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Condition of Evacuated 14 year old MAZHANDU Bus Accident Survivor Improves

General News Condition of Evacuated 14 year old MAZHANDU Bus Accident Survivor Improves

The condition of Luyando Munkasu, the Mazhandu bus accident survivor who was evacuated to Netcare Sunninghill Hospital in South Africa on Friday has improved and the patient will be operated on in the next few days.

14 year-old Luyando, who lost her mother and sister in the accident, sustained a deep cut on the front part and injuries to the left side of her heard.

Luyando’s father, Mr. Fantansy Munkasu has said that the swelling of the head had reduced and that doctors had indicated that they could operate on his daughter by the end of this week.

“We are happy that there has been a lot of improvement from the time she was brought in. She was barely conscious with a lot of swelling to her head but now we are even able to talk to her and she is responding. Doctors have told us that they can even operate on her by the end of this week,” a low-spirited and calm Mr. Munkasu said.

He pointed out that Luyando had gained good levels of consciousness and had since asked about her mother and the sister. “We have had to keep all that from her and as things stand, she doesn’t know anything about her mother and the sister.”

Meanwhile, the family has thanked Government for evacuating their relative to South Africa for specialised treatment.

Mr. Munkasu has said that the family was grateful that Government had seen it fit to consider their relatives for treatment from a specialised health facility outside the country.

“We are extremely grateful to President Lungu and his government for this gesture. Our daughter was in a very bad condition while in Zambia and we can only thank our President and his government that the situation is now much better.”

Mr. Munkasu was speaking when Zambia’s Deputy High Commissioner to South Africa, Ms. Philomena Kachesa and Mrs. Monde Mwamba, wife of Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba, visited Luyando at the hospital yesterday.

Ms. Kachesa said government was pleased to hear that Luyando was recovering and that she was getting ready for the operation while Mrs. Mwamba led in praying for the patient asking God to take charge of the situation.

10 people died in the early hours of 31st January, 2016 when a Mazhandu Family Bus collided with a truck on the Great North Road. The accident happened at Luanshiba area between Kabwe and Kapiri-Mposhi districts.


    • Prayers is what you are experts at, closing your eyes whilst kneeling with hands clasped and waiting for the next accident to happen…nothing will be done to this company, the gross negligence will continue, what’s the point of paying insurance on PSV if people are treated like cattle?
      The same incompetent govt is paying for treatment abroad why not pass this bill to the bus company’s insurance company or who ever was at fault…I tell you what immediately the govt starts passing the bills you will see a change as insurance companies will be strict with these companies policy covers!!

  1. Useless corrupt government which doesn’t learn from past mistakes. Even loss of life doesn’t not shake them to ensure safety of Zambians . Pf government is a useless excuse of a party. Anyone who voted Pf do needs to contact doctor and seek help

    • You the one who is clueless you seem to be dying with hate and even just your language is that of a bitter person. Stop torturing yourself no one cares about your insults. Love will heal you. This is what killed your party UPND. It’s the hate and insulting languages not the manifesto of the party. Relax be a happy child. Look at the votes on your post. You not favourite to people

  2. New educated zambia UPND troubled person. Tell me something are you forever frustrated like this? How do you manage to live with so much hate of the PF government that’s in power till 2021 or beyond? You killing yourself try to relax. For our government that I love so much. Please provide the needed equipment to one of our own government hospital so that we can be saving much needed money and provide a better service locally. Luyando may the Almighty God be with you till you come back home.

    • Clueless chaps with no ideas and solutions tend to hide behind religion and gods name. Even god said help yourself. What has your useless government done to address road safety. How many years have we been talking about the same thing and yet we don’t see any measures been implemented. And yet when people die due to same problems we have raised your ignorant hard rock of a brain decides to take your emotional bigotry out on nez. Ushe am I in your failed government. Kayipushe banoko

  3. It’s a pity that nobody from outside comes in Zambia for specialised treatment, not even Zambians seek specialised treatment locally… It’s a pity, yet you claim that things are ok

  4. Its a shame what we have reduced ourselves to a man loses a wife and a daughter and we can not find it in ourselves to mourn with him. We wish the family comforts that only the almighty can provide

  5. Actually a lot of people come from abroad for specialized treatment but its to seek traditional medicine because of our natural trees and forests that harbor excellent herbal remedies

  6. 50 years on still no specialized treatment centers, 6 years of PF the cycle continues …meanwhile the Lazy President is happy to fly all over the place for pointless meetings with no shame at all!!

  7. Brian Mushimba and RATSA have blood on their hands. Corrupt RATSA staff sold a driver liscence to this so called bus driver. This murderer did pass his driving test and bought his liscence. The family should sue RATSA and the ministry of transport and communication. The minister has encouraged the corruption at RATSA. Can a brave lawyer represent the families. No more deaths. RATSA and the government must be made accountable.

  8. Its good to learn of the young girls recovery. But there are thousands upon thousands of people in Zambia with lots of life threatening conditions, who do not have the opportunity to receive specialist life saving treatment. If anything, a lot of lives are lost needlessly. If the same facilities were within the country and we had invested properly in the training of our own medical personnel, a lot of lives would be saved. As it is, one needs to be a VIP or someone from circumstances in which the government can choose to use for propaganda (so it receives accolades of a ‘caring’ regime, as above)

  9. It is nice to hear that she is improving. Zambia has been cursed with bad leadership. By this time, we could have been handling all health issues locally instead evacuating people to South Africa. this is why i tell you that Zambia needs a white man for things to improve

  10. I came to Zambia for socialised treatment last year. To Mongu in fact. I still have chronic pain in my back but I cannot fault the witch doctor who treated me. He was a very kind man. He only charged me £200. He kindly got in touch last week to tell me he has devised a better treatment for my condition. Can’t wait to fly back.

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