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 Judge Chitabo should review his adjournment of UPND presidential petition indefinitely: as emotion should not sway court’s decision- Sinkamba


Green Party President Peter Sinkamba has described the High Court Judge Mwila Chitabo’s decision to adjourn the presidential petition indefinitely on an emotional note as demoralizing.

Mr Sinkamba said though he understood Judge Chitabo’s frustration as a result of the United Party for National Development’s (UPND) unruly cadres his decision to adjourn the matter indefinitely is unfortunate.

“It is our wish that Aristotle’s declaration continues to guide the philosophy of our legal system: “The law is reason, free from passion.” It is the calling of the profession that a good judge should firmly put emotional reactions aside to their work. Thus, we expect judges to regulate their emotions, either by preventing emotion’s emergence or by walling off its influence. Simply our Courts should never be swayed by emotion or sympathy,” Mr Sinkamba said.

Mr Sinkamba has since called upon Judge Chitabo to review his decision of indefinite adjournment of the on-going presidential petition.
He reminded the Judge that in certain sections of the country, especially Southern, Western, and Northwestern Province, the petition is a highly emotive issue.

“For this reason, the presidency of His Excellency Edgar Lungu is not yet recognized or indeed still being held in contempt. There is still robust hope that his presidency will be overturned through this petition. Hence, the earlier the petition is brought to closure, the better for Zambia,” the Green Party President advised.


He has, however, condemned the unruly and riotous conduct of UPND cadres at High Court grounds last Friday which resulted into damage to property and arrests of hoards of cadres.

Mr Sinkamba also condemned the use of excessive force by the police on defenseless women, the indiscriminate use of teargas which adversely affected the entire court grounds and neighbouring areas, and use of live bullets.

He has blamed the continued unruly conduct on the Office of the Registrar of Societies for failing to move and deal firmly with parties that use unruly cadres to disturb peace.

The Green Party leader noted that the Registrar of Societies has abated this unruly conduct and political violence.

“We saw it being perpetrated before and during elections. It has continued post-elections. We now call upon the Registrar of Societies to bring sanity in the conduct of parties,” Mr Sinkamba said,




  1. Peter mabange dobo stop putting undue pressure on the judiciary. The judiciary should be left to run independently going by what you said regarding Amos issue. Leave the judiciary alone. Judge chitabo was even lenient otherwise he was just supposed to throw it out.

    • Chitabo is a mere PF bandit cadre mascaraeding as a judge.
      Zambia is a laughing stock of the world due to the incompetence of judges who have suddenly turned out to be PF bandits.
      The presidential petition must be heard at all costs & violent PF bandits of visionless Lungu must stop popping their criminality into the justice system.
      PF is scared of the truth that will be reviewed in the petition after stealing UPND victory using Isaacs, Chulu & Chavula to manipulate the election results. Shame PF bandits!
      The petition must be heard fairly & quickly without PF bandits interference, simple.
      The Skeleton Key

    • The police used live bullets? How come no one was shot or died?
      This case should be thrown out completely and let HaHa go international like he threatened.

  2. The judgment awaited from Justice Chitabo is whether or not the High Court can hear the Petition? The Petition is on the Rights of Petitioners to be heard in terms of the Bill of Rights Act. The Judge should simply dismiss the AG/PF Application or Rule that the High Court has no jurisdiction over the Bill of Rights and therefore cannot hear the Petitioners. If that is so on what basis did Justice Chitabo Initially set the Hearing Dates in the High Court? Justice Chitabo has to carry his cross as a Judge of the High Court who has sworn to serve without fear or favour.

  3. I personally appreciate ur genuine concerns abt the adjournement mr sinkamba sir. But don’t forget judge chitabo has feelings like you and me. As a matter of fact he shud not have entertained ba upnd. Ba upnd are stupid sata:; nist who shud not be entertained. HH is full of sh:it and he shud be treated like an animal. How can such things happen and he keeps quiet. Let the cadres rot in jail. Fima cadres u are also foolish like ur satani;st father, he is home enjoying muti:nta while u are languishing.

