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Jean Kapata lambasts Kambwili and KBF, labels them as treacherous individuals


Lands and Environmental Protection Minister Jean Kapata
Lands and Environmental Protection Minister Jean Kapata
A PLOT to destabilise the Patriotic Front (PF) and cause an uprising against the governing party’s legitimate leadership including President Edgar Lungu who is leader of the PF has been unearthed.

The calls for elections by PF elections deputy chairperson Kelvin Bwalya Fube and Roan member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili are but part of the scheme to agitate a rebellion against President Lungu as head of the PF and the secretary general of the ruling party, Davis Mwila.

PF elections chairperson Jean Kapata has lambasted Mr Kambwili and Mr Fube for calling for elections from top to bottom in the PF and has branded the two as treacherous individuals who wanted to cause consternation in the ruling party.

Ms Kapata said the ruling party was aware that some disgruntled officials within the party were allegedly sponsoring confusion in the party and had been scheming against Mr Mwila whom they want to unseat.

She said the PF elected President Lungu at its extra-ordinary convention soon after the death of president Michael Sata and that the Head of State had a five year mandate to preside over the governing party.

She said she was aware that Mr Fube, Mr Kambwili and some other PF officials had been having clandestine and covert meetings to subvert the mandate of President Lungu as head of the ruling party and Mr Mwila as general secretary.

Ms Kapata said Mr Kambwili and Mr Fube were directly attacking President Lungu by suggesting that officials he (President Lungu) had appointed to various positions in the party had no mandate to hold such positions.

“I am aware that some PF officials who are disgruntled are involved in covert activities and are agitating an uprising against President Lungu as leader of the PF and Mr Mwila, the secretary general of the party. It is not individuals such as Mr Fube and Mr Kambwili who should call for elections at all levels of the PF.

“We have the central committee which is the supreme organ of the party that decides and President Lungu was elected at a convention and has only served less than two years. Mr Kambwili as a member of the central committee should know well than what he is doing. Mr Kambwili and Mr Fube are directly attacking President Lungu by agitating for confusion in the party,” Ms Kapata said.

She disclosed that she was aware that some officials were sponsoring revolts against selected PF provincial chairpersons particularly in Eastern Province where a former PF provincial chairman and a local businessman in Chipata had been named as plotting against the current chairman Andrew Lubusha.

Mr Mwila is on record that the PF leadership and President Lungu were happy with the Eastern Province PF leadership which had performed exceptionally well.

Ms Kapata warned that individuals fermenting trouble in the PF should know that disciplinary action would be taken against them.

“We went to a convention in 2014 where President Lungu was elected leader of the PF and we are just coming from general elections. The general membership of the PF need to rest for now as its leadership is working out how best to govern the country. We have not seen anything wrong with the current leadership in the party and Mr Kambwili and Mr Fube should wait until the central committee meet,” Ms Kapata said.


    • The most use1ess party to have led this country. The party is full of individuals who are better suited to be in opposition than ruling

    • This kind of leadership tussle can only happen when a party has weak leadership.
      ECL has clearly failed to command respect in the party. The issue of poor and vision less people has been exercibated by the appointment of Davies Mwila as SG!
      This nonsense could not happen in Sata’s time. That’s what a leadership does it instils discipline everywhere.
      This will get ugly before it gets better unfortunately.

    • Neither Lungu nor Kapata should worry about a THIEF that they can so EASILY send to JAIL before he organises his next rally… Have you forgotten this is Africa? Use what you have – POWER!!!!

    • @Wanu Ngwee, Kapata is also a THIEF! Ask those who live near her in Roma, amassed property and expensive cars in record time. Her chi obese daughter, a Chef is First Secretary for Economics at High Commission in Malawi. Kambwili, Kapata and others are all partners in theft which explains why they have failed to lay charges on him so far. Have you noticed how Kambwili has said many things in last two weeks and no one from PF attacking him? In Bemba we say Cimbwi ukulila ninshi pali uko ashintilile amatako – when a hyena howls, be sure its buttocks are firmly planted against something. Meaning, if a person is saying outrageous things without getting in trouble, they have backing from powerful quarters.

