Nevers Mumba intends to borrow cadres from UPND to attend his illegal convention-Nakacinda

Raphael Nakacinda
Raphael Nakacinda

Raphael Nakacinda
Raphael Nakacinda
Mutati faction MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda says Nevers Mumba the former Party President intends to borrow cadres from the opposition UPND to attend an illegal convention on March 19th,2017.

Speaking when he featured on Millennium Radio on Thursday Morning Mr Nakacinda said his Party has information that the embattled former Party leader is planing to go with UPND cadres to an illegal convention.

He wondered that maybe Dr. Mumba was calling for a UPND convention instead and was just wrongly calling it an MMD convention, and further warned the UPND that they may get a rude shock that the convention Dr. Mumba was calling with borrowed UPND members was to make himself president of UPND.

He added the UPND leadership will wake up to a rude shock to find out that the person they have embraced has created his own faction within the UPND.

“We know Nevers Mumba and we believe that he is plotting to take take over the UPND, remember that this is the same person while serving as Republican Vice President called a press conference while President Mwanawasa was out of the country. Soon there will be a Hakainde faction and Nevers Mumba faction in the UPND.”

He warned Dr Mumba not to go through with his plans as doing so will be breaking the law which he assured him will land him in serious problems.

Mr Nakacinda said his former President should realize that he cannot continue to break the law with impunity because the law will break him.

He said in terms of party mobilization as the Chief Executive Officer of the Party he is the first to know if there are any movements in the Party and that no one has been mobilising members for the purported MMD convention.

He further doubted whether Dr Mumba had the financial capacity to hold a convention as no sponsor will be willing to support a masquerader and an illegality.

On political violence Mr Nakacinda said there are certain individuals in political circles who seem to attract violence wherever they go.

In an apparent reference to UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Mr Nakacinda said it is unfair to blame political parties when it is specific individuals who are violent.

He said before moving to the UPND from PF Mr Mwamba instigated violence in the PF to the extent that coffins were seen everyday in town and that since joining the UPND youths are openly moving without shirts portraying their muscle with pangas.

He urged the public to condemn people that have been using money to fan political violence by using political parties.


    • Its gratifying to note that Nakachinda has acknowledged the EXISTENCE of the Nevers Mumba MMD faction. Its the first step in resolving this issue. His faction has no president as according to Parley website Mutati is a PF MP. (Remember our laws say that an MP can’t belong to two parties)
      However hideous the joke about UPND is, we can all relax.

    • Indeed politics is a dirty game. I can’t believe the level of hatred Raphael Nakachinda has developed for Nevers Mumba. These two guys were very close allies, very good friends. But now every statement that Raphael makes about Nevers is negative. What went wrong? Did you just realize you were dating the same woman, may be, and immediately drifted apart?

  1. Nakachinda-your day of reckoning will come. Your betrayal of Dr Mumba will certainly bear fruit one day and I’m sure it has started because so far you are the only one talking from your faction a clear indication that your days are labelled!

  2. Kikiki this boy is mentally retarded. So where is their president? A president who Is a minister of finance in another party kikiki useless chaps. Mumba remains the only president of mmd. Get that in your thick ugly head

  3. Who is the president in Nakachinda’s party?. Instead, Nakachinda should explain to Zambians how his party has lost direction by surrendering their once leader Mutati to PF party. Nakachinda has never called for a meeting to explain this betrayal to pure MMD and the nation at large. Nakachinda’s party has ceased to exist and pure MMD want to have a structure of leadership in place. Nakachinda should go to court than implicating UPND in his confusion of party less position.

  4. Nakachinda please wake up.Your president Mutati is PF which disqualifies you to talk about Nevers.Finished in as much as your mmd party is,Nevers sounds more mmd than you are. You longed for a convention and for a better mmd now is the best time i suppose.Otherwise you will begin to look like a rebel if you are not already.

  5. takes a thief to catch a thief….just because he knows that the mutati faction used PF cadres at their so called convention…he concludes nevers wl do the same…nonsense….

  6. nevas Nevas who is that one? is he the one who decrauirs fasting Antil petition is head but after njala yamunyokola enyopora awerere Ku mpingo osati nyoo nyoo koma palie na pauli imbwa iwe , uli conversion koma ulibe chipani .


  8. the moment a president of the political party is given an appointment,indirectly that party stops to exist. Nakacinda, your party where you became the secretary general died the very day mutati accepted an appointment.LEAVE DR NEVERS MUMBA ALONE

  9. What do you expect from a person with a name like Nakachinda?guys from Eastern Provines can you please translate Nakachinda into English

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