  4. Out of 10 provinces, only 3 have not recognised our legitimate president ECL. Shame on western, southern and north western dwellers. U will be what u are bcoz of ur foolishness.

  5. It’s difficult to find a credible judge in Zambia. I mean one who will apply what he learnt in school. Example given:the judges at the constitutional court should not hear the case on the ruling that former ministers shud repay their allowances. This is because cases determined at the constitutional court are not appellable or reviewable.

  6. There is no petition to be heard, rather it is their so called right to be heard. The petition is dead and rotten, it will never resurrect and those being cheated in the southern,western and northwestern provinces, please be informed that your candidate lost the other 7 provinces and could therefore not win with support from only three provinces. 2015, he lost by 27,000 votes, 2016 he lost by 100,000 votes. It therefore follows that in 2021 if you field him as you candidate, he will lose by at least 185,000 or more votes.

    • You are sick and may hunger continue eating you. Stealing is not winning, let the Evidence be presented why is your clueless party trying hard to stop the rulings whenever they are about to be made? Why not accept that the elections were full of unprecedented irregularities?

      Be Patriotic and dont fooled by the Global chorus and since all bad omens in Zambia are blamed on Global then the president eants to be global also by not staying. Get things right fellas

      I live a happy life and it always goes on

  7. If Chtabo was being irrational or emotional he could have thrown out that case but they have a chance to be given despite being so unruly.

  8. The Judge based his decision on reason not emotions! Useless Sinkamba…
    Its reasonable to indefinitely suspend the petition until the sanity of the Up and Down Party cadres is restored!

  9. Its appalling that Mr. Peter Sinkamaba misconceives what is before the High court and concludes that the presidence of his excellency will continue to be denied or be held in contempt. By Who? and why? his excellence was brought into power by 7 provinces against 3 for the contentious. Mr. Sikamba reckons the 3 provinces enthroning the presidency would have been a more acceptable outcome than the 7. Is this not an absurdity? The longer HH persists on this route the more I believe the absurdity of this exercise and its supporters will be exposed. The Electoral college system in America is actually designed to ensure the popularity of the President stretches from cost to cost and not just population based. What Sinkamba and HH are in fact saying is that to them if southern province for…

  10. example had a population equal to the rest of Zambia and their voter turn out was 70% while in the rest of Zambia the voter turn out was 55%, then HH should be President of the whole of Zambia. This would be absurd but our current rules would allow that. Extrapolate that to 3 provinces and it still remains absurd. Thats exactly where we are and where HH is trying to lead us to. Surely no one needs convincing that the one with 7 provinces is the legitimate head. We are now a divided nation and the so called political leaders are bent on selfish ambition at any cost. It probably would be appropriate to hedge against the possibility of what I have described above happening. We probably need to adopt a kind of electoral college system in Zambia as well. Then perhaps those blinded by selfish…

  11. We probably need to adopt a kind of electoral college system in Zambia as well. Then perhaps those blinded by selfish ambition would not keep on counting which vote was misplaced or not counted or wrongly counted or wrongly cancelled…Ya, its exhausting!!!!!!!! Can we grow up please!

  12. Well said ba Sinkamba, the sooner this issue (petition etc) is put to bed, the sooner we will be all able to move on with our lives & get back to the business of trying to survive the next five years till 2021!…

  13. Ba MM731, are u sure 3 and half provinces can make a president. Muleumfwa insoni ba mudala. Where, when, how were the votes stolen. U had representation throughout the country. If anything you rigged elections in southern province. We will compare the results with registers. Ba MM731 just concede defeat and prepare for 2021. Edgar must be commended for maintaining peace and embracing ba dundumwezi. God of ECL raised people on 11 August to counter your tribal votes.

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