Chisitu Primary School in Chipata closed as a result of “witchcraft” to re-open

A long queue of people at Mchini Primary School in Chipata yesterday.Pictures By JULIUS PHIRI
A long queue of people at Mchini Primary School in Chipata yesterday.Pictures By JULIUS PHIRI
Chisitu Primary School in Chief Chikuwe’s Chiefdom in Chipata District in Eastern Province which closed last year after teachers fled the school because of witchcraft will resume operations on 13th February,2017.
Addressing parents and guardians at the School , Acting District Education Standard Officer Felistus Nkoloma indicated that the school will open its gates next week after a successful meeting between education authorities, the chief, and villagers.
Ms Nkoloma appealed to parents in the area to co-exist with  the teachers so that their school going children can attain the much needed quality education.

She said the closure of the school had affected more than 1 560 pupils and is deeply regreted.
Ms Nkoloma said the Ministry of General Education will this week deploy teachers at the school in readiness for the re-opening next week.
And Chief Chanje who is also presiding over the affairs of Chief Chikuwe’s Chiefdom said he was happy that the school will be opened after being closed for over two months.
He said he was disturbed with the closure of the school because the affected pupils could have started enganging themselves in bad conducts such  as smoking and beer drinking.
The traditional leader assured the authorities from the Ministry of Education that what happened will not repeat itself.
He warned against any encroachment of the school premises adding that anyone found of threatening teachers will be forced to relocate to another place by August, 30, 2017.
The school closed last year indefinately after teachers fled on suspicion that the villagers were practising withcraft.
As a result , 12 teachers left the school last year because of the threats they received from parents in the area.


  1. My Mother is from Chipata, she wanted to kill me and make me a sacrifice in witchcraft. I haven’t spoken to her in 25 years

    • My aunt aged 87 says she doesn’t believe in witch finders after following two men behind at night ,50 years ago,these men were overhead planning to plant things on some people in the village.
      Witchcraft exists BUT a lot of accusations are false. Who PROVED that your mother was a witch?A witchdoctor ,a prophet?You might be living in condemnation and send your mother to her grave in sorrow. Honor your parents to is the only commandment with a promise.Too much belief in witchcraft retards development.

    • Whilst it is true that people practice witchcraft the perceived powers of witches and wizards is grossly over rated!
      Do you really think a person can make you dissappear? Turn you into a hippo? Come on! With the level of hatred jealous envy and desire for revenge half of the population of zambia would have been wiped out in less than a week!
      How many people have most of those politicians who won do you seriously think people would be spending millions asking lawyers to sue.
      We all need to critically evaluate the things we are told and not just believe whether its told by your mother or father.
      And then you claim to be a christian nation? Yet you are so scared of any old looking person. Wait till you get old!

    • @Lombe, just say you failed to financially help your mother despite marrying an old white woman in America.
      Did your mother squeeze your balls, tell us how you managed to escape.

    • This place rings a bell in my mind. The people around these place have weird thoughts and tend to play on people’s mind. There are a lot of times when villages organise for ‘witch-finders’ and its the same people that cause confusion in the area. The School is located in a very good place and I am sure if managed well, it can develop but for these guys….

  2. Kikiki a lot of ignorance under the pf. Am not surprised because it is the same lungu who had sangomas at state house to protect him. If you have an uncivilised man at the helm what do you expect in the country..ubufontini

  3. @ NOTRADAMUS and TRUTH SEEKER Why is that when we talk about God you don’t ask people to prove that He exist? But when we talk about the Devil and his witchcraft then suddenly we have to prove it?

    It means there’s something you know and you want to hide. Just because Satanism happens in the dark so you don’t want it to come to the light.

  4. You mean all these teachers who ran away from this school were lying? It it was just one of them, but can all of them be lying?

  5. Is this where Chakolwa started his primary education? Or may be RB, they seem to follow the kind of syllabus of the after hours of this same school.

  6. Zambia is actually where it is after 53 years this years this year because of witchcraft. Most so called traditional ceremony are actually witchcraft ceremonies. We are held back by cultural witchcraft. Most Zambian families wallow in abject poverty because of witchcraft spells. If you ask me I would ban all traditional ceremonies and relegate them to the archives. It all witchcraft.

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