or whites wearing black African hair?

  7. These are the true reflections of the ZED breed
    Please Google “beautiful girls” for most African countries and see how ours rank
    These ladies and “gentlemen” have got guts!

  8. Brutal comments above! Well then let your wives and sisters come out and compare with these young ladies and we will see whose really ugly.

  9. But Zo ona. Anyways good luck girl, I’m sure you are beautiful before the eyes of God, so matter what, know that you are all beautiful.

  10. If you want to see how beautiful a lady is then let have a bald. I want to see a girl wa pala, not vi ma human hair of dead people and you call that beauty.

  11. Our sisters and daughrers are managers ,mothers and wives, so judge them from that angle- and they come out tops all the time.
    These girls have put themselves up for “beauty” assessment in a pictured formart as well and these are our comments.
    Again iI say they have guts.

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