    • @Wanu Ngwee, Kapata is also a THIEF! Ask those who live near her in Roma, amassed property and expensive cars in record time. Her chi obese daughter, a Chef is First Secretary for Economics at High Commission in Malawi. Kambwili, Kapata and others are all partners in theft which explains why they have failed to lay charges on him so far. Have you noticed how Kambwili has said many things in last two weeks and no one from PF attacking him? In Bemba we say Cimbwi ukulila ninshi pali uko ashintilile amatako – when a hyena howls, be sure its but-tocks are firmly planted against something. Meaning, if a person is saying outrageous things without getting in trouble, they have backing from powerful quarters.

    • As Minister of Lands, Jean Kapata is one of the most corrupt ministers in the PF govt. So all these rantings are not from her conviction. They are meant to save her job because she knows what ECL wants to hear. But I’m sure the ACC will soon bring her down.

    • Kambwili will now need Zambian watchdog and the post. Even ECL will need the media tools one day. Remember how SATA didi not need the POST then he needed it. S.tupidy *****s and f00ls.

  1. How boring and utterly useless from my party.
    We have more pressing developmental issues to deal with.
    Your Excellency ECL tame these FO0LS

    • How can he sort out his people? He may end up with uprising from within (the party). He has to be careful about this issue. I think he is reaping what he sowed. He should have balanced his appointments.

    • What is clear is that a Bemba backlash against Lungu is being formented. What these Bemba maggots don’t know is that once they are out of PF, where are they going to go to? UPP maybe? Bemba hegemony is over. Lungu has tricked these thieves and Wakos have taken over PF. As you like saying, move on! Get used to it!

    • Iwe buck teeth Lungu whatever youcall yourself , stop your unending shicopeti comments about Bembas. You make your ambitions more difficult to attain with such behavior. It wont help your HH to alienate the Bembas. ****** weeee

  2. With no votes cast at the Kabwe convention and only pangas and fists raised to scare away Lungu’s opponents, calls for a genuine an democratic convention are justified.

    • But wasn’t one of these crooked layers, Kelvin Bwalya or Tutwa Ngulube, the returning officer who counted the pangas and declared Lungu the winner? Why are they retracting their Panga Family vote count?

  3. This party called PF is a let down, if they are not fomenting violence in the streets, they are fighting themselves. And that’s why they have lamentably failed to sort out the economic mess. Though MMD is in disarray, I feel it is just in order to apologise to them for votting them out. The economy was bad but manageable

  4. Even dull Mr Kudos can see that this PF party is the late and that the economy is destroyed. Refer to his posting on this blog

    • To be in PF you need a zika-infested brain. That’s why Kudos does not know what to think, flip-flopping as usual and now calling his fellow kaponyas as PF00Ls!

  5. Kapata have respect for others, CK never called for any elections, don’t think you were going to be in government had it not been for CK. Your PF of RB may not go anywhere if you handle the situation poorly

    • Mama Jean Kapata, do you ever think of the roads in your constituency area like Kabanana Site and Service. I drove there one day, ala roads are bad. People in this area have really build beautiful houses, but alas, roads!!! They admire places like Matero, Kabwata and so on where their area members of Parliament have really worked hard to put up good roads. Manje ku Kabanana, awe sure!! I almost got stuck. Mwai my vehicle was a 4-wheel drive. So sad mama!!! Do something before you lose your popularity.

    • If Kabanana (and Mandevu) is so bad, how come the people there voted unanimously for PF? Do you understand why people say that the August elections were rigged?

    • Kabwili knows that ECL knows that PF has alone has no brains and needs the help of MMD to get the economy back on track.
      ECL is a proper UNZA graduate who can smell trouble a mile away and Kabwili is finishing himself by exhibiting bitterness at his sacking.

  6. How about a ka friendly boxing match between Kambwili and Kapata and we donate the proceeds to a charity? Curtain raiser Frank Bwalya Vs Tutwe Ngulube

  7. This is a Problem of entrusting important responsibilities with party carders like Jean Kapata and Bowman Lusambo. Please Mr president suck these people and appoint learned people who can understand social and economic issues of a majority Zambians who are suffering

    • Lazy Lungu likes to surround himself with empty tins as he looks smart around them…its no wonder he shrinks and pretends to be humble among other leaders or even his boss RB.

