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UPND directive to its MPs is ridiculous-Ndoyi

Headlines UPND directive to its MPs is ridiculous-Ndoyi

Prince Ndoyi
Prince Ndoyi
A youth leader has expressed disappointment with the opposition UPND leadership’s directive to its MPs to shun all State functions regardless of whether they are in their constituencies describing the directive as utterly ridiculous.

Former Vice President of the Country’s largest student body, the Zambia National Students Union ZANASU Prince Ndoyi said the directive is outrageous as it reduces duly elected law makers to followers who can’t think for themselves.

He said in as much as the party sponsored the law makers to parliament, the parliamentarians are not in the house to represent the UPND but the people who voted for them.

“We want to contribute to the statement made by the UPND directing their members of parliament to shun all state functions irrespective of whether they take place in their respective constituencies. The sound of that statement is utterly ridiculous. How can any normal institution arrive at such a nonsensical conclusion of a broader debate, this is outrageous, reducing a duly elected law maker to a follower who doesn’t think for themselves.

“Does the UPND surely think their MPs represent the party other than the people who voted for them in their respective constituencies, that is dictatorial and undemocratic and must be condemned in the strongest terms,” he said.

Mr Ndoyi accused the opposition party of not being in touch with reality on the ground and advised the party to quickly put in a leadership which is in tune with the current political and economic aspiration of the people.

He said Zambians are interested in a leadership whether in opposition or ruling which inspire both political and economic development as opposed to a leadership which is constantly at loggerheads at the expense of delivering development to their electorates.

“The UPND is fast losing touch with reality and its members must quickly realise the need to put in a leadership which is in tune with the current political and economic aspirations of our people. Legislature is an arm of government,what type of political party is this which doesn’t even understand governance, those MPs became part of government when they swore oath. Politics of confrontation of pulling each other is not what we people Zambia, what we are looking for is leadership whether in ruling or opposition that will inspire both our political and economic aspiration. Not a leadership that is constantly at loggerheads at the expense delivering development to their electorates.”

He said the directive will achieve nothing but contribute to the one one party State propagated by the PF as only those working with PF will attend State functions.

“Every politically conscious Zambian, can see that the UPND is on road to self destruction, They are contributing to the one party state they are condemning. We want to ask Stephen Katuka, if these MPs are allowed to represent their people in Parliament why shouldn’t they be allowed to represent the same people at developmental state functions, what has the court petition got to do with MPs representing their people. It is not the UPND that they go and represent at state functions,” he said.

He further warned that the leadership in the UPND was sparking a revolt among MPs adopted from the MMD whom he said have complained dictatorial tendencies by the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

“We warn the UPND leadership that they are increasingly sparking a revolt which is looming within their party, we have interacted with some of their members of parliament especially those they adopted who are MMD who are brewing on a growing discontent with these dictatorial tendencies being exhibited by HH and GBM. How can a leadership be just a mere agreement between two people and the rest are just spectators.”

He added “The UPND is taking the attention of our country away from real issues Instead of debating real issues like the FISP for their constituencies in the farming districts and the youths who voted for them who are demanding for jobs, the youths in their respective constituencies need their MPs input on accessing the Youth Empowerment Fund.”

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    • Ndoyi is from which province in Zambia? It sounds like from Gambia, Congo, Rwanda or Brundi. Yuyi is lozi, Ndoyi, kaya.

      Anyway, Prince would you allow your child (if you have any) to go for a birthday party at your neighbour’s house who you accuse of being behind your family’s misfortunes?
      (Misfortunes – sicknesses, Death and just lack of progress)

    • What he said makes sense, however. I thought you respond to what he said point by point. If you cannot manage to do this, you are saying he is correct. I think he is. The accusation that he comes from Congo does not erase the truth he says.

    • Is there a law that say he cannot get coverage? What matter is the substance and relevance of his contributions to this topic.

    • UPND is a collapsed party.

      In other words UPND is a former party.

      The greatest support for UPND is the ended elections.

      There is no more UPND remaining.

