Another Bus Accident During the Day time, Driver injured

Passengers after they survived the accident
Passengers after they survived the accident
Passengers after they survived the accident
Passengers after they survived the accident

A road traffic accident involving a Power Tools Bus registration number ACK 143 and a truck with unknown registration number occurred at Chalata area in Mkushi district today around 12:00 Hours.

The driver of the truck tried to overtake the Power Tools Bus but only realised later that there was a broken down truck ahead of him.

He then abruptly joined in, right in front of the Power Tools Bus which hit into the truck’s rear side.

The driver of the Power Tools Bus sustained minor injuries but the rest of the passengers were not injured.

Severe damages were recorded on the two vehicles.

The Power Tools Bus services management managed to secure another bus for the passengers who were proceeding to Nakonde.

The Road Transport and Safety Agency in December recently banned public buses from travelling at night in an attempt to limit the number of road accidents.

The move has however been received with mixed feelings prompting the agency to set up a task force to investigate the implication of the new statutory instrument on night travel.

The task force will soon start holding public sittings where members of the public and relevant stakeholders can make submissions.

The Power Tools bus which was involved in the acident
The Power Tools bus which was involved in the acident


    • Kwena chachine this is sensationalist. No accident che palibe anafa but they make it like its a big big story

    • Thats not a Powers tool bus. Powers tools bus is lijley the name of the owner of the company?

      I feel like my I drops at times reading these articles.



    • Kwena chachine this is sensationalist. Ni accident che palibe anafa but they make it like its a big big story

    • The whole story would have been summed up in two paragraphs! This kind of reporting is very boring to the reader!

  1. To sad but thank God they were no loss of life now coming to the issue of barning vehicles moving at night .RATSA did not ment that if buses moves a day light accident can’t not happend no what the were looking at is to reduce accidents because drivers dosent relax niether have enough rest or sleep accident is accident it’s un planned thing

  2. Driver causes an accident, ati awe it’s satana. Why then not talk to satana to make them stop? In the mean while we need to be jailing drivers until satana responds positively.

    • @ Nzelu I am actually serious. We need to start holding the drivers responsible for their careless driving. Accidents are not caused by roads but drivers. Our drivers have it easy. They drive while drunk and cause accidents and they are not blamed but we blame the devil like the devil was the one driving. I’m sure you know that when driving in snow and cause an accident no one is blamed but you because as a driver you have to make sound decisions on the road.

  3. See, due to greater visibility a disaster was averted. Dual carriage freeways is the only way to go. This is great for starting a new year. Last year was miserable with all the bus accidents and carnage. Blessings LT family.

    Viva president Nawakwi.

  4. The problem is not the time the accidents are occurring but other issues such as wrong parking and no laybys along the roads. If we had many lay bys, broken down vehicles would make use of such instead of stopping right in the roads. Besides there are unbelievable potholes that seem to have been made on purpose and nobody cares to take care of them.

  5. It was silly to ban night driving in the first place. Very retrogressive. LT thinks so too. We compliment each other on this one.

  6. Our roads are too narrow! We are still using ancient standards. Overtaking another vehicle should not be a matter of life and death. The roads must be wide enough to accommodate minimum 4 vehicles placed side by side. Driving on Botswana, Namibian and South African roads is such an enjoyable thing. The roads are wider. The attitudes are good. When you see a vehicle coming from behind and is moving faster than you, our friends move to the outermost end of the road to allow you enough room to pass. This is not the case on our roads. There is no curtesy. Some increase speed the time you want to overtake. It is such primitive attitudes that will continue causing trouble on our roads. Dual carriage ways are good but not the ultimate solution.

  7. We have dual carriage ways in Zambia but most drivers don’t know how to use them. Most drivers don’t know the difference between the inner fast lane and the slow outer lane. It comes down to bad attitude in most cases. It has very little to do with ignorance.

