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Zambia is not banning payment of Lobola-Government

Headlines Zambia is not banning payment of Lobola-Government

HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo

The Ministry of Home Affairs has refuted the story circulating on social media alleging that Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has issued a statement that Lobola will be abolished in Zambia by June 2017.

Ministry Acting Spokesman Levy Lilanga said the statement further suggests that the Minister said that his ministry was working round the clock on a bill which, if passed will outlaw the practice of paying ‘Lobola.’

“We urge members of the public to treat the malicious statement with the contempt it deserves as it is false and misleading. At no time did the Minister issue such a statement and has no intention to do so,” Mr Lilanga said.

We would like warn all those peddling these lies with the aim of misguiding the general public to desist or risk being arrested and prosecuted.”

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    • Lobola is biblical even Jacob had to work for 14 years for his wife so who is this Kampyongo….. He might have said it but PF being PF anything negative is possible

    • But Kapyongo ninshi kanshi?
      Same ministry of home affairs banned ZP marrying foreigners.
      Now he goes to tell us his wife and of his officers are not worthy paying for.
      I carry my traditions, even my Latino I forced them to charge me, I paid 10% do far.
      Tongas guys pay cows for your white wives too.

    • Dombwa you need prayers…do not compare our rich old Afrikan culture to your biblical rubbish that was just created in the last 1500 years ago.
      Wake up!!

  1. Let Chimp-yongo try that! Just because Bembas do not have lobola does not mean that other patrilineal ethnic groups should follow Bemba culture. We are not Bembas and we will continue to pay lobola. It is our culture and tradition and we love it. Marry your own tribal women if you do not want to pay lobola.

    • Buck Teeth read before you sh*t with your mouth and spew tribal sh*t … Kampyongo is refuting your claim that lobola has been abolished. Please use you brain not your butt. And by the way Bembas also pay Lobola which they call impango or ubusonge, they just call it by another name not the borrowed Zulu term

    • Mind your own bupuba, Ababemba teti mubakwanishe imwe ba shonongo. Even if ifinangwa fyalesha impango fyatile fyabo tecingalenga muletusalula. Just discus the issue and defend what is right. To you Stephen Kampyongo if really you are for the idea of abolishing Impango, I would say the following:
      1. Walipena.
      2. Leka incite pantu ulesebanye calo. EImwebene monawile necalo ca Zambia. The bible insists on spoiling the child by sparing the rod. Mwembutumamwe how can you enshrine Zambia as a Christian Nation when you are against the Word of GOD. Go to hell with your PF, UPND,… and your meaningless constitution.
      3.Kuti waleka naponta…

    • @Buck Teeth Lungu

      Please stop the hatred, it’s not healthy, it will harm you. Bembas are very advanced culturally. They don’t exchange (sell) their daughters for cattle. Most civilized peoples don’t engage in this trade. It’s very primitive.

  2. This Lobola thing must be discarded. If you have attained the lagal age for marriage, you don’t need your parents permission to marry or get married. It complicates things when, after you pay Lobola and the relationship ends, usually the man refuse to get back his money and continue to haunt the woman saying I paid Lobola for you. If you want to get married, get a marriage certificate. We don’t live in the bush anymore.

  3. Buck Teeth, you suffer from an inferiority complex that’s why you hate Bembas with passion. Bembas are just normal human beings like yourself and they are not going away. My advice to you is that you learn to accept them like colleagues, your brothers and sisters in the Lord, infact am sure your family has even intermarried with Bembas. What’s your problem Buck Teeth may God deliver you and heal your heart and spirit.

  4. You guys are not even fit to be called honorable if that’s the case how dare can you make such pronouncements.In Zed do we have think tanks to correct such narrow minded ministers you guys you are drank with power you to consulting before issuing such unwarranted pronouncements. Learn to keep quiet next time.

  5. @To all educated people like Jay Jay-take note that most of the things you learn in the world germinate from the very bible you despise. You will do well to read it and you will find yo lobola issue,law,management,science and so forth. Don’t express level of education in ignorance just becasue you have chosen to be a pagan. Matter of fact even a pagan acknowledges God

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