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Court hears how Margaret Mwanakatwe lost her handbag whilst partying at Mayela Nightclub


Commerce, Trade and industry Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe
Commerce, Trade and industry Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe

Commerce, Trade and industry Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe on Friday narrated how two men allegedly stole her handbag when she went socializing at Mayela Night Club in Lusaka.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe who is also Lusaka Central Member of Parliament told the Court that she had gone out to interact with members of the community at Mayela Night Club but she ended up losing her red hand bag.

This is a matter in which two people identified as Mabvuto Banda and Solomon Mwanza are alleged to have stolen a red bag belonging to Mrs. Mwanakatwe in Bauleni Township in Lusaka.

The two suspects have been charged with theft from motor vehicle contrary to section 276 (c) 272 of the penal code chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars are that on Saturday, 26th November 2016, the accused persons jointly and whilst acting together did steal a bag, one purse, one I phone, two diplomatic passports, one national registration card, K9, 700 cash, 6×10 Saudi Riyal cash and 3 by 10 Indian rupees cash from her motor vehicle.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe submitted that her bag contained cash, a purse, an I-phone, diplomatic passports and NRC.
Details in the matter are that the two suspects connived and stole the bag from her motor vehicle, a Nissan Terrano, Registration Number ABR  926.

She narrated that she had left home in the company of two other men and went to Kalahari, then to Mayela night club after which they went to another place where they packed the car outside and chatted with the people.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe said upon returning, she discovered that her red handbag had gone missing after which she reported the matter to woodlands police station.

Meanwhile, a witness in the matter, a police officer identified as Jimmy Musowe told the court that he found one of the accused persons with Indian and Saudi Arabian currencies.

He said the suspect led the police to here he had hide the bag which they found dumped in a pit latrine in Libala township.

Magistrate Irene Mushimanga has set February 3rd 2017 as the date for ruling.


  1. Waste court space and time, we have serious cases that the courts should attend to without further delay, than these pf Sodom and Gomorrah escapades, let them go sought out such childish stuff at the pf secretariat.

    Justice delayed is justice denied.

    • Who carries K9,700, Saudi riyals, indian rupees & 2 diplomatic passports to a night club? I would understand if it was Grace Mugabe going to “mix” with her crooked Lebanese boyfriends.
      & by the way when did we include “theft from motor vehicle” into our laws?

    • This old biatch must be in her late 50s. How can she continue partying in her old age? Now she is clashing with her children in night clubs. She should be easing off as the grave approaches.

    • Lazy Lungu’s corrupt ministers are getting filthy rich by the day to the point where Dubai has become a shopping spree …meanwhile the foools who were shouting “infintu ni Lungu” can not even afford a bag of maize meal …what a shame!!

    • @jay jay – imagine ayini sure. insala has caught up with these fools now this is when they want to rob from their same ifintu politicians. Too late febana!!!! Nature does not forgive. Cage those thieves, tamulachula anso. You were given a chance to teach those in power and you traded your power for a few moments of glory with the political bourgeoisie elites of zambia.

    • VJ: Breaking news my President, thieves stole from MM’s car.
      RB: These young politicians should remember that in our times, we would make sure the economy is doing well before engaging in partying and that’s why Super K kept us.
      VJ: True, I was wondering if we’re their role models.
      RB: Not at all.

    • So u think this is waste of time, yo petition was trully waste of time, she trully had her hand bag stollen Upnd lost squarely

  2. Just say she had a drinking spree around Lusaka nightclubs. Why saying interacting with constituency members? To make it sound dignified??? No it was a drinking spree!!

  3. This is too much embarrassment on Ba Lungu. Enough is enough with Maggie. Nightclub?? She can’t interract with voters in markets? Is she on divorce????

    • This married woman left home with two other men, went to karahari, then mayela, later two men stole her handy, that’s pf security for you, they had shots of Jameson whisky and slept on duty.

    • The woman is sexually starved – it is common knowledge that his so called husband is impotent.
      He even known a guy called Charlie who services his woman.

