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Ex-spy boss Mukwita dies at 86

General News Ex-spy boss Mukwita dies at 86

One of the first Intelligence Officers of post-independent Zambia Mr Peter Mukwita has died at the age of 86 at his homestead in Kaoma District , Western Province, a family spokesperson has confirmed.

Mr Mukwita one of the pioneer and longest serving senior Intelligence Officers served the Office of the President or Zambia Intelligence Security Services (ZISS) as an influential Deputy Director at the Intelligence Academy in Lusaka West from about independence until he retired in the early 80s. He lecturered there, after years of successful work.

The death of the former Deputy Director has been described as sad by some that went through his many classes such as Zambia’s reformist OP Director General of ten years up to 2001 Mr Francis Xavier Chungu, his former student at the Academy in Lusaka West.

Mr Chungu also known as FX Chungu described the death of Mr Mukwita as sad for the family of the late ‘spy teacher’ but nevertheless observed that at 86, the ‘old work-horse’ had lived a full life and deserved a rest after several decades of undisrupted national service behind.

“Please let everyone know that the late Mr. Peter Mukwita was my very prolific Lecturer in many courses I went through during his tenure of office at our Academy,” Mr Chungu also known for progressively transforming the ZISS said in a message of condolence to the Mukwita family upon learning of the demise of his former teacher.
“I and many of my compatriots from the Office of the President who passed through his hand will always live to remember Mr. Peter Mukwita’s very interesting and intelligent lectures,” Mr Chungu said.

Former OP Director General Chungu said, “No one in our classes missed a syllable from Mr Mukwita’s lectures. He was a very captivating Lecturer. We had a fond nick name for him. And at the end of each of his lectures, we all stood up to bid good day and shout out his name “.

The late OP Deputy Director who worked for decades in the service from independence days until his retirement in the 80s was before his death the only brother of Mr Frederick Lubinda Mukwita, the late father of Zambia’s deputy Ambassador to Sweden Mr Anthony Mukwita.

Mr Peter Mukwita was the older of the two, Mukwita’s. His funeral is being held in Kaoma, Western Province at his retirement home. He is survived by his wife of more than four decades Christina, children and grandchildren.
The Mukwita brothers were in those post-independence days in Western Province known for their dedication to national service with the father of the Deputy Ambassador (Anthony Mukwita) having served as a Secondary School Head Teacher and University of Zambia (UNZA) Lecturer at the time of his death more than 20 years ago.

Mr Chungu said the older Mukwita left an indelible mark on most of his students and many colleagues that have since passed after having excelled in the service.

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  1. So this is the guy who helped KK have such a fear inspiring grip on the masses. We couldn’t express our selves because guys like him had infiltrated every space including chibuku taverns.

  2. The man who had all the powers and had every Zambian life in his palms has finally gone to account for his actions to God. The second republic shall remain the most fearful and dreaded for me. Because of the shushushu infiltration of the UNIP era, brother turned against brother, sister against sister, son against father and mother against daughter. Vigilantes were making us to go by air. Awe mukwai katushenipo pantu mwalitushupa sana na bantu benu.

    • Separate the vigilantes from the intelligence system. KK built a very efficient intelligence system – otherwise just imagine what the rebels in Rhodesia and South Africa could have done to this country. Coupled with SITET and ACC, I miss that Zambia – minus the vigilantes, political interference, and tight finance controls that just stifled the economy.

    • He was operational boss.. corrupt and ruthless to the core. Typical lozi lazo… How much $$$$ was siphoned through him. Shameless killer go rest in hell.

  3. Mention one country that can survive without shushuz??? We need them, they do things that keep u and i safe in this country. We need to thank this man for his services to his country. How ridiculous some of u can be

    • @Shantumbu

      Of course every country has to have it’s spooks working in the interest of the nation. But KK’s spy system kept citizens in paralysing fear of the state. You couldn’t voice your political opinions unless those opinions were in praise of Dr. wamuyayaya KK. The citizens were the enemy of the state. These spies couldn’t prevent South Africans and Rhodesians getting in the country and bombing and killing people. You say they keeps us safe, may be, but KK’s spies, kept us frightened of the govt.

  4. However what will Xavier Chungu be remembered for??
    ZAMTROP economic plunder?
    Just thinking out loudly.

  5. He has just grabbed his share of what his victims left for him. Lesson to serving death machines – every dog has its day…

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