    • Ndoyi mwaiche be careful, ichilinganya mapuuli chalaponosha.
      In any democracy, people vote for party first then reconsider individual. HH & GBM used to sleep in thatched houses in those constituencies.

    • If this young man’s foolish wisdom is anything to go by, is he saying those who voted for UPND are PF or any other party members? Does it not follow therefore that whatever the party decides it is in the interest of those same voters? Why are Zambians so dull to think that theft and illegalities can be justified through silence?

    • Ndoyi Muloyi, form your own kantemba party that will support Lungu and PF. Otherwise don’t spew your ignorance on other people. Zambia is a multi-party system, not a multitudinous persons system. You tow the party line or become an independent. What did you have to say when Mwila, SG of PF, was threatening PF MPs if they did not vote for PF motions, including amending the Constitution, in Parliament? Ndoyi is a PF hired hand.

  1. I am not in total agreement with the UPND on this one especially in the context of Princess attending the launch of the planting season in her constituency.

    • The point is, UPND doesn’t recognize the Presidency of Edgar Lungu. The party doesn’t want to support illegitimacy…..the Lungu executive.

  2. Ndoyi is from which province in Zambia? It sounds like from Gambia, Congo, Rwanda or Brundi. Yuyi is lozi, Ndoyi, kaya.

    Anyway, Prince would you allow your child (if you have any) to go for a birthday party at your neighbour’s house who you accuse of being behind your family’s misfortunes?
    (Misfortunes – sicknesses, Death and just lack of progress)

    • An accusation remains an accusation unless proven. It can even be an accuse on a false premise or something created in the accusers mind to achieve selfish ends.

      You are failing to provide a credible rebuttal to what Ndoyi is saying as a results he seems to have won the debate unless you hit back point by point. UPND has simply proved to have chicken head brains!

      Who cares, stay away!! PF is losinf nothing and can mange this functions. UPND will miss out on the much need public image perception, presence and also from gaining experience on how to run and mange state events. For PF it is a win-win situation while UPND has a lose-lose situation. But who cares anyway!!!

    • Good question: would you allow your child to attend a party thrown by your neighbour who is bewitching your family?!

  3. Now how will MPs work. They shouldn’t even lobby money for development of their constituency. this kind of leadership is not good at all.

    • Even if they lobby for the money, do they get it from PF? PF only develops where its supporters are. Those PF puts money into they just want to corrupt or bribe if they are from the opposition. Know the nature of Lungu’s PF.

    • @mr real,
      Mr Kakuta simply said ”.UPND officials seen mingling with government officials at state functions can easily be misunderstood by the public. UPND has a number of undecided cases regarding the outcomes of the August elections, some still in court.”….

      Now, which part of this statement don’t you understand?

    • He has already lost it, thats why now he is sending innocent youths to plant explosives at zesco power transmission lines and people end up blaming God ( lightening).

    • It seems there is no any other credible Presidential material in UPND. I feel sorry for these guys that they have such a chicken headed man as Presidential material!

    • Don’t change a winning horse in mid-stride. That’s why PF are panicking and trying so hard for UPND to change leadership. Without Eurobonds, PF is finished and 2021 spells the end for PF. There’s no cure for stoopidity.

    • There’s nothing national about sitting with Lungu on a couch like his girlfriend. Even his wife does not sit next to him on the same couch in public.

  4. That’s why we can’t develop. These youth instead of engaging in meaningful entrepreneurial ventures, they are running to form fake NGOs and other advocacy groups. When donor money dries out, they quickly turn to politicians to bankroll their activities.

  5. How can MPS become part of the Government that has;
    (a) Disputed election which were fraudulent – Where is that Ugandan called Chavula who was found in the server room. These issues will never die.

    (b) A government that has incarcerated opposition members for months in prisons on flimsy ground letting the Ugandan Chavula go free.
    Young man you are just puffing ukunye fisushi.

    • An accusation will remain an accusation unless proven. UPND lost the election nice and clean.

      They are free to stay away from state function, who cares if they do. PF is in a win-win situation and UPND is in a lose-lose situation. I hope the court cases will go on forever that UPND MPs do not have any active participation to the country. This will only affect them in the next election. Stupid, short-sighted thinking Party.