    • Jay Jay,
      RB and team had the Zambian economy going. Exchange rate was 3.5 kwacha to 1 US dollar. Lungu knows it and wants the same team to help him improve the economy

    • Its not the exchange rate that determines how good an economy is performing. RB was useless. He stole our money and had a Kabila family empire that kept stealing our tax. Most of all we never liked his galivanting all over the world for tourism that he couldn’t do when he was relegated to his farm

  8. This is where Jean Kapata excels throwing mud and stones…how Lazy Lungu can put this mad dull woman in our ministries is just beyond me…surely what can this thing bring to the table – Tourism ministry is a mess because of this dunderhead its free for all in the Game Parks as hunting licenses are being given corruptly left right and centre.

  9. Go for elections you chaps to strengthen in house democracy. Appointments just bring in the feelings of a One Party State. Push them Kambwili and Fube go on go on go on

  10. I recall correctly that Lungu was never legitimately elected leader of the PF… he shamelessly imposed himself onto the party and he unfortunately did the same with the recent national elections. I have a feeling he’ll go out in the same manner.

    By the way look at the language: she says they are still trying to figure out how to govern the country: “…as its leadership is working out how best to govern the country”. So they still haven’t figured out how? No wonder we are seeing the poor performance from these lot.

    Also by the way ‘…are but… ‘, means ‘it is everything else except what follows or comes after the ‘but’.

  11. Power comes from the people the moment your hear someone coming out like this then you know those being attacked have support of the people. I too not happy with the PF’s performance administratively and economically. If it the the wish of the majority that the constitution is changed to pave way for elective positions so be it. If someone was MMD die hard when did they die and where was the funeral held

  12. I am enjoying this with blissful delight! The only sad thing is that these scoundrels are in government. No need to wonder what type of disarray is obtaining in such a government! Dununa regret!

  13. Indeed ECL is reaping what he has sown.How can one entrust new comers at the expense of founder and consistant members, liked DR.CK?Almost all the cabinet is full of new comers and those who used to insult Mr. Sata, mostly mmd.It is bwezani is controlling pf(not PF).CK was just from the succession wrangles ended was not liked by lungu and inonge, but they have forgotten how he reconciled them muzungu wo putsa, and they can’t appreciate that-shame!Jean kapata has the gusts really to insult CK-mwe bantu tulelola kwi forgetting that CK calmed the confusion kapata, inonge kalaba, kampyongo, freedom or is he slavery sikazwe and others caused?They have even forgotten about that doctor from chingola who vigorously fanned the confusion, what type of a leader is he?The dilemma we are in now is…

    • that there is no formidable and focused opposition party we can go for, hence the devil you better is better than….However, jean and mumbi must tame their camelion like tongues.They must polite to Dr. CK, he contributed to what they are today.


  15. 5 more years of infighting, they may as well keep creating that vacuum so that we have better leadership. These guys were fighting at their own convention, and had everybody trying to stand for the leadership. Now we are 3 months post inauguration and people are already having BP. PF how did you expect to win E.P without RB/MMD. Besides maybe the reason why the we have a Finance Minister from MMD, is that when they were in power the economy was better and had like minded people to fix it. Instead of a few years in of extensive borrowing, you want to re-finance Eurobonds……..


  17. Is jean kapata married ? Only women who talks like that mostly of them are not married ,she likes are man who can shaggy her,

  18. Very soon we shall start hearing how PF rigged the August elections from the PF members themselves. This is what happens when power is fraudulently acquired. The coming year will be very interesting.

  19. Hakuna swalisano hala masholi, maloi, mahule kapa mane mutu atali bilumba bya mahali-hali! Bi tamahani bye kaufela kimufuta ulimumwi ni bo munguli wa likulunga, bwakona ku ipulukuta sicaba inge si talimezi! Kapa mane neba ku palisanela fa patelo mane konji kuyo kakatelana wa linja ?

  20. Ba UPND muli bwa bwa bwa wala wala wala.
    Imwe when did you last have elections in your party mwembusi mwe

  21. Case of the Shomeka calling the ChiBafa black here. Is this not the Gene Kapata that was selling our poor lions to foreign hunters?

