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Govt warns civil servants against partisan politics

Headlines Govt warns civil servants against partisan politics

Government has cautioned public service workers in Zambezi district  in North-western province to desist from engaging in active partisan politics.

North-Western Provincial Minister Richard Kapita says he is aware that some partisan civil servants in the district are on record to supported the opposition political parties during the last  August 11 general elections.

He added that he is aware of some teachers in the district that were openly supporting the opposition political parties.

ZANIS reports that the minister was speaking in Zambezi district over the weekend during a meeting with government heads of departments.

Mr. Kapita warned that there would be no retribution for those civil servants that were campaigning openly for the opposition political parties.

He said that if civil servants want to participate freely in politics, they should resign adding that they risk being fired from the civil service if they try to sabotage government policies and programs.


  1. I will never understand Zambian politicians. This guy not too long ago was pushing against government’s harassment of civil servants supporting the opposition. Eww! Disgusting!

  2. What about those civil servants who openly and are still openly supporting PF Party, they put on PF regalia and are present at PF functions. Are they also going to face the axe? Does “non-partisan” mean supporting PF party and “partisan” means supporting any other opposition party especially UPND????????

    • Exactly @ Napapa Sana, they don’t know about the question you pose do they even understand most terminology they use? They haven’t put it into “consideration” and they don’t even want to think there are brighter brains out there questioning their reasoning for in PF when they warn against being partisan what they target are those whose inclination or sympathy is towards another party and not PF in short all those aligning themselves with the opposition parties!

    • Civil servants are supposed to surport the govt of the day. If that is hard for you to understand wait until you grow from under5 to teenager.

    • Please do not learn this the hard way. The requirement is that all those in Government must support its Policies. If you don’t support Government Policies as a Civil Servant then RESIGN from Government. This is like a living under the same roof with a spouse that you detest, then continue with promiscuous activities and flirting around. That is not acceptable and it is always advisable to get divorce in such cases.
      By the way the key phrase is “THE PARTY AND ITS GOVERNMENT” – there can be no government without a ruling party. You support the government first then by default you also have to support the party that formed the same government.

  3. Why not start with bishop eddy cho, then chanda, later on emmanuel, finally all the district commissioners, ain’t these guys on government payroll but openly support pf.

  4. Threats, threats, threats, yesterday another pf official was accusing some marketeers on the copperbelt that they are working with the opposition upnd, another today is accusing civil servants, anyway they are are not called PF-Paranoid Fools for nothing.

  5. They are not called PF. Paranoid Fulls for nothing, yesterday another one was accusing marketeers on the copperbelt.

  6. Kapita, you must be serious! Whats wrong with openly supporting some one with brains as opposed to a brainless creature! If you are ok with supporting foolishly, let those supporting wisely do so flili!

  7. Start with Misheck Nyambose, the prsident of Zaluwa who openly applied to stand as Mp for Chongwe under PF but is back working at Chongwe District Council and no action has been taken. You should be seen to be fare in your actions, not only when it suits your party to threaten others. As the english saying goes remove the log from your eye before you remove it from the other person

  8. Kapita is a Judas Iscariot, he is a politician of the belly. Don’t listen to him. I like Munkombwe because he was honest to tell us that he went into politics to eat.

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