    • @Ndetila nati

      “These issues will never die.”
      I am afraid these issues are already dead. Which planet do you live on?

    • If the issues are dead, why are you panicking? It looks like your diarrhoea over August rigged elections is unending.

  6. What is the noise all about from Ndoyi? Two weeks ago PF SG, Davis Mwila read the riot act to PF MPs and directed them to toe the Party Line in Parliament. What did Ndoyi say about this? Its a normal practice that MPs have to follow Party Policies in Parliament and that is why each party appoints a Chief Whip for the purpose. Ndoyi is just a PF apologist. UPND is in Courts challenging the re-election of Edward They allege Edward stole the Election so they cannot be seen to be recognizing Edward by attending Illegal functions by him.Its fairly straight forward. Until the Petetion is heard UPND MPs should have nothing to do with illegitimate Edward and will not legitimise him by attending functions officiated by him.

  7. You are worried of UPND, petty things. Us we are worried about power outage in Riverside almost the whole day going into night now, as usual courtesy of ZESCO. No power the whole day.

    • Good point. Instead of running the country, PF are getting diarrhoea over UPND’s next moves. Before they know it, it will be 2021 with nothing done by PF for Zambians.

  8. Dear young man Prince Ndoyi,
    This is not rocket science. Mr Kakuta simply said ”.UPND officials seen mingling with government officials at state functions can easily be misunderstood by the public. UPND has a number of undecided cases regarding the outcomes of the August elections, some still in court.”….
    What is ‘ridiculous’ about a simple clear statement of fact like that? Look, you may be embarking on a political career. Nothing wrong with that. But why oh why embark like a lame duck with mental learning difficulties? You know very well what the rule of law is, don’t you? Please don’t screw yourself from the word ‘go’.

  9. Modern educated guy! So if a thief stole a bus and he is going same direction as you are, its wise to get on it just because you will end up in one place! Ndoyi got foolish education, which no sane person should admire!

  10. @Asigai
    My interaction with most people show that the most losers following bad economic situation are PF supporters. The only winners in PF are individuals meant to have their mouths shut or fake vuvuzelas!

    • The population of Zambia is around 15 million and you say you have seen and interacted with most or 75% of the 15 million Zambian?

      No wonder UPND seems to be so confused because you are not being reslistic in your discussion and analysis of issues at hand. unfortunately, the same attitude in rife in UPND leadership. You cheating on social media and you want me to take you seriously? I want you take on the issue in which your MPs are behaving like headless chickens over a simple matter of another MP being invited to an official event by her own members of the Constituency that voted for her. Having political opinion does not mean being enemies.

  11. UPND is not being sincere to the nation & themselves. Parliamentary sittings are number 1 state functions which they allow their MPs to attend with full knowledge of Katuka that there are pending UPND court cases. The salary Katuka draws from UPND comes from MPs Party Monthly contribution including Princess Zulu who is being publicly embarrassed & humiliated. Govt is made up of Executive, Judiciary & Legislature (Parliament). For all these many years UPND have not realised that their MPs are part of government which they are fighting? You can’t win the battle if your soldiers are fighting on the other side shooting you. Princess Zulu is the chieftainess & chief guest of the constituency for any area function whether the Republican President or any leader attends or not .

    • @True Zambian,
      As a matter of fact, UPND is actually being sincere to the nation & themselves by asking its MPs to remain consistent with their Party’s stand w.r.t. the outcome of last August election. The matter is still in court.

      LOL. The notion you are vainly trying to portray that Parliamentary deliberations, which all MPs were voted for to attend in the first place, are equivalent to mingling clearly suggests you have very questionable understanding of the role of Parliament.

    • Brabus, Kakuta says that UPND MPs must stay away from State function because they should not mingle with people they do not accept as victors. Now my friend, why should they mingle with them in parliament, shake hands, drink coffee, teas and beer together?

      i can se that even to you, what Kakuta is doing is not making sense and difficult for you to justify. Just admit and advise your party to see things realistically.

