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President Lungu disappointed with the E-Voucher System; There are just too many execuses

Headlines President Lungu disappointed with the E-Voucher System; There are just...

President Edgar Lungu(l) greets Lusaka Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe(r) before departure for Chipata at City Airport
President Edgar Lungu(l) greets Lusaka Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe(r) before departure for Chipata at City Airport

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has expressed disappointment with the way the electronic- voucher (E-Voucher) system was being handled.

The President told hundreds of people who thronged the Chipata airport today that he was disappointed that there was a lot of excuses with the issue of E-voucher.

”I am very disappointed with the issue of electronic voucher system. Banks are saying are facing difficulties with some cards and how possible is that?” he asked.

President Lungu said the issue of E-voucher should not arise in the delivery of farming inputs to the farmers.

He said challenged the people involved to be honest with the issue of the E-voucher system.

The President said he was in Eastern Province for a fact finding mission on the issue of arm worms and Input distribution exercise in which said he had received a number of complaints.

Mr Lungu warned civil servants who were under performing that they of risk being fired from the public service.

He said he was aware that some people were not working stating that he would hesitate to replace those with people who would working.

He said he was dismayed that 117 metric tonnes of relief food under Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit destined to Mambwe district went missing.

President Lungu directed the police to investigate the matter and answers should be provided with urgency.

On unity,the President said he would not allow faction in the Patriotic Front(PF).

He said PF members should welcome new members either from UPND or MMD in order to continue strengthening the ruling party.

President Lungu said he was following the late president Michael Sata was preaching about unity of purpose in the party.

And Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni People said there was need to deliver fertilizer to farmers.

He said he was not happy that there was a delay in the deliver of fertilizer to farmers.

The Chief said when President Lungu paid a courtesy call on him at his palace that farmers who have not received the farming inputs like fertilizer would be disadvantaged.

He commended the Head of State for carrying out a fact finding missions in the selected districts of Eastern Province.

He revealed that his chiefdom had not been affected with the army worms.

In response,President Lungu said there was need for the country to increase its production.

He said this would be achieved with the early distribution of farming inputs.

President Lungu said next year’s farming season should not face some challenges like the way It was now.

President Lungu was on his three day working visit in the Province.

He was received at the airport by Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu,Provincial PF Chairperson Andrew Lubusha,Sports Minister Moses Mawere,Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale and other senior Government as well party officials.

He is accompanied by Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe,Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda,Deputy Secretary to Cabinet Christopher Mvunga,Deputy PF Secretary General Mumbi Phiri and Member of Central Committee Samuel Mukupa.


  1. Mr president, there is just too many excuses with you .

    You an embarrassment.

    People had tears when hearing from Trump, and have taken away his inauguration speech.

    Even the Ghanaian president although flawed, made an impact.

    Your was water under the drain



    • NOTHING is working for PF, even the fertilizer system failed.
      I like the entourage, with Mumbi Phiri and Ba Mukupa Shorty… I like the man.

    • In a normal world, with the president being disappointed some people would have been replaced. But he has the same people and expects different results.

    • ECL is a wise leader, that is why when he observed that something is wrong he is able to admit.

      But for some oppositon leaders they never accept mistakes, neither do their followers. This is why as a party UPND has been fielding HH for the past six times all of which he has been failing.

      As long as you support people who do wrong things, and you deliberately chose not to point out and correct them, they will continue to lose elections.

      ECL has qualities of a leader and that is why he has been wining elections from day one, while others have been losing six times.

      Unless you believe that six times losing is not enough. If those others had qualities that people look for they would have won even before Lungu came on the scene.

      But if only you like the qualities you have, but…

    • 1) Money from the Maziegate scandle can be recovered to polish up the e-voucher system by com. of inquiry
      2) Lungu you are a weaker leader Zambia did not want after Sata
      3) The journalist Agriculture Minister is no well placed for the Job
      4) PF is currently muddled with the rejected MMD flops who are compromising the vision, if any at the moment
      5) MMD should have remained in its original form to provide checks to strengthen PF, an element ECL does not understand
      6) Lungu is focus is on the third term bid rather than work as mandated by the citizenary, five months into the tanure
      7) Lungu shade off most of the architects PF with the core PF vision leaving the party exposed
      Now Lungu is now left muli mwamoneni, silly chap.

    • Remember how he celebrated when he launched the same evoucher system last year? Lungu is a visionless leader and unfortunately he himself admitted to that fact. Zambians brace yourselves for even more hardships because this PF government has no clue of the cobsequencies of the things they are doing until its too late. DUNUNA REVERSE!

    • This is what happens when you elect intellectually and genetically substandard individuals to manage serious national affairs! They don’t inspire confidence! It’s all excuses. Why not fire Dora? It would seem she is holding her boss by … Only time will tell.

    • Typical loser attitude. Trump lost but won because the USA has a flawed constitution. Zambia has a constitution were even i.d.i.o.t.s like you can be heard.

