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ZRA to reward Whistle Blowers


Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
The Zambia Revenue Authority -ZRA- is in the process of reviewing the Whistle Blowers Policy in order to encourage the public, report cases of tax evasion.

ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda says Management intends to go to the authority’s Governing Board to seek the revision of the current Whistle Blowers Policy.

Mr Chanda says this is to ensure the Authority begins to reward whistle blowers who help the Authority to recover taxes.

He was speaking to ZNBC News in an interview an in Lusaka.

Mr Chanda said his office will propose a percentage of the principal taxes recovered as a reward to the whistle blower.

He hopes this will encourage members of the public to volunteer information to ZRA.

Mr Chanda has however, urged members of the public not to use this opportunity as a platform for malice by reporting false information.

And Mr Chanda says ZRA will start collecting taxes on fuel from South Africa until verification of its origin is completed.

He said there has been an increase in importation of fuel from South Africa with importers presenting certificates of origin, which enable them not to pay any taxes.

Mr Chanda says the decision to start collecting taxes on fuel from South Africa is in line with the SADC trade protocol which states that while verification of origin and authenticity is being done, revenues should be secured.


    • Most tax problems are caused by ZRA, this body was created to help businesses grow and not come up with ridiculous tax figures hence why they so much fraud and cheating. Ba Chanda should clean his house first.

  1. Even I know too much of the People Avoiding paying taxes thru fraudulent under invoicing and showing low sales and no sales to avoid paying too much back to the coffers of the zra
    Il start with the guys in boma

  2. Long time ago, the MMD government was advised to do this for all cases of corruption and financial crimes. Instead of money going to lawyers, whistleblowers should be rewarded upon the successful prosecution of offenders. This is how crime is fought in many parts of the world. You pay the small timers to cage the big fish. What do we see in Zambia? The big time drug dealers are never caught, but a small guy with kafwaka is arrested and paraded as a statistic.

  3. Sometimes we are forced to comment though we simply READ but its important to comment here

    1.The whistle blower should submit a TIP to ZRA either written or oral but the source must be evidenced and confirmed
    2. The TIP to ZRA must be analysed and then decision made to proceed or not to proceed to investigate
    3.If the TIP qualifies then the case is filed and charges or penalties are determined
    4.The TIP is then made public and the penalties/charges and remedies are publicised
    5.Then the successful TIP provider or whistle-blower files for the claim of the reward
    6. The reward is given in commensurate to the revenues saved as determined by the integrity committee…

  4. Of ZRA
    This should be speedily done and the process transparent to ensure only firm tips are brought forward and the rewards much more than the incentive not to give a tip
    Good work commission remember copper belt bottlers and younger at union bank GOOD work commission

  5. Esp your own staff conniving with clearing agents to alter Invoices and get huge kicks backs.

    And as a clearing agent yourself,,u must clean this mess ! Huge sum of money goes into personal pockets at all borders due to corrupt ZRA officers and Clearing Agents.

  6. Do not forget the protection of the whistle blower. It’s obvious that the victims are likely to want to harm them.

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