      In my earlier comment, I was responding to a lie by your friend Lupoko who was saying that toeing a party line in parliament is the same as boycotting State functions. Again, another nonsensical and stupid simile.

  12. For us in Ngoni land,The Ngoni loyal establishment is supporting what Upnd MPs are doing they must continue with the directive because the Pf government under Edgar chakolwa drunkard president integrity of this nation. This man in the name of Edgar wants to make all of us to become his minions. Useless president.machende!

    • The issue is not about ECL or Ngonis, but whether what UPND is doing makes sense or not. Running away from the topic will not help you. Just admit that this whole matter is embarrassing even to yourselves as UPND.

      We know that UPND is a Tonga Party, so you are wasting your time mentioning innocent Ngonis. They have nothing to do with what Kakuta said. Give us a break. Just stay away forever. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!

  13. This young man is a job seeker. He has neither the platform nor the moral sense of spuing his senseless opinion. UPND MPs are UPND MPs, they enspause UPND ethos and values and are on firm ground. Their constituencies agree with them on any stand they take as MPs as well as UPND MPs. So who is this Ndoyi, get porridge from PF and live.

  14. UPND is a collapsed party.

    In other words UPND is a former party.

    The greatest support for UPND is the ended elections.

    There is no more UPND remaining.

  15. Which person in his right senses would support this nonsense? Only donkeys think that way.
    You can see the way donkeys think, today security forces discovered explosives of people trying to blow up the large power lines belonging to Zesco, probably the same style as the power blackout which affected five provinces last week. The chief donkey is probably conveniently preparing a silly statement after they blow up the power line. Obviously its the ***Donkeys at work, no care for people. Sorry ***Donkeys and chief donkey, you dont earn our support this way, and no uprising too if that is what you looking for.

  16. Asigai u ve been to school & u always make things easier even a winged cockroach can understand things wch ar simple. Wch ngoniz ar supporting matuvi?.leave dem in peace u just want to bring hatred amongst pipo ai.

  17. Imagine from businessmen to terrorists against your own people. As if they dont have brothers and uncles from their clans underground in the mines!
    But then looking at the targets, the five provinces and now Copperbelt – the provinces which did not vote for them. Kaonde and other tribes in northwest can be sacrificed even if they voted for all the Donkeys including chief donkey. But watch out Charity Katanga has oromised to flush you out
    So UPNdonkeys, what do you say to the latest terrorist news update from Katanga? Are you in support as usual? Dont tell me its not you, who else can behave like donkeys?

    • How can *****s beat you to an election? Who are then, worse than an ***** it means. Thanks for your self-confession of how useless and unworthy your HH and UPND are. Perpetual losers. it is only those worse than *****s who always lose.

      You are failing to give reasonable debate and behaving like you are intoxicated with cow dung!!!

    • It is not about the meaning of the name “Ndoyi”, but about the issues Ndoyi is addressing. For you to prove him to be a chikopo, you need to challenge him otherwise point by point he has raised. if you cannot do that then you may prove yourself to be the Chikopo instead.

  18. When political parties are in opposition the levels of desperation are alarming. They have to do everything possible and at any cost to appear relevant. UPND is no exception, in fact they seem to be breaking the record of desperation. First he (Hichilema) started with allowing his MPs to be sworn in by the head of state, then he turned around not to allow his MPs to attend the opening of parliament by the head of state who swore them in parliament. Now he is saying their MPs should not attend any state function. We have said over and over again that Hichilema’s political relevancy hinges on his defiance campaign, without that he is completely irrelevant to both civilized politics and to his own party that has sponsored him for a record six times that he has lost the elections. His hope…

  19. … we certainly need a vibrant opposition leadership, but not the kind being exhibited by UPND. It lacks ingenuity and real love for the country. How does an opposition leader celebrate bad things happening in the country some of which are completely beyond anybody. Someone in PF Govt aptly wondered, how a leader vying to rule our great nation would rejoice over the ills or calamities befalling our nation? When Judges rule against his party then they must be investigated. But when they rule in his favour then they are fair judges.