    • Excuses, excuses. That’s the song of a failed president. The country does not need your disappointment.Rather it needs your ACTION! Unfortunately, you’re all talk, but no action. So if you’re disappointed, then do something about it.

    • Kikikikiki, ba Lungu bena kuwayawayafye, I regret voting for him. Why not fire Dora kanshi? She went to the States during the time when her ministry is at the peak with someones husband, neglecting her ministerial duty. Fire her, it’s that simple. Or is it an issue of wako ni wako? Man up naimwe ba Lungu.

    • The man is an absolute lazy sausage, he appoints cadres and empty tins in both civil services positions and cabinet and he is disappointed what a silly bum he is…what type of delegating is there in the bum’s govt?

    • The problem is that many of you are used to chiefdoms where the chief is everything.

      You want the president to implement e-vulture system and go and harvest the maize when it is ready.

      You think when a your child has shaggy hair the President should comb him.

      Look, the president can give policy direction and accept an idea of best implementing it. He is briefed about how the idea is going to work and asks if there is capacity to implement.

      If the idea/method is good and he is assured there is capacity, he will accept it.

      If implementation fails, it can’t always be the president; where are the institutions.

      Don’t tell me that HH has been failing alone for the past 6 elections; the UPND has bee failing elections.

  2. It wasn’t well thought before implementation. It was rushed through and as a result the problems with it have manifested.

    • Zambians who are given the responsibility to endure that a system introduced by government works are not serious with their work. Everyone is trying to blame Lungu here. Honestly all the Doctors in the Ministry of Agriculture can not ensure that the E-Voucher system works effectively and efficiently to take the whole president to intervene? Beloved Zambians do you know how Doctors are in the Ministry of Agriculture for this country to be failing to manage this e-voucher system? We are all busy blaming Lungu. The way we blame in Zambia One day we are going to Lungu for not having our house yards swept. In how many places and offices do you want Lungu to be found. And worse it seems there is no one in government who is willing to be clarifying these falsehood in the media. Where is the…

  3. Comment: Too many excuses indeed but the most painful excuses are those coming from Hon. Dora Siliya who is blaming the petition and the opposition. Hon. Lubinda was very knowledgeable in the fisp issue, he started implementing the programme in few districts. But ba Dora just wanted to make a name by doing it throughout the country at once. ANIONE ANIONE ANANKALA PANSIMBI YAKUPYA.

  4. He said he was dismayed that 117 metric tonnes of relief food under Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit destined to Mambwe district went missing.

    President Lungu directed the police to investigate the matter and answers should be provided with urgency.

    The above demonstrates that Lungu is such a pathetic creature! Metric tonnes of food! It is not a small parcel of food to go missing. Food was stolen in tonnes and sold. Now he is looking for answers, arrest the criminals you c**t.

    • This is how pathetic his leadership is..you mean ZP had to wait for him to take a holiday to come and issue orders.

  5. These dim wits think things operate in isolation…..Mr lungu if you increase fuel and food prices, this has a knock on effect on everything else to do with the economy….if you add the empty tins in PF who only think of stealing and fanning tribal hatred to the equation….you have a disaster.


    • No money for the PAID PF BLOGGERS…..the PF coffers and free airtime bundles have dried up.The Donors are only giving peanuts to Mutati and ECL.
      BACK to reality….

  7. Lungu should know Dora Siliya the illegitimate Minister of Agriculture blamed the UPND Petition for the delays in inputs supply. The Petition is yet to be heard ,determined and disposed off. If that is so the sooner the Petition is heard the better for Lungu and Zambia. Khama of Botswana and Zuma of South Africa have already recognized President Adama Barrow of Gambia and its now Lungu’s turn to betray his Comrade in arms and outgoing President Yahya Jammeh and recognize President Adama Barrow. When is he going to do so? Kalaba to make a statement begrudgingly recognising his foe? In spite of Jammeh’s departure from Gambia his Petition will still be heard in the Supreme Court when Judges are available in May 2017. Perhaps illegitimate Lungu could stop his shenanigans and allow the…

  8. The answer to this problem is firing Doras Siliya. It is the General consensus that she has failed to perform in this important ministry. This should be a lesson to everyone that if you want to excel as the president don’t clamp down on the media and don’t appoint people you are very close with because it is very difficult to discipline them. I guess it would have been a different story if the current Minister of Agriculture was not from Eastern Province like it happened to Mr Chilubanama former PS state house, KBF, Mile Sampa and CK. He or She would have been fired by now.

  9. In what capacity is Mumbi Phiri and the likes of Samuel Mukupa on the entourage? The two are PF members and do not hold any government position.

    Could somebody please help me on this one?

    • @ Lenje Diva

      Thanks for clarification.
      Now we, the “dunderheads”, know who to hold responsible for daily f*ck-up’s.
      It is mighty (LOL) Plunderers Federation (PF) which enjoys support of individuals like you who are sufferers from genetically induced 1mbecility!!!

