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President Lungu urges Zambians to pray

Headlines President Lungu urges Zambians to pray

President Edgar Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu when they attended a Church Service at Statelodge Baptist Church in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu with First Lady Esther Lungu in prayer when they attended a Church Service at Statelodge Baptist Church in Lusaka

President Edgar Lungu has urged Zambians to remain steadfast in prayer.Mr Lungu said Zambians should pray in every situation.

The President said this when he and the First Lady Esther Lungu attended a church service at Baptist Church in State Lodge in Lusaka.
He said that life was not without challenges but prayer was the solution.

Mr Lungu said that he was happy to attend a church service at the church where he started his deep relationship with God.
He also assured them that he would deal with the issues of land that the church was dealing.


  1. Simply look at that photo of that Lazy Bum we call President…this is everything that is wrong with religion on Afrikans.
    Wake up from your docility!!

    • My question is: How prayerful is the President himself? Let’s not use religion, in this case Christianity, to fool unsuspecting citizens.

    • I hope you guys know what you are sowing for your generations. These comments that you are making regarding someone who is encouraging people to pray to God are seeds that you are sowing for your generations to come. It might seem you are making political comments but knowing how the word of God has the ability not to return to God void, I can only plead with you to just keep quite when the Preaident makes spiritual comments rather than make such comments. It’s just a plea but if you are good with them please continue and you will remember my counsel in the near future. I plead with you without prejudice

    • The man doesn’t still confidence in a lot of people and me.

      This job is too good for him.

      Scott would have been miles better.



    • @ Miya
      You are the very reason corruption Afrikan Politicians hide behind religion because they know that you can not question them. Do you know the difference between religion and spirituality? Go and find out the difference…Chiluba did the same thing he pulled a wool over your eyes with religion and declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation (whatever that means) then plundered like their was no tomorrow.
      Wake up from your docility and folly!!

    • The levels of theft in the govt. goes against your words Mr President! The Lords humbles the wise…don’t mock His people…

    • Ka @Miya, the God I know (who by the way is no respecter of religion) does not condone charlatans and laggards. My God does as you do, He enlightens you as you seek social justice, remove hypocrisy and serve the weakest in your society. What you have just said here does not represent any sane supernatural being at all – at all! I will not remember anything you have said because it is disgusting.

    • He is urging all Zambians to be praying for more corruption,hypocrites,ritual killings,theft,more travel allowances…

    • Looking through the Zambian diaspora comments its easy to understand why Lungu last week said he was against legislation that would allow voting but in his self confessed lack for vision he only understands it with respect of himself as if he is still running a campaign……maybe he plans to!

    • I would rather have a non religious president who is patriotic, works hard, cares about Zambia and it’s people, than a religious president who is lazy, hypocritical, self serving, and cares only about himself and his stomach, and not about the Zambian people. And I say this as a Christian myself.

    • Religion is highly abused in this nation . People are going to bed on empty tammies due to massive borrowing which was done at their expense and all they are told is to pray. Is this a solution to a good sleep on an empty stomach.

  2. Yes Mr president, pray , dance then pray again then dance some more Dununa reverse and we will all eat well……

    • Hello Zambians. You great people I ask you to vote NEZ as best Blogger. The nominations are opened. Please exercise your right to vote by voting me the most honest man here as blogger of the year. I trust you will make one right decision this year. You already made an error by voting in PF, so please undo your wrong by voting NEZ and nominating me as best blogger. I thank you in advance…. aluta. one zambia

      Chief Strategist of the UPND

    • He is such a hypocrite, he is talking about prayer but he is treating his colleagues badly and he is so unforgiving, He is double faces

  3. MR Prez, what happened to working hard and accountability? Should the corrupt continue stealing, the misuse of public resources continue, the globe trotting continue – just go to pray after all the sinning 🙁
    then ALL will be well lol

    • That’s Christianity for you, the Oppressor can rape, murder, steal, enslave a people but all he has to do is ask for forgiveness and he is born again everything is gone…what folly..a religion there to merely put you down and lead to to self distraction.

    • A country with so much resources, but the leadership is rotten to the core.
      You can pray all you want but if you can’t put your mind to good use everything is worthless.

  4. He knows what Zambians fear most- GOD. Whatever he says in the name of God he knows and believes no one can argue! What a docile dull people.