  20. HH is still crying for his loss. Give him time to cry his last tear while the clock is ticking. He awaits for the courts to declare him president (hallucination or some crazy dream) then he will allow his MP’s to to start working. He is such a dull educated failed politician of the 21st century full stop

  21. @Asigai,
    LOL. Slow down, you are all over the place.

    Firstly, I know what Kakuta (UPND) said and as a matter of fact I quoted him in my blog @14 above. So, I don’t know what you are implying when you say I cannot justify Kakuta’s directive.
    Secondly, the role of Parliament is NOT based on young Ndoyi’s biased textbook extrapolations of what he perceives an MP’s role to be. Parliament is there to legitimately and lawfully: –
    • Check and challenge the work of the Government (scrutiny)
    • Make and change laws (legislation)
    • Debate the important issues of the day (debating)
    • Check and approve Government spending (budget/taxes)

    Therefore, an MP is under no legal obligation to tag along when a person with a legal case in court over his Presidency shows up in his/her…

    • Cont’d…..his/her constituency.

      So, understand this:- UPND Secretary General Stephen Kakuta is LEGALLY IN ORDER to direct MPs to stick to business of Parliament and avoid mingling with people like Edgar Lungu. This is simply because UPND have legally questioned, with facts, the legitimacy of his election to office last August, among other issues. You know very well the matter is still in court, and there were sufficient grounds for the matter to be accepted by courts of law in the first place. Period.

    • @Brabus, my friend the question still goes begging. If UPND does not want mingle with PF at state functions because it will be misunderstood as accepting defeat, why are your MPs sitting as oppositions members in Parliament and debating as such. Don’t you think this is accept their role as opposition(meaning UPND lost he election to PF) otherwise they would have boycotted this back role as well as a show of defiance. Katuka’s directive is nothing but a fallacy. That is what I see as a very difficult thing for you to defend. I see you are at pains to justify this but you are not succeeding because it is a senseless and toothless directive.

      Yes, the cases are in the Courts, but it does not mean that the election of ECL or PF MPs is suspended. Why cant you patiently allow the Judiciary…

  22. The young man has a valid point! Speaking as a former member, HH and team don’t have what it takes to make UPND great again! Go for a convention and save Mazoka’s party from total collapse! I am giving free advice in good faith!

    • If they didn’t have what it takes to make UPND great we would not be talking about the party today. When did Mazoka die? Parties like ULP, Rainbow etc have come and gone. UPND has remained despite operating in a very hostile environment. Thumbs up to its leaders and its supporters for sticking with the party and keeping it afloat!

  23. Going by the foolish behaviour of the PF that eventually led to imposing themselves into government, the directive by the UPND has mandate of the people. The MPs have ample time to interact and support their constituents and not only when an illegal head of state is in their areas. UPND parliamentarians must continue to fight for the laws of Zambia to be respected. The people of Zambia spend long tireless hours to make their choice which got usurped by force. Therefore by MPs mingling with an illegal president, they take part in going against the people’s will of respect for the institutions of governance such as the constitution, the courts etc. It’s easy to condemn the directive if one doesn’t reflect deeply.

  24. Who ever has commented nosense I greatly feel sorry.whoever thinks of dividing Zambia I equally feel sorry.whoever mention tribes or regions in politics i feel sorry.Those who love themselves more than others I feel sorry.Those who think like uneducated children and yet they are adults and educated I feel sorry.Those who debate politics without love for the people of Zambia I feel sorry. Those who serve without the strength the Almighty God gives i feel very sorry.but my prayer is that God deliver such people.

  25. So if you’re Upnd MP you have to constantly look over your shoulders in case you accidentally mix with a PF member. On the road in bars and in Shoprite make sure there’s no PF next to you. Even when you park your car make sure it’s not next to PF member owned car. When you buy a shirt ensure no PF member has such a shirt. Apertheid type restrictions?

  26. The point is, UPND doesn’t recognize the Presidency of Edgar Lungu. The party doesn’t want to support illegitimacy…..the Lungu executive until after the courts rule so.
    Davies Mwila, PF SG, threatened PF MPs if they do not vote for PF motions, including amending the Constitution in Parliament!

