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PF youths warns UPP leader for allegedly making false corruption allegations against Ministers


UPPD’s Savior Chishimba
UPPD’s Savior Chishimba
THE Patriotic Front (PF) youths in Lusaka have warned United Progressive Party (UPP) leader Saviour Chishimba to stop using the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the media to gain political mileage.

And the Public and Private Drivers Association of Zambia (PPDAZ) has cautioned Dr. Chishimba against making wild allegations on issues he was ignorant about.

Mr Kamba has also challenged Dr. Chishimba to name any of the government official involved in the maizegate scandal and state which institution in the transaction had received the money.

Mr Kamba said it was public knowledge that Dr. Chishimba was facing a possible arrest for misappropriating public resources when he was given an opportunity to serve at the Commonwealth Youth Programme.

Dr. Chishimba had been cited in the Auditor General’s report as having misappropriated public resources and his sustained attacks on the Zambian and Malawian governments were meant to divert attention from his
possible prosecution.

Dr. Chishimba has accused Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo, Minister of Youth and Sport Moses Mawere, and former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Panji Kaunda of corruption in the youth bus empowerment scheme launched by Vice President Inonge Wina last year.

In an interview in Lusaka yesterday, PF Lusaka Province Youth Chairman Kennedy Kamba said Dr. Chishimba must concentrate on organising his party if he had political muscle rather than rushing to the media and ACC to malign government officials.

“As youths we will not allow Saviour Chishimba to tarnish the image of our National Youth Chairman Honourable Stephen Kampyongo and Honourable Mawere because we know how the two ministers came into the youth bus empowerment,” Mr Kamba said.

He said if Dr. Chishimba was genuine about the fight against corruption, he should quietly report suspects rather than rushing to the media before reporting.

Meanwhile, PPDAZ president Josias Majuru says Dr. Chishimba must not make wild allegations on issues he was ignorant about. Mr Majuru said PPDAZ was doing its level best to implement the youth bus empowerment initiative whose information has been in public domain from inception. “Those who are interested have come and we have shared information with them and it is sad that people from outside can start talking about what is happening inside. We have the business proposal, the memorandum of understanding, and the loan agreement and we follow these in everything we do,” he said.

According to him, the youth bus empowerment initiative was entered into by PPDAZ, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Youth and Sport and Higer Buses, which has so far supplied 25 buses to PPDAZ youth members.

Each bus has been allocated to seven youths and contrary to Dr. Chishimba’s claims, the initiative was not funded by a grant from the Chinese Government but it was a loan agreement which the beneficiaries have to pay back before they could become owners of the buses.


  1. When poverty takes over your thinking, you praise even the person stealing from you. they will defend whatever the minister steals because they get some chibuku. not realizing that more is at stake.

    • It is Chishimba’s opinion not the Youths.

      The Youths don’t care , have no jobs and get paid to cause Havoc.

      The assumption that, this is the Youth’s feelings is deceptive and a lot of Codswallop.



    • These PF thugs are so pathetic and thieves !! I have started hating them with passion despite being a PF cader only that I can’t vote for upnd, what should I do now maybe Saviour will make sense after all, Kambwili should just join Saviour so that I vote for them in 2021, upnd yena iyo even if it means just staying at home and not voting I will do so

    • @chiwanangala, sometimes what you hate most is what can save you. Maybe UPND and the “tonga” we hate most is the answer to our problems. Otherwise it will be same-usual, same-usual with corruption and perpetual poverty for our people. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is not wise. Let’s just swallow our pride and do something different and see the results. At least then we would say we tried and it did not work..

    • Who are these PF youths? Does anyone know who they are? I get the sense that these PF youths don’t exist and that this is just one big smoke screen for the ‘ADULT’ PFs to hide behind because they have quite rightly concluded that this behaviour is childish.

      God almighty save us from these PF youths, oops, adults!

    • One would expect youth to be progressive but of course Kamba is not a youth but another thief just like Kampyongo.
      Edward, Dora and ZCF have been named in maizegate.

    • Whatever they mean by “warn,” the language sounds thuggish and the police may want to find out what these youth mean and intend to do. You only “warn” someone if you intend to take action, if the person being warned does not heed the warning. So what action do they intend to take — beat him up? Or do they have some dirty on him that they intend to reveal? Otherwise the warning is empty and meaningless — unless it’s a coded word for something sinister. And in that case the police may want to find out what that is. Zambia has no place for thuggish language and intimidation. If you believe what he’s saying is untrue, then prove him wrong with facts, and not with intimidating thuggish language.