    • That is Christianity Zambian Style.Mixing Pleasures of the Flesh and going to Church.
      These are the so called “Christians for Lungu” and largely represent what Zambia is today.A country with little morals and cultural values.

    • no dont put words into her mouth, wat she said is that all the said stolen documents including cash was in the car so dont be short sighted or dont be silly minded in yo judgement

  4. At her age!! There are better ways to engage the community than going to a night club. How many sober people was she going to find there and what sense were they going to discuss? This drinking spree should not be dignified in any manner really because it’s sounds corny and stup!d.

  5. Ummm
    Anyway though items were stolen from the car, it was too much for a female Minister to be found in such places at such an arkward hour

  6. It sounds like one can start off with a sip and end up wild, forgetting about the important documents in her hand bag/purse, madam minister, please refrain from night clubs, if anything, keep time. Night life brings about suspicions, even overnight prayers outside your home can raise eyebrows on your loved ones madam. At times cadres can take you for a ride in the name of protecting you, be careful I’d say and risk your life.

  7. This proves what I have heard of her to be true. Some of our leaders morals are not fit. Besides,how about hearing the cases of the accused that have waited for years without trail?

  8. She is lying!!! She was drunk,as a woman I don’t leave my handbag unattended!!! The same story with certain women who are sleeping around if catch, the story change to I WAS RAPED! Am not saying there are no rape victims!!

  9. She left her money in the car, who was paying for her beer, snacks, pool games? With so much money in her vehicle, she was still squeezing poor Zambians for beer & other favours from their meagre earnings. A week ago, Dora Siliya was squeezing out of retired Mike Tyson of his leftovers of pension. These PF ministers they have no morals. Its prostitution in the morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night, on holiday. Can someone demolish the Parliament Motel where they train for this immoral behavoiur.

  10. This headline has really killed me laughing. Like serious at her age partying to the point where she has her handbag stolen. ( The word “PARTYING AND HER AGE COUPLED WITH SOCIAL STATUS DON’T AGREE).. Mrs. Mwanakatwe thank you for the laugh…. Its okay Madam,just buy another one.

    • Lolest! Imagine she even had a three some before going clubbing!! Margaret is a graduated and accomplished who.re!!
      Nyele kubvuta even at that age sure!

  11. She is following in the footsteps of her illegal drunk boss lungu. Very silly behaviour wasting tax payers money. What serious development talk can you have in a club

  12. I find most of the comments to be judgemental. Unfortunately, some of the comments are even coming from Christians. I believe regardless of our status in society we are all obliged to be morally upright. Going to Mayela, Kabs Mall or whatever club is not an issue but the vital issue is what one does there. Some people go clubbing just to have good time sadly enough for others its to indulge with prostitutes. Anywhere somehow it depends what kind of environment one is groomed from otherwise you end up condemning anything and anyhow. I conclude by requesting you my dear Lusaka Times fellow readers to check out on the background of President Trump.

    • Come on! Where is your brain ar.sewhore! There is only one thing to do in a club. In any case what do you mean “have good time”for a grandmother, MP, Minister, etc in a club in early hours!! Why do you think Judges can never be found in a Club or Bar or Beerhall whatever you call it!!
      Where are we going to get role models if “grandies”, ministers in their advanced ages can be leading such reckless lives in the night!! Margaret Mwanakatwe has been sleeping around for a while especially when she was working for a Bank.

  13. Well you may not agree with her but she is a public figure; she needs to be where people are that is what she has chosen.
    By the way why should someone take her belongings.
    Theft is a crime, she is a zambian like any one else.
    If she stays away who will vote for her!
    Christians come in various strands, she may not be born again,Anglican Catholic ucz etc.
    However she is from petauke like Dora.

  14. Hohohohohohohoho…..
    Do Maggie even U like Dora Siliya nightclubbing? What time was it? Mushe if that money was truely stolen…a minister at Mayela! Cce!!

  15. I really don’t mind what you bamuka Mwanakatwe engage in in your private life. But surely if you can afford to carry that amount on money on you could you find it in your heart to pay back what you owe to CEEC. Please don’t wait until there is different government because then you will be crying persecution. Let this be a lesson to you.