    • @birima, I support PF but I don’t support the phoolishness in Davis Mwila ‘s sichupid directives. Mwila even lost an election and to me this simply means he has no feet to stand on. The same applies to your Katuka who wants to restrict your mps movements. Suppose your cousin is a PF MP does it mean you can not visit each other?

  27. There is nothing ridiculous about UPND’s directive. That is their policy. They do not recognize Lungu. It doesn’t make sense. Not everything in politics have to make sense.
    That is democracy for you! Viva ECL

  28. All those MP’s drawing salaries and allowances from the government they consider to be illegitimate should stop,otherwise they will be misunderstood of siphoning from the so called illegitimate treasury to fund their party through monthly contributions.How ridiculous some people think.Upnd tell your mp’s to stop getting their stipends from the govt you do not recognize.

  29. Well spoken young man. The wild thinking is that as we grow wisdom in us also grows but this not so for some people. HH is the executive of the UPND. The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men and women to do what he wants done, and self restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it. It is traditionally the area of psychiatry to do things which do not benefit you or/ and me. Equally it is to speak when you have nothing say. We know them by their color, red, for danger.

  30. What Ndoyi is saying is that much as you should ask your MPs to support the party policies do not ask them to do wrong things because of bitterness. Mwila can issue instructions to his people to support a right cause and Katuka can too. But why give instruction that encourages you to be useless that makes it for the country to become one party country. Those who were there may remember how UNIP got politically impotent. KK boycotted the 1996 elections. He gave wrong instructions to his people. being the authority he was every one followed. The result was todays UNIP. I think that is what the young man is trying to say. Now as usual filled with bitterness UPND will never get any meaningful advice and will just insult as if they can insult face to face. They insult when they are hiding in…

  31. Let them be, the ones who voted for them will judge them when no development is being done in their constituency. As one said Lungu / PF is win-win situation, why even bother to advise them, umwana ashufwa ilenamafikuboko that is how HH and company are.

  32. @BRABUS 17.1
    I appreciate your article articulation & valuable contribution. However, legally everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Equally the PF govt is innocent until the court finds them guilty, then UPND / Katuka can implement their sanctions. As it is now their sanctions are unenforceable at law & they may suffer technical knock outs from their members they may try to discipline. I agree with you that all MPs were voted to attend Parliamentary deliberations. This includes all state functions which require MPs attention. However, this view & belief is before election results & petitions. UPND MPs had even boycotted the official opening of parliament by ECL, but have recognised subsequent deliberations officiated by ECL.

  33. @TRUE ZAMBIA 40.
    UPND MPs were voted into parliament to impliment UPND policies but since votes were stolen by PF party and its government, they have a duty to provide checks to the PF govt. They choose which govt functions to attend and others not to. They have a latitude based on their beliefs and principles of democtracy. For example, when they abstained from official opening of parliament was to send a message that elections in Zambia have not been conclusive, and those who disagree on this point are in kookland. The whole world knows this fact and Lungu was reminded in America by Obama. Having sent a clear message UPND MPs will not sit by and watch PF govt turn Zambia into a one party state. They are in the house and will be heard.


  35. These Zambian arm-chair critics stink really. Imagine the kind of nonsence that goes on in that parliament, these are the goons that allowed a dying man continuesly absent from the office globe trotting to find a cure for amalwele akuiletelela umwine to continue being president without impeaching the lumpen. It had to take god to remove Sata from the equation. And this Prince fimo fimbi wants us to believe it is very important to attend a house of such cantankerous full cycle i.d.iots whose only purpose in life is to legislate for their own bellies and that of their appointing authority, the president! No wonder, anyone who would trust a chap called Ndoyi must be very sick in the head, like Fatherless Zikas Bwanya!

    • 1mbecile sansakuwa why talk about a dead man who can not defend himself? You have veered away from the topic at hand and start desparaging a dead man, surely you must be sick in your cowdung infested mind.

  36. To conclude the comments, let me remind everybody what I said in my earlier comment. In order to think like a donkey you have to be a UPNDonkey.

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