Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Ten inmates escape from Sinazongwe police cell


ABOUT ten inmates have escaped from Sinazongwe police station cell after breaking
the wall.

The Police have since launched a man hunt to arrest the inmates and
called on members of the public to report if they see any of the
prisoners to the nearest Police Station.

Southern Province Police Commissioner Bonnie Kapeso said the inmates
broke the wall in the cells at the Sinazongwe Police station and thereafter
removed the bugler bars.

He said the incident happened during the Christmas holiday.
“Yes I can confirm about 10 inmates have escaped from Sinazongwe and
my appeal is to the members of the public if they notice any of them
they should report to the nearest police station,” he said.


  1. what do you expect when you have a government that does not take priority to develop rural areas especially in the south and west of zambia. They talk of infrastructure development but they cannot even build a wall strong enough to withstand human force. Ati we have a government kwisa? wake up zambians. As incoming best blogger i will continue spreading the painfull truth. long gone are the days of that derilious girl mushota

  2. Cage the officer who was on duty…this is sleeping on duty,
    Drinking na MA hurre atase…..
    Cage the bastardy…….

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