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UPP’s Dr Saviour Chishimba happy that President Lungu has reconciled Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic

General News UPP’s Dr Saviour Chishimba happy that President Lungu has reconciled Saharawi Arab...

President Lungu during a closed door with Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic President Brahim Ghali on Tuesday, January 10,2017-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

The opposition United Progressive Party has commended President Edgar Lungu for cordially welcoming and hosting His Excellency Mr. Brahim Ghali the leader of Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR).

UPP President Savior Chishimba said in a statement that all Zambians should stand shoulder to shoulder with President Lungu and the entire government for courageously correcting a moral wrong and diplomatic blunder which was made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the elections in 2016.

Dr Chishimba stated that UPP issued a comprehensive statement way before elections and immediately after President Edgar Lungu’s trip to Morocco was embarrassingly cancelled by the King of Morocco.

He said the UPP was displeased when Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba announced that Zambia had withdrawn the recognition of SADR.

“Our principled stand, in line with our five year (2017 to 2021) Alternative Foreign Policy Paper, is based on the sterling role Zambia has played in the fight against foreign occupation, oppression and minority regimes on the African continent and elsewhere. Zambia stood tall in the fight against colonial regimes in Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe and for majority rule in South Africa,” Dr Chishimba said.

“Zambia became Chair of the Front Line States to spearhead the final onslaught on foreign rule and minority rule in Southern Africa. Eventually, the vestiges of colonial and minority rule were consigned to the heap of history. Zambia believed that oppression anywhere was oppression in Zambia. Hence, Zambia emerged as having been a proud host of many liberation movements.

Today, those liberation movements are the governments in surrounding neighbouring states as proud state members of the International community.”

Dr Chishimba sad Zambia has, since time immemorial, stood side by side with the people of Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) in their fight against forcible Morocco occupation.

“This, Zambia has done through the African Union, the UN, the Non-Aligned Movement and beyond. Zambia has always recognised that Spain still maintains sovereignty over Western Sahara and not Morocco,” Dr Chishimba said.

He said Zambia championed the recognition of SADR as a nation at the AU adding that in 1984, SADR became a full member state of the AU.
Dr Chishimba said that prompted angry Morocco to withdraw its membership of the African Union in the same year to date saying Morocco is illegally occupying SADR and that Zambia has therefore no reason to abandon SADR to get in bed with Morocco.

“To have announced that Zambia had withdrawn recognition of SADR was a function of pure ignorance by the PF Government predominantly because you recognise a state whether you have Diplomatic relations or not. You can only withdraw diplomatic relations with another state if conditions emerge to warrant such final action,” he stated.

“When a country decides to server diplomatic relations with another country, the country is furnished with cogent reasons leading to such a dramatic action. The people of Zambia are therefore still owed an explanation as to why Zambia had decided to stand in solidarity with Morocco which is not a member state of the African Union since Morocco decided to spit upon it when it left in 1984.”

He added, “The earlier decision meant that Zambia had chosen to stand in solidarity with Morocco against the people of SADR, the entire membership of the African Union and, indeed, the international community that supports the holding of a referendum to determine if the people of Western Sahara want to remain or be divorced from Morocco.”

Dr Chishimba said Morocco has openly been moving Moroccans to Western Sahara so that the indigenous people of SADR can be outnumbered before undertaking a referendum saying this act must be condemned by AU and the international community.

“The PF Government cannot be making such blatant diplomatic mistakes 52 years after Independence. It means we have learned nothing in the diplomatic arena all these years we have been in diplomatic practice as a nation,” he said.

He said Zambia, under the UPP Government, shall stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the long-suffering people of SADR as we have done throughout the historic fight for people under oppression.

“It stands to reason that we do so because we shall not abandon Zambia’s principled position on the fight against oppression.”


  1. Edward’s Zambia has no principled position on anything. His stomach is his principle. Just a few weeks ago we were willing to sleep with Morocco until that country realized our leadership are a pack of cons. We conveniently drafted Ghali (who’s also seeking positive limelight due to his spanish problems) after the moroccan snub. I pray this doesn’t backfire on our compatriots in moroccan universities. Instead of learning from the vet, Kalaba was busy insulting VJ. In spite of his weaknesses VJ is one of our most accomplished diplomats.

  2. Reconciliation or not with the Sahawri republic, makes very little difference to my life. Its not like mealie meal will move downwards in price from K120 to K30 where MMD left.

  3. BIG MISTAKE Zambia could pay for in the next futur,Morocco is the coming Power in Africa,hosting and legalising many african immigrants in its soil,and they have 6 very rich friends in the back.

    zambian politics are a real mess,recongnition and withdrawal in one year!

    that show they are puppets of SA and ANC,they should stick with the powerful ancient kingdom of morocco and not futur failed states,with a speudo president who is persona non grata in europe for genocide against its own people the sahrawis.

    the people of Zambia will definitely not profit from such unwise politics.

  4. it seems the Zambian president now realises he is just a puppet he has no principles , is morally bankrupt and has become a political Harlot.we Africans need development investment and stability. we are the poorest continent and all othersorts have paid us lip service .plenty processes while stealing our natural resources .all they gave us is artificial borders diseases drugs alcohol and arms to kill each other .for once we have a country morocco who is genuine about investing in africa and Africans and their future .let’s not alienate this good country .we need it stronger wealthier and healthier as it will be the locomotive of african economies .some leaders still live in the cold war erase. some miss the terrible years of Africans killing Africans so that they remain in power for as…

  5. The Western Sahara community is sovereign south Morocco since 1975 after 63 years of colonization. The WS community deals with the local affairs. The WS community is happy to deal with companies from around the world. We are making progress and we will pursue progress in the context of 2015-2025 development plan initiated by HM Mohammed VI. Anything else is the usual propaganda machine by algeria agents & contractors. Thanks

    Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad
    Western Saharawi

  6. Worth to remind that Brahim Ghali holds an algerian diplomatic passport. He talks on behalf of algeria military regime. He has never represented the Western Sahara community CORCAS.com. Besides, Brahim is prosecuted in Spain Court for crimes against humanity, exactions, rapes…against Western Saharawi in tindouf gulags SW algeria. Thanks


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