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RTSA launches e-ZAMTIS for Drivers licence processing, Motor Vehicle Examination and Traffic levy


Minister of Transport and Communications Hon. Brian Mushimba makes the first call to launch the second phase of the Universal Access Programme, paving the way for every citizen in the country to have access to a mobile phone signal.

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has developed a new system called e-ZAMTIS which is aimed at enhancing service delivery of all RTSA functions.

The new system is called the Electronic Zambia Transport Information System (e-ZAMTIS), the programme has presented various opportunities for RTSA in terms of effective Service delivery in all spheres that include drivers licence processing, Motor Vehicle Examination and Registration, and traffic levy.

ZANIS reports that Minister of Transport and Communications Brian Mushimba says the New e-ZAMTIS system is a step in the right direction that will help curb corruption and in turn increase revenue.

Speaking during the launch in Lusaka today Mr. Mushimba commended the Agency for the new system saying clients will no longer wait long hours to have their cards renewed because now the process of renewal only takes less than 15 minutes.

He said our approach is to begin applying innovations such as the e-ZAMTIS that are very significant as it will cut down on the long waiting processes.

Mr. Mushimba said the launch of e-ZAMTIS system and its deployment in the public sector should translate into significant improvement in service delivery by RTSA.

The minister said he expects to see a more efficient RTSA and above all a significant reduction in ques in most of its customer service centres.

He said government has invested 23 million dollars for the development and installation of this state of the arts transport information system.

Government has prioritized this investment as it is determined to promote efficiency in the delivery of public services by removing all bottle necks that have characterised the public service delivery in the public.

With the introduction of the new system, the agency will be introducing a New Drivers Licence Card with enhanced Security features which shall be issued on a print on demand basis and printed at all RTSA stations.

And RTSA Board Chairperson Webster Nonde said the new system will see improved security feature on new driver’s licenses.

He said that with the system in place cases of forgery and motorists evading law enforcers will be a thing of the past because offences will be automatically recorded on the card.

Mr. Nonde further explained that RTSA officers will have with them a U.V device that will help to send and store information in the database for each driver.

And RTSA Chief Executive Officer Zindaba Soko said the current system had limitations hence the agency’s move to advance to a more developed system that works with automated finger print detection unlike the old system that only relied on signatures for identification of motorists.

Mr. Soko said with such systems in place RTSA has now changed its vision from only operating in Sub Saharan countries to being a world class agency that provides efficient and better transport services.

He said the old system only had two functions, only motor vehicle and driving license monitoring whilst the latest system will have other functions which will also include revenue management and an increase in revenue.


    • OK if you can argue the point that it is possible to have an e system with load shedding then kudos

    • Interesting stuff. If RTSA can test each driver and car and keep a legal log of us all, how come the national elections require so much break dancing and boogaloo? Smart cards should make voting quick and bullet proof, right?

    • My friend, due to the PF corruption, that system of yours will perpetually be down until you pay them a bribe.We know you chaps, you’ll never recover from bribery. ‘The system is down, come tomorrow or after 2 weeks.’

  1. You cannot guarantee electricity and you expect us to think this will work Kiki Zambia yasila. Please deal with basic necessity before trying to look like you are advancing ba pf. Kuli monesha ta

    • Come on. PF guaranee you electricity. They just don’t say when and for how long or whether it will be sustained.

  2. we should also have number plate scanner so that those traffic officers can stop getting ma K100 from bus drivers.

    once the number plate of the car is scanned or entered all the information about the can should appear including the owner, tax and registration this can make sens

  3. @wisdom well said that would be a step in the right direction. A number plate scanner that would be able to scan from a distance so that say while the vehicle is moving the traffic officers scan the plate as they do with speed detectors-if the vehicle is running on an expired road tax, no insurance etc then they instruct the driver to stop. In the US and most EU countires they use automated systems next to CCTV cameras at traffic stops or traffic lights- if the vehicle doesn’t have any of the required certification an official letter is sent the registered address of the person. Such scanners could also be placed at Tollgates.

  4. When I come to Zambia on my next trip, I will need to come and shake the hand of this cousin of mine – Zindaba Soko. He has impressed me a great deal with this innovation. If it’s a replica of “E-Natis” (Electronic National Traffic Information System) which has been used in RSA for years, then that’s wonderful. This means every driver’s details, including home address will now be in the system. At a Traffic Roadblock, or Licencing Office,the cops will just ask for your NRC number, or Driver’s Licence number, and they can retrieve all the offences against your name…… escaping. The “e-WOrld”…

  5. Usually these grand openings and commissioning’s are rapidly followed by no power, system failure, circumventing of systems, crashes with no back up and other Shrek type stories. Just wait for network is down messages.

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