  5. Your Excellency keep encouraging Zambians to pray especially Kaponya (HH) and his satamic UPND minions who pray for calamity, ill-will and suffering upon the nation. Satamic devil worshipping cult.

    At the same time Mr President solve Zambia’s problems now that you have 4 years remaining. The dununa party days are over now we need you to fight corruption which is at its worst in Zambia’s history. Corruption is at its worst under your rule and ACC and DEC are toothless under your rule.

    2016 vote Mr Kudos Most Popular Revolutionary Radical Patriotic Blogger

    • It’s stoopidity of the highest order to expect Lungu to fight corruption. Lungu is the source, the fount, of all corruption in Zambia. Even before he became a politician, his peers found him to have stolen from a client and revoked his lawyer’s practicing licence. What good can come out of such a common crooked thief?

  6. Ba upnd u are sata*nists who do not appreciate people that talk abt God. This is why the God u tease will not afford u an opportunity to rule. Remember ur tricks to vandalise vital installations have bn exposed. God is dealing with u while He is blessing PF. God has plans for his people while sata*n has no plans for Hellen Harlot.

    • Henry,this presidents keeps telling us to pray but meanwhile borrowing more and more strangling our future generations.Remember what the Bible says in Proverbs 22 v 7 “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”He is making us modern slaves of the west and you cant realize that…Wake up and smell the coffee.

  7. There is no coherence between his words and actions. The dots don’t add up. That is why people can never take his word seriously. He is a clueless opportunist. Zambia desperately needs a visionary leader to at least get us started on the right track. Myself like many Zambians try to see a leader or something like it in him but the actions do not add up. This country under him is not developing at all. Zambians a burdened in everything drinking water, energy, education, jobs, PF police, useless political appointments. Does he reflect all. 5 more years in hell.

    • @X. I agree. total deception. He is using ‘religion is opium of the people’. whom are you kidding mr president? when they are stealing to live well they work with Satan. When it comes to providing sustainable economic solutions, they ask the poor Zambian people to depend and wait on God and Jesus. very shameful as we know that Satan blinded the eyes of the people. He is doing exactly the same. God said work hard for out of sweat you will eat. But look there he keeps going back to God instead of working hard. God will bless the works of our hands. God does not support laziness. Let’s wake up!

    • It is known how the Europeans invaded colonies and early indigenous civilizations (i.e. Aztecs) with the bible “teaching” people about God yet looting their riches! Knowing Zambians are too gullible when it comes to being religious and the kind of closing eyes, talking in tongues whatever that is and, kneeling than the hard work God urges, the president has become an expert in exploiting this weakness while the gains the country is supposed to be making are not making headway!

    • I agree with you it’s like his mind is now warped and he is giving up so early and the people who surround him are too corrupt to give him sober advice.

  8. I hear VASCO DA GAMA A.K.A. KAMWENDO MUNJILA is travelling to Egypt this week? He just came to Zambia to change clothes.

    Awe sure. Zambians please pray, but pray with ONE EYE OPEN. Otherwise you’ll eat your own FAECE5 very soon.

  9. I like Pf and EL because they are God fearing, who are we withoiut God as he is the anthor of our faith.May God Lord bless you our President and give the grace to rule Zambia

    • It always amazes me how Bembas manage to mix stealing with being super-religious. There’s no discrepancy for them between the two positions.

  10. They will call the name of holy father in heaven, they can even move mountains,in the last days you have to be careful, for so many will come in the name of God . And all those will be thrown in fire where they will perish for being false prophets.
    Not everyone who proclaims the word of God will enter in heaven but those who do the righteous will be given everlasting life. AMEN

    • @ jetlee mwaba nio:
      Hena Zambia njaba ny,oko? Nto.to yany.oko okanyama nkiinga mwaba ka mazyu!!
      The name Mwaba surely suits you to the core – it means a fo.ol and loser in some languages and you certainly are one!! Arse.whore!!

  11. Lungu is asking Zambians to pray while he is gallavanting in foreign lands and enjoying himself with his friends. Lungu does not want Zambians to hold him to account and wants to do what he likes at the expense of the masses. This man and his friends are looting public funds and enriching himself while Zambians are in prayers. Lungu takes Zambians for fools.