  2. Ba youth. Even at 40years you still a youth. Don’t be silly PF youths if you’ve anything against an option of any person just follow the right channel . Zambia has courts and just present your cases then your ignorance. Truth be told these cheap politics must come to an end.

  3. Well The pf youth wing since when did you become witness and procescutor..In. such instances just Sue Dr Chishimba to the courts of Law for defamation of character ..again allow Dr Chishimba to excise his democratic rights as citizen of this great country..let him prove his percipient allegations against the named individual government officials.Again This what I call with hunting.The story of Dr Chishimba facing possible procecuation is nothing more than political witch hunt..why would he be facing procecuation 3 years down the line when the said crime was committed in the distant past..are u trying gag him or intimidate him?are you afraid that he is winning public sympathy. .well as ruling party I believe His Exellency Wouldn’t appriciate this cheap politicting.

  4. This is what is called STOCKHOM SYNDROME, a condition where a captive (in this case a captive of corruption) becomes sympathetic with the hostage taker/kidnapper (in this case the corrupt)

  5. No job to do for the youths, just issuing statements now. Objectivity does not matter anymore in Zambia now. Instead of saying, we will wait for investigations which is the most sensible thing to do, people just start threatening people. Finished country. Done

  6. EE bebeni ba youth baye mukwipaya ama Army Worms mu babala than threatening the peace they found in Zambia. Ba fipuli mukafwapo fye no buchushi trying to defend a dying horse. Find something useful to do than being tools of destruction.

  7. Chisamba should be supported by everyone…the same ministers and bloggers laughed at him when he brought to light the Malawi maize scandal.

  8. He tries to speak for them and they go loco on him. What’s wrong with us Africans, particularly Zambians? Reminds me of the Horseshoe restaurant saga. Bushe ninkanda yafita nangu lisukulu ilyabulila?

  9. The so called “youth” are now the law, order , lawyers and spokespersons of these corrupt thugs masquerading as national leaders. The “youth” (who are probably 50 years olds) must be ashamed of themselves.

    Zambian society is rotten to the core… everyone wants some kind of illegal commission for any transaction they undertake. This behaviour starts from the president to the very last person in the village. This “nchekeleko” culture has messed up the country and penetrated every fibre of society and I’m afraid it would take a long time to reverse.

    All these ministers entrusted with looking after people’s resources, all they think about is how they would find a way to steal despite the huge salaries and entitlements.

  10. Non educated Africans, PLEASE!!!
    These P.F Cadres behave like they have Concrete instead of brain matter, in their thick Craniums.
    Surely what the U.P.P leader Chishimba is doing is keeping Democracy alive by providing Checks & Balances.
    Unfortunately for the P.F. Cadre, when someone is out to help them they will rabidly run amok, biting the same hand trying to ensure their country is not bled dry.

    • Cont;
      surely if Chishimba’s allegations are untrue, & hot air, A.C.C will make that decision.
      Same behaviour we saw when Kabimba was all Powerful, using these mostly jobless Illiterate parasites known as Cadres to intimidate the A.C.C.
      WHERE IS KABIMBA NOW apart from having siphoned off huge sums of cash from the Government treasury??

    • All cadres are like that my friend kikikikiki. HH, Nawakwi, GBM have wealth. Can you give me 20 companies they have set up for their cadres or even MPs?

  11. You guys are shameless plagiarists. How do you lift my story and post it on your site when everyone who has read the Daily Nation today has seen it on the front page and the by-line is very clear that the author of this story is Charles Musonda, a journalist with more than 13 years experience in this field. You should have at least credited the source of the story because I used my effort, experience, competence and company resources to get and write it.
    It is just that here in Zambia we do not take plagiarism seriously but had it been in other countries, you could have forked out a fortune and seen your boring site fold up. Here is a friendly warning: next time you do it, I will deal with you because you are making a name out of other people’s effort and sweat without even caring to…

  12. One drawback about Chisamba’s reports is they are always cumbersome to understand..he shoot learn to keep it simple and follow the money. His recent article on the corruption of the Youth empowerment scheme distribution of buses is a typical example.

  13. Let savior Chishimba alone. He may be reporting the truth after all. We need high levels of sanity in the nation

  14. These dogs have nothing to do, hence they waste time talking about thing they are grossly ignorant of. Are they the courts to insist that their illegal ministers are clean?

  15. Comment:Kennedy Kamba when i was 15 yrs you were 26 yrs old by then in Kitwe Chimwemwe township and that’s some 20 yrs ago coz now am 35 yrs. Ninshi tamukula for u to be still a youth even this time? U r now 46 yrs and u still call yourself a youth. Maybe someone to educate me.

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