  10. LT President Lungi bla bla bla, President Lungu bla bla bla. There are many things to talk about in the country even around the world, not just about President Lungu.

  11. Chisenga we know you are on the ground and have turned into green army worms, chewing on the farmer’s maize.

  12. ECL is a wise leader, that is why when he observed that something is wrong he is able to admit.

    But for some oppositon leaders they never accept mistakes, neither do their followers. This is why as a party UPND has been fielding HH for the past six times expecting different results, all of which he has been failing.

    ECL has qualities of a leader and that is why he has been wining elections from day one, while others have been losing six times.

    Unless you believe that six times losing is not enough. If those others had qualities that people look for they would have won even before Lungu came on the scene.

    But if only you like the qualities you have, but people can’t see them, I tell you no matter how good you thing they are you will not win as long as those who don’t like…

  13. Imi mwa tubona tumbwete twa lindwalume za Lungu? Ki tunyikuta kaufela bona! And just what the hell is weong with Lungu’s face? He doesn’t look very healthy. His teeth too need braces, we can’t have a crocodile nilotica teethed president like this, it’s embarrassing.

  14. Mr President just direct your finance minister to load those accounts with cash and then the banks will start paying out. Simple

  15. Just accept that your illegal government has failed. You have always been and always will be failures. You know you lost that election but you couldn’t come to terms with that.so now karma is teaching your ugly souls a lesson..m****** mwe

    • Even army worms, check the UPNDonkeys. Look at the evidence coming out ofthe Martha Mushipe sedition case.
      By the way when will LAZ “hear” the disciplinary matter of Martha Mushipe? I mean up to now the UPNDonkeys are demanding that the their dead petition be “heard”. So why cant LAZ “hear” Mushipe? Is it a cover up by Linda Kasonde because she fears that ths lawyer from UPNDonkeys may lose her license?

  16. Are you sure UPNDonkeys are not involved somewhere? After all they have done everything under the sun from 2015 to sabotage the government of His Excellent Chagwa Lungu in the mistaken belief that he will lose popularity, but the opposite is happening the more they try to hurt him the more people love and sympathise with him…because they know who the witches are.

  17. Comment:People y do u hurt ECL? leave him alone people! the more u hurt him the more we him. am wish u the best my president.

  18. I wonder what kind of a person the one who wrote this article is. Sure ba LT, u cant even run a spell check if u ar dat bad in spelling n grammer.this article is pathetic for a mouth watering reader.improve pls!!!

  19. Lungu, you are a joke….Zambia has no leadership let alone a President. Failure after failure. Get out of the way and let Zambians find true leadership. Please Lungu, go away. Enough of your rubbish?!!

  20. This is the problem when dunderheads who are In the diaspora comment about issues they are not directly involved in. FYI most of the inputs have been delivered and farmers have received and used them, those that complain are ungrateful to the efforts made by the govt, secondly never in the history of Zambia has a President taking personal interest in the maize crop nationwide and the challenges facing it as has been the case with ECL on the army worm threat! God and most of the Zambian people are honest to the fact that ECL has really done a lot to help the farmers hence we expect another bumper harvest thanks to his efforts! Let the evil minded chaps say what they want this year another bumper harvest is coming!

  21. Comment:Mr lungu President, jst deliver the inputs instead of covering yourself in getting surprised. This season is a failure in the history of Zambian agriculture history.

  22. Better you edit yours news items. The Lungu e-Vulture failure news is full of mistakes. Lusaka times employ qualified staff to write sensible things. We love to read your online news but it is full of grammatical errors.

  23. That’s why you loose elections you are just full of insults you HH worshippers, hatred runs through your veins. What you fail to understand is that us Zambians from 7 provinces are in love with our President ECL and the more you insult the more we love him . We see the efforts he is making tell me which President took a keen interest in Agriculture than ECL. To accept a mistake is wisdom

  24. Ba Upnd you have 5 years till the next elections change your approach try love and reason instead of hatred and insults can’t you see it doesn’t work

  25. Does Lungu have to tour the country over every issue when there are people he appointed to work in different areas? He should sit down at State house and assess them all – get rid of those not working, if he is brave enough or capable of even identifying where things are wrong. What about in cabinet meetings, don’t they discuss these failures? What is on Lungu’s desk at State house? Any blueprints, plans, discernible direction for the country? Considering that all he does is travel everywhere and talk about everything. It all smacks of disjointed piecemeal patched work and unconvincing responses.

  26. Unbelievable! Each minister ordinarily should file action plans with the president with clear time lines for review during cabinet meetings. By now the president should know the performance levels of his ministers and should be able to replace those found wanting instead of telling crowds of his disappointments. Dora and many others have failed in their work. Get rid of them. We have a lot of qualified people to run these ministries. The failure by Edgar ‘s appointees to perform is ultimately his failure.

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