  12. Hello Zambians. You great people I ask you to vote NEZ as best Blogger. The nominations are opened. Please exercise your right to vote by voting me the most honest man here as blogger of the year. I trust you will make one right decision this year. You already made an error by voting in PF, so please undo your wrong by voting NEZ and nominating me as best blogger. I thank you in advance…. aluta people

    Chief Strategist of the UPND

  13. Thank you my wise president what will we do without you?
    Iam praying for Dora Siliya to follow Chishimba Kambwili through the exit doors of cabinet. Amen

  14. Is he trying to identify himself with that church? Problem is we don’t know which church he belongs to. When LPM went out of town he would look for a Baptist Church. Now our dear ECL will go to Catholic, UCZ etc. Thereby making it difficult for one to know which Church he belongs to

    • we all know KK is UCZ, Sata was Catholic, but this one, not sure,,,,could be true that he’s Islam, no ill feeling, he should tell the nation his church because he’s a leader and a public officer.

    • @kaluba,

      This HYPOCRITE will go to any and every church to try and dupe Zambians that his religion does not come out of JAMESONI BOTTLES!

      And blame God for all the hardships and troubles that Lungu himself and his PF stealing have caused in Zambia.

      Wake up! It is a sham. Fake. Hypocrite. Lungu is only trying to defect blame for his corruption, incompetence and theft of public resources. If he was the only one in the Church would he be praying? NO. It is for public consumption and deception only.

  15. ..if prayers wr the answer we culd hv been better off as Africans than any other region because 96% of africans really pray or pretend to pray…while only abt 8% in other regions like Europe, USA, China Russia Australia pray….

    • ….And Zambia being a christian nation, would have been “great again ” as a the “USA of Africa”

      The more people pray the more they get poorer……what is really wrong here?

  16. Lungu looking scared of his own shadows. Apa for sure he is praying for forgiveness for the Votes he stole from the UPND!! But without confession, all that is in vain. He knows the things he has done are horrible and is desperate with his conscious. Lungu you will face God alone.

  17. Stealing with one hand and praying with the other. This open teeth drunk is taking the country back just like that orange ***** in the US. Why is Lungu giving our food to his puppet master Mugabe. His other two masters Banda and Museveni are pure evil. I bet Lungu’s wife is praying that she does not sleep with him anymore . Ha, ha, he had to give her her own budget for that.

    • Let him who is without any sin cast a stone…..leave HE ECL alone,he too was created in the image of God and Christ died for him too…Do not speak about the speck in your brothers eye, leaving the LOG in your eye…

  18. Trucks, of suspected rigged ballots were impounded by UPND police inspectors, Mwaliteta and others, and no rigged ballots were found.
    How, then, was the election stolen from UPND?
    Nifuna kuziba
    If not, then know that the next general election is in August, 2021

    • The elections were rigged in Lusaka and Copperbelt by completely disregarding the ballot counts and ECZ coming up with made-up numbers to ensure no rerun. Fact: there’s not a single valid Gen 13 and ECZ Form 19 for any Lusaka constituency. That’s why Lungu would not allow the petition to go ahead and the Kangaroo Court to deliver judgement.

  19. We need prayer, especially during load shedding and the coming nuclear apocalypse in Zambia. Please make wise use of load shedding especially at night.

    Prayer, my foot!

    • I am perfectly happy with nuclear power stations being set up in PF strongholds. Knowing these bumblers, that is one sure way to eradicate their supporters in a nuclear apolycapse that would shame Chernobyl.

  20. This thief, he’ s not even ashamed to continue hiding in God yet he’ s the most evil minded president this country has ever had ? Pretending to be humble yet his heart is the devil’ s home. Akabwa.

  21. Zambia needs to pray.what are we praying for in particular mr david Livingston,one hand with a bible the other one with a gun.

  22. Africans are just fascinating. Poverty is God’s will. Incompetence is God’s will. Mediocrity is God’s will. Everything that leads them to the precipice and sometimes pushes them over the cliff when they could have mitigated calamity is all ascribed to the way and will of God. They point to the mystery of his ways as they continue charging deeper and deeper into the darkness of their own ineptitude. So now this guy will lift off for another country and come back with pledges that will be contradicted in a few short months. That, too, will be God’s will! Continue praying, sheeple.