  16. Good enough thre all boys from Chipata bcoz ababa ba bemba ngalwanya, Now madam Minister u should avoid such kind of places u are big enough

  17. @ 2, Napapa sana etc.
    Sometime last year when pics of Guy Scott and his wife partying at club zero or something like that, came out, there was no such outcry. In fact, to the contrary, it was portrayed and interpreted by many as “one of us” , down to earth kind of thing. Margaret was just interacting. But for some Zamboons, especially from a certain grouping, we get this reaction.
    Mphvzieew ( can’t spell it).

    • Mac.he.nde kuipa!! Interacting in the middle of the night Maggie with unknown toy boys? She is used to a three some – sucking one and the other hammering the grandmother from behind!!

  18. This imitation of a minister honestly, did it need a diplomatic…. let alone two passports to enter Bauleni? Moron, glad they stole from it because it shows how people are suffering. And why carry so much money in a poverty stricken compound? Stup1d!! Lungu’s representatives some judgement on the self proclaimed President!!

  19. Whenever a randy man wants prostitutes, they go to Mahela. Can somebody convince me over what sort of entertainment did Margie go for at Mahela. Imagine if this theft incidence never happened, were we going to know that she does frequent such places, at awkward times in a company of men other than her husband? Lesa alasebanya.

  20. Special paper 1 multiple choice
    What is the correct narration of the events? A, Court hears how Margaret Mwanakatwe lost her virginity whilst partying at Mayela Nightclub
    B, Court hears how Margaret Mwanakatwe lost her mind whilst partying at Mayela Nightclub
    C, Court hears how Margaret Mwanakatwe lost her dignity whilst partying at Mayela Nightclub
    D, Some of the above
    E, if your answer is D elucidate


  22. What I heard is that she hired herself the two gigolos to quench her ravaging se.xual libido and after the fellas serviced the old elastic p.ussy, she refused to pay claiming they failed to make her climax. The guys just grabbed her red bag and paid themselves in Saudi Riyals before throwing the bag and passports in a pit latrine. And by the way, a condom broke while in the act, I pity the boy because he may have picked anything from those bottomless pits where it never shines, I mean, it’s hellish out down there, ki lihele tate wa yongelela ka yonge ka kasiyale!

  23. The two guys she left home with are the same two guys apprehended by the police. This is an internal matter, the police must keep clear and concentrate on nailing Kambwili.

  24. What a shame you silly people cannot stop at nothing. The story here is theft, not sexual innuendo revolving in your subconscious dirty mind. People relax in different ways, some play golf, swim, hunt, garden, jog, f……ak all day, sleep and so on. She chooses to be a pool shark downing one or two. How many male leaders drink daily, amid vigololo, and really get wasted? Who are the main patrons of the bars at parliament and motel? Dont be sexist. The lady even had bodyguards for safety! I would like to challenge her to a game at a bar of her choice and the winner chooses the Prize ha ha ha including my wallet and her red handbag!

    • poolshark there are laws concerning individuals carrying government or official passports and rules in how they need to be responsible. You can only carry them if its government related work not personal. Does a person having two passports in such a place drinking alcohol show responsibility? What are the chances of them being stolen when one is drinking? You really need to think sometimes. Why does she need body guards in a place like that and why is she using tax payers money for that? This is what we are saying should not be encouraged. Such people like her need to stay out of politics and drink all day if they wish. Why carry all that currency and where did she get it from? All these are questions that need answered. Tomorrow she will be telling you to pray.

  25. @17 nshilimubemba, bauze ba mvesese abo ma UPNDonkey.

    When the catholic bishops visit state house ati they are compromised, if they visited HH then they would not be compromised, but they can’t visit HH for their mission of advising government. As far as I know HH does not head or run any government does he?
    I also remember that HH failed to compromise the diplomats when he fed them with expensive food and wine last year.
    Thinking yama UPNDonkeys awe sure! Nga baliko ba horse nkansako, nomba bu donkey!

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