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Make Agriculture Science a compulsory subject to boost diversification-Teacher

Economy Make Agriculture Science a compulsory subject to boost diversification-Teacher
A Kaoma secondary school science teacher has implored government to introduce agriculture science in all secondary schools and be a compulsory subject  to all pupils for diversification of the economy to be a reality. 
Mr Lameck Kaluba said that since government is promoting the diversification of the economy from mining to agriculture, education can be used as agent of change.
He said it is only through education that many people can learn as the country has abundant natural resources.
Mr Kaluba said if education which is a medium of change is fully utilized, Zambia can become a hub and a food basket for Africa adding that this can be a reality if the education sector is fully used as an agent of change in the diversification process.
He said for agriculture to thrive, the government should invest heavily in agricultural technology to effectively contribute to the growth of the economy.
Mr Kaluba said since schools are at the grass root levels of the many communities government should strengthen agricultural science to be taught in all Schools.  
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  1. I can see leadership qualities in this young man Kaluba. He has a vision much better than visionless Vodka Lungu. Indeed if we have to excel in agriculture policy we need to start from somewhere and in this case, in class rooms for our future generations to prosper in food production.

  2. “Introduce agriculture science in all secondary schools and be a compulsory subject to all pupils for diversification of the economy to be a reality”.
    The idea from the teacher should be actively considered and he should be rewarded.
    When more than 50%, after 10th class have to go to agriculture, if they are equipped, they will be the successful farmers and the nation will be at advantage.
    Dr Pamidi

  3. Agric is a great subject in the same ranks as Math and English… this is a good way of thinking for a poor country like ours

  4. Comment:indeed Agric is a great subject note that if they make agricultural science to be a compulsory meaning that we will have good farmers no but good leaders that will help us as a country grow in farming system and they will be able to deliver in time fertiliser to the farmers.he is a good and great teacher.

  5. Comment:That will be a great idea, a lot of us are languishing around with our qualifications in Agriculture and business. Please do something.

  6. Comment: This is a great suggestion indeed, let’s implement what Mr Kaluba has said. without a doubt we will do it in agriculture.

  7. Comment: This should be taken seriously as some qualified agric teachers are not teaching the subject just because of the so called career pathways as some schools like mine nolonger offer Art and Agriculture Science! help us help the economy by teaching what we were trained to teach! Jehovah bless Zambia!

    • So we already have flaws in the so called revised curriculum? And if those with agric qualifications cannot be employed either by govt, private institutions or themselves then there must be some serious policy shortcomings in the system

  8. It can only be feasible if it becomes practical course. Otherwise students will just memorize and pass the exam with no tangible experience.

  9. Zambia is not a poor country?It is the people who are poor,reason being we wasted our time leaning about the longest river in the world, mounterest and so on.when our friends in the west were learning how to build the tollest building, Ticnologyhow to grow food production and cllothings.

  10. Thank God only one s.t.u.p.i.d comment so far. Agriculture production and processing the way forward not funny courses that just teach people how to steal. How can a country develop when banks want to maximise profit at the expense of investing in production?

  11. I teach Agricultural Science as a practical subject …Right now my pupils have work to do in the garden… I teach them that Agricultural science is for survival and farming is a business.

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