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Barcelona juniors down Zambia U20

Sports Barcelona juniors down Zambia U20

The Zambia Under-20 squad concluded their tour of Spain on Wednesday with a 3-1 loss to Young Barcelona in a practice match.

Coach Beston Chambeshi’s boys had beaten Basel Youth side and Tenerife with 1-0 score lines prior to the Barcelona match.

According to the result confirmed by FAZ, Barcelona B scored through Abeledo Jang, Eric Villanova and Kun Rafa with Enock Mwepu scoring the consolation goal for Zambia.

The team leaves Spain on Thursday.

The Junior Chipolopolo Boys were in Spain for a two-week training outing ahead of the fourth coming CAF Youth Championship on home soil.

The championship starts on February 26 with Zambia facing Guinea in the opener at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.


    • 3-1 they really tried, those Barcelona kids watch and train in same field the likes of Messi, Neymar… But these kids from Lusaka they play with abane Festus Mbewe.
      3-1 is same as draw, they even scored 1 can you imagine that? They good these kids.

    • Festus Mbewe. kikikikiki. Showed promised but failed to live up to hiss promise. I wish our U20 succes at the AFCON. I hope to watch some matches.

    • kikiki ukose. the only losers are pillocks like you who voted pf and are now suffering. You have been driibbled by the already rich well off pf officials who are eating while your relatives suffer. You think HH will ever suffer? kiki do you know his networth?

  1. There was once a time when Zambian Soccer was systenatically developed, implemented, and administratively managed into an evolutionary sporting phenomena capable of facing any competetion at any level without selfdoubt. The foundation of that era”s system was the investment in the then Zambia Schools Football Associatiation. Except for a few players like zoom, Tolomeo Mwansa, Kalimukwa, Makwaza etc the bulk of the great national team players came from the schools farm system. Many may not know this but a lot of the great England players came to play ZAMBIA schools because of its high calibre soccer. Peter Shilton the great goalie played at woodlands with nottingham jr where Bernard Chanda blasted the first goal on kickoff from near center spot. The ball was still flying with Shilton…

  2. This guy knows his soccer this muyambango. Tolomeo Mwansa! Juvaaa! Mighty Mufulira Wanderers and Zambia s first goalkeeper! Bernard Chanda striker from Luanshya who was hated by all goalkeepers. Lord bring back these players or their caliber

  3. Dont bring politics into this game of football. Discuss what is at hand – the loss to junior barcelona team, zambians. Am sick and tired of your useless comments which arde contrary to what has been written. If you dont habve anything to write and go and sleep.

  4. This is the problem with UPND followers which makes it difficult to vote for them! An article about soccer, you bring in politics, awe bane there are better ways of getting to state house not this. Do you realise how many people you put off with your careless and arrogant talk? You need votes from everyone including people from pf to make your numbers how are you going to get those votes with your ever foul language and looking down on the very people to make the numbers.
    Anyway, common sense is not so common after all.

    • Just Keep your votes bakfikala.Bakolwe can never vote for another tribe.
      Continue suffring .You have accepted it as a way of life

  5. What politics are you talking about? READ the article again. Just saying that Zambia was already advanced in its soccer structure anchored by the Zambia schools farm system. It was so far ahead that teams from Europe brought their upstarts here for experience. In those days young players like Dick Chama, Ackim Musenge, Kaiser Kalambo, Wilfred Kapwasha , Clement Chelu etc rode the bench for years. Even the crafty Thomas bwalya could not crack the team. The foundation was in Zambia schools. In short even Kalusha would have had to await his turn. Great, Skilled players were in abundance, patient and tutored the right way. We can still do it and this is not campaigning for UNDP ok?

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