  23. Zambians should pray while Edward is busy globe trotting making money for himself and his friends. Edward from Egypt, should pass thru Gambia to see Yahya Jammeh and compare notes on how to deal with Presidential Petetions now that the latter has taken his Petetion to the Supreme Court of Gambia (SCG). It will be interesting to see if SCG will refuse to hear Jammeh’s Petetion. In Zambia Edward used Concourt to block the Petetion and if SCG hears Jammeh’s Petetion it will be a huge embarrassment to Zambia’s Concourt and Edward. Since the UPND Petetion has not yet been heard SADC,AU and UN should be treating Edward in the same way that ECOWAS,AU and UN are treating Yahya Jammeh. Until the Petetion is properly heard and determined Edward is illegimate and should be treated as such. AU and…

  24. Now tell me why public broadcaster ZNBC should be allowed to broadcast a self-proclaimed traditional/spiritual healer cheating us to go to his church to get healed of any sort of ailment!! Why should znbc broadcast non factual information that misleads our people especially the poor!!!!????

  25. “Not all those who say Lord Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven but only those do the will of the Father in Heaven”. Words are just like that, they will remain words. Actions is the key. Actions speak louder than words.

  26. Iwe Jamieson WaLungusha Mutapi, Prayer and supplication are not enough. Repent and do good deeds. Give back what you have stolen. The Lord of Fairness and Justice will judge you according to your deeds, not your words.

  27. if prayer was what we needed Zambia and Africa would be the most development.. politicians and religious leaders know this that’s why they pull a fast one one the people…poverty and illiteracy levels are to high.even the things the pastor was talking about are to do with poverty not spiritual (lack of land) as Che Guevara says a nation that can’t read and write is easy to deceive

  28. You dull Zambians! How many times will you fall for the same scam?

    Can you not see this is how Lungu is trying to cover up his crimes of stealing an election and his corruption?

    You are being conned AGAIN!

    When are you going to be brave and honest and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!??

    • @the Truth…..wasosa muntu wandi. When is this Zambia gonna rise up and claim its own. Clearly ECL should be impeached on grounds that he has violated his prerogatives as President. I mean we are not living in the villages where people are simply lied to. We are living in the 21st century for heaven’s sake. Enough is enough this guy has clearly failed Zambia we cannot continue to ignore this fact. He is in fact a Satan. He has no brains and this is disgusting to say the least.

  29. Edgar Lungu must stop mocking God. Mapenzi, a defenceless lady was killed by your office when your police fired live ammunition on UPND supporters who were on a peacefull campaign rally in Chawama prior to august elections. The blood of the innocent woman is on your hands. You should ask for repentance from God and forgiveness from the family of the late Mapenzi. Whatever goes up will surely come down one day.

  30. After reading some of these insults you see why I call these chaps blood thirsty animals? An elderly father is saying pray to God in all situations, regardless of your hatred which is un Christian you cretins continue with those insults. If this is the behaviour we are exhibiting in Zambia then we are all doomed! God will curse this land and all will suffer be you a blood thirsty animal or a normal law abiding citizen that may not agree with the govt but is civil and objective in his/ her criticism. Too many United Party for National Dunderheads online!

    • And you are using polite and respectful words?
      “Blood thirsty animals”?
      Are u Christian or just another f*ucking blind 1MBECILE?

  31. Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing us with such a President who puts the fear of You first. If a man you have placed in leadership can humble himself before you in this way, who am I not to fall onto my knees in praise of you LORD? You’re already working wonders for Zambia & I’ll praise You as long as I can. Please forgive my brothers & sisters who have insulted You & what You doing for Zambia in the comments before. God Bless Zambia!

  32. President Edgar Lungu’s pronouncements that ZAMBIANS should continue to PRAY…really,it does not sound any sense in it.Praying for what?We need solutions for citizens whose living standards is getting worse day by day yet him and his family are galavanting and enjoying over the shore.Ukulanda kwaifi kutunfya abekacalo

  33. When God checks his book on creations. he really sheds tears as he peruses the chapter AFRICANS. A real waste of creational materials just filling up earthly space.

  34. Can someone please remind me which congregation Edgar Lungu belonged to prior to this stolen presidency? am just checking. Might need to speek to his pastor.

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