  8. When you advise and give achieveable solutions to these lazy empty tins on the way forward to drastically reduce accidents especially PSVs …they go to their offices and issue outright bans.
    Its a sheer waste of time!!

    • Ok, going by the same reasoning that led to the ban on night travel, ban day time driving as well for all busses and trucks and let us see what happens to our economy. Already the leachate is in free fall again. Why? Look at copper mine operations! The same SI that has banned trucks from night travel has cut deliveries by 50%. FQM tried to reason on this but our PF guys are holding on to their guns. We wait to see what follows.

  9. It doesn’t mean an accident can’t occur during the day,but at night one can’t negotiate……
    Thank GOD all are alive..

  10. I told you guys that Lusaka times was bought by pf. Haven’t you noticed the countless lungu articles. The poor English and alarmist headlines about nothing. And yet not a single article about opposition. I call for us all leave this website. They have even failed to announce best blogger because I won. Kikiki

  11. My first blame horse to the media? More expercialy radio station in uk the radio station help to educate drivers and notify the obout broken down veichles on the roads , but Zambian radios it all politic there talk about.secodly police need to have to be patrolling main roads , And need to have recovery truck to toll any vehicle Seen on broken or parked on the rocket seiance.God help Zambia still leaving in the past

  12. It is very simplistic to assert that night driving is the major cause of road traffic accidents in Zambia. There are more pressing underlying factors than that – most of which have been pointed out time and time again without the government seemingly doing anything urgently practical about them.

  13. First happy new year to everyone. I rarely blog on weekends but let me comment on this one and on one or two. Night driving for buses is a right decision. If this accident had happened at night, many would have died. We have made suggestions for years which have not been heeded to. We need dual carriage ways but not every road can be a dual carriage way. none dual carriage ways should always have places with short overtaking lanes. the money misused by Changwa and his ministers could have changed our roads. Yes, drivers who cause deadly accidents should be jailed. Among many recommendations, there should always be zero tolerance for drunk and over speeding drivers and mandatory speed limiters for both local and international truck and buses on Zambian raods

  14. @kopala you are very correct! Drivers are the direct cause of these accidents, why didn’t the PowerTools drivers pull back or reduce his speed when being overtaken? Zambian drivers go mad when they are being overtaken, its like they fail to reason and instead of reducing speed uyu chipuba alenyanta mo so what do you expect an accident obviously! Elo Rtsa have failed to address the main cause of road accidents amongst sober drivers involving 2 cars is the fact that failing to reduce speed by the vehicle being overtaken! So Rtsa’s silence is part of the problem.

  15. Comment:Ratsa did not say there will be no accidents during daytime when this was introduced, but they trying to reduce on road carnage because most accidents in this country occur during night time, let’s assume this truck driver messed up like he did during night time, i guess the story would have been different, i don’t like the National flag flying at half mast, why do pf caders like moving at night, ninshi muli ndoshi, are you mfwitiz?

  16. Are you insinuating that government was wrong by banning night bus travel because accidents can also occur during the day? What you should know is that night travel (by both cars and vehicles) increases the chances of accidents due to poor visibility and working against nature. Contributing factors to accidents include, but not limited to: ill-qualified drivers, careless drivers, reckless drivers, driver attitude (disrespect for other road users and road sign posts/instructions), defective or unfit vehicles on the road, child drivers, drunk drivers, etc. Problem is every time government or RTSA introduces a new law in order to curd accidents, Zambians cry foul; they cry that their only livelihood is being tempered with and as a result, they will not be able to take kids to school. Should…

  17. Please contribute something which can help the nation and lives of people its not politics every thing. God bless you all,

  18. This is serious, during the day? Please ban all big buses travelling during the day, revert to night travel, amen!!

  19. RTSA dunderheads just ban travelling altogether then people won’t die in road traffic accidents. The reasoning in this country is embarrassing. Only a third world country comes up with such bans as solutions. More sophisticated societies look for real answers to problems.

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