  22. Kiki Chi Kapata tekanya.Don’t destroy the party too fast.We love kambwili period.He has support of PF members except from ba UPND.We’ll sort you out soon.We can’t be ruled by RB again thru Lungu. we loved lungu but he has disappointed us.Ba Sata trusted him but look what’s doing to the pipo who made him win.Lungu should unite the party and stop this Chi kapata from annoying PF members.U think PF members are happy Kapata?Ask Guy scolt and his friends.We suppoted lungu and we’ll support Kambwili.Watch before it’s too late.PF teinobe.Ifwe in Kopala have resolved to support Kambwili and not Lusambo and Bo inonge who can’t even win a seat in western province.losing even Nalolo tefintu.We’ll make sure before 2021 U pack ku conversion.Pipo have power and PF member can do it.Ask Winter…

  23. Moscow (op) – Just like you cannot win elections without RB. Your survived because of RB. How can Inonge win you a seat in Western Province. Does she own the people of that province. Shallow and tribal thinking. People should vote based on reason not based on INONGE because they don’t eat Inonge.

  24. I dont like Kambwili but the call for elections I support. Most MMD cadres should be removed from PF. Even the President who loves thieves Rupiah Banda and Dora Siliya needs to be replaced but not by Kambwili

  25. Am i seeing the beginning of the end of the PF? I would only urge the mighty UPND to take advantage of this looming split. UPND, try by all means to embrace such people like Kambwili and KBF in your rank and file. After all, it is said that, there is no permanent enemy in politics!

  26. Madam Kapata, yo SG Mwila is not the right person for the job. KBF or CK can do better to organise PF than Davies. ECL can you come to our aid by removing this Davies guy lost terribly. I personally have a problem with CK’s attitude but Kelvin is good.

  27. You are reaping what you sow guys you will never have peace in your party for depriving us from the Leader we wanted. As you know RB is in control of PF. Lungu has no base he depends on RB and PF was Sata. Our leader HH at least he has 3 and half provinces all he need is to penetrate more in PF strongholds which he did by getting 40% but the votes were stolen.

  28. What can I say? This is PF committing suicide. These are senior members of the PF party, Kambwili is a founder member. If it wasn’t for Kambwili (since ba Sata has left us MHSRIP) most of these guys in government, including President Lungu, would be languishing in poverty in opposition. Muletasha and listen to what your friends are complaining about. I don’t care whether Kambwili and Fube’s complaints are justified or not, because I don’t know the true facts, but the point is don’t frustrate complaints within the party….mukaisanga muli mwamoneni.

  29. If I was President Lungu, Jean Kapata would be the last person I would listen to. PF has this talent of choosing horrible women into positions of responsibility: Jean Kapata, Mumbi ‘piri-piri” Phiri, Nkandu Luo, Maggie Mwanakatwe… the list goes on. Why isn’t ba Kaseba involved at higher level kanshi? She is a better female face for PF than these mangwams in skirts.

  30. There is no honour among thieves. You stole a victory that belonged to another party and therefore you shall pay for your crimes. Long live UPND!!!

  31. A normal Party would respect the founding members and old members of PF who worked so hard to “win” the elections and Lungu’s re-election should be rewarded ahead of former MMD Members. Its human nature to feel agrieved when they see former MMD Members being appointed Ministers when they did not campaign for the PF. The PF is being swallowed by MMD at the instigation of RB. Its not fair to see MMD reaping where they did not sow. On this one Kambwili and KBF are Right.

  32. What puzzles me is during campaigns all of them were begging MMD to support PF now that they won MMD is nothing to them, with MMD PF was not going to get 50 + 1%. Mr. Kabwili what you are doing is just the same as what you have been accusing HH of tribalism. You are even much worse than him for you want to use others and then trash them away. You should get a leaf from Mr. Sampa immediately you are fired you will have no friends to support you. Ask Chitala and his original blues what happened to them in MMD, you will never be in the ruling party that will be the end of your political carrier. Why don’t people learn from history.

  33. Chishimba kambwili…. now you have started seeing the colours of PF. You worked hard to ensure PF won, what is your reward? Scorn, ridicule and a rebel. Pa chalo tapaba ku wamya. You are old enough to remember the ZANU PF strongman TONGOGARA. He worked hard, fought hard during the liberation of Rhodesia and when the war had been won ..what did MUGABE do? … he manufactured an accident in which the man died en route from Mozambique. You were just a pawn in the game. PF is under MMD and all old members will be kicked out. Very soon you will hear Dora Siliiya speaking authoritatively. Tell the zambians the truth if ECL won the elections

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