Monday, April 15, 2024

Housing deficit needs to be addressed- Chitotela


Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela says government has an urgent task to develop basic housing in urban areas to deal with the current accommodation deficit.

Mr Chitotela says urbanization is putting pressure on housing, water, and sanitation.

He says government desires to ensure that 80 per cent of the people living in cities have decent shelter and clean water by 2030.

Speaking during the Zambia-Japan public private conference for high quality infrastructure in Lusaka, Mr Chitotela said current infrastructure will make doing business easy while reducing poverty.

He said government has done a lot in the road sector and is aiming to do even better.

And Mr Chitotela said government will continue investing in energy to meet the demand that economy is exerting on the sector.

At the same function, Japanese Ministry of Lands, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Counsellor for Global Strategies Mori Takehiko said infrastructure is key to sustainable development.

Mr Mori also said transfer of technology will enable locals maintain their own infrastructure.



    • Thy build houses for military and police like only this two sets exist in Zambia.look at shanties just simple one or two bed roomed is possible ,but only applies to the two Union set.
      We are all Zambians think beyond such and leave reality .that’s why African govts fear two sets.

  1. Maybe l shud move back to Zambia to help my pipo succeed in these important infrastructure developments. We need to look outwards. We need to decongest the capital city of Lusaka. Just how do you get to KK airport from Kabwe for instance, without going through lusaka? Why do we have to go to Solwezi from say; Chisamba without passing through copperbelt and NOT just go straight through Mumbwa? We need to change our mind sets, we need to plan and move with the times. Senkyu…

  2. If you don’t use the initiative of sinking the bore hole at plot and wait for 2030 from minister,you will have no water.When did we start hearing about these Ma polo ticians or sorry politicians about improving our lives.They think working is just talking we want action.Build houses,improve water and sanitation not mazanunu mu komboni yai.

  3. @Nkope shinyenga, I totally agree with you and that was Michael Satas dream and plan. The biggest problem is that land is shared among council workers, councilors and their relatives as a result there is a lot of land which is not developed. The other reason is city fathers have no plan hence they allocate undeveloped land full of trees and anthills, mean while the government has land development funds and CDF which no one knows how it is spent the very good example is Mitengo and Dola hill in Ndola.

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