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Why Women’s Rights May Never Be Guaranteed In Africa And The Middle East!

Columns Why Women's Rights May Never Be Guaranteed In Africa And The Middle...

The large craving for gender equality and a continuous upgrade in affirmative action for women, may yield a generous amount of progress in the liberal world, but will continue quite sadly, to suffer reoccurring setbacks in Africa and the Middle East!

The Supervised entitlements of women in Africa

Africa is traditionally built around draconian cultures that frown at the allocation of certain privileges to women, which take liberties with gender equality, or promote any form of insurrection towards their male counterparts.

Women’s rights are almost extinct in most places in Africa! The heavy occurrence of female genital mutilation and coercion of teenage girls into early marriage in countries like Mali, Chad and Somalia, seems to be a revered and celebrated practice!

In most parts of Nigeria, women who dress in clothes that are perceived to be “indecent” are often mobbed, and in most cases, stripped unclad and subjected to gruesome public ridicule by hoodlums. These events are astonishingly displayed at the spectacle of a cheering narrow-minded audience, comprised of even security agents! (I really cannot understand how a lady’s choice of fashion deserves such extreme humiliation, or how her dressing infringes on the fundamental human rights of these mobs!) Could this be the unfortunate effect of illiteracy? Or the hypocritical and judgmental nature of the typical African society?

In some parts of Africa, a woman can be easily expelled from her marriage without any severance package, for being ‘incompetent’ at conceiving a male child, or ‘committing the evil’ of birthing too many female children! (of course, not too many Africans embrace the “dangerous idea” of legalizing their marriage at the government registry, so this ultimately yanks off any safety nets for the women when adversity strikes).

Most African husbands, uncompromisingly demand the production of children in quick succession without considering the health and psychological preparedness of their wives.
Treading the part of religion, women are rarely allowed to preach in some rigid African churches. The same counts as blasphemy for the Muslim folks as well…(are women the proponents of sin, or I’m not getting something right?)

The ‘restraining order’ from freedom give to women the the middle east

Islam is practically a ‘Male-Centered Religion,’ so I’m not naïve to expect the Muslims to be apologetic about that, or suddenly expect them to bend to public opinion(regardless of how prevailing!)
But my point will be made anyway…

The horrible punishment meted out to women for disobedience, or for causing a dent on the family name, commonly referred to as “Honour killing” continues quite strongly in the Middle East! Women are periodically put to death by their male relatives for either converting to a new religion, marrying a suitor of their choice, or embracing western education.

Women in some parts of the Middle East, are often dissuaded(sometimes forcefully) from their desire to acquire education or become literate. It is also a common practice for female rape victims to be compelled by ‘law’ to marry their defilers!

Achieving a guaranteed provision of Women’s Rights in Africa and the Middle East may remain a figment of our imagination, until the deep cultural and religious roots of both environments are reviewed or ultimately reinvented!
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By Nimi Princewill
Twitter: @princewill_nimi


  1. I think women need some sort of restraining rules to regulate their thinking. I am always amazed at how eagerly they embrace fashions, especially clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination, clothes that exposes their genitals so prominently. They know that 99.99% of the time most man is thinking about sex. Now displaying their private parts the way they seem excited to do, that’s worrying.

    • How much is Nimi Princewill paying LT for these graffit?
      Now we know its sending these spam from Airtel Nigeria, please LT clean up your website with all these virus of Nimi Princeless.

    • Zambian men have no respect for women.

      Women if you are listening do it my way. Go West. Zambian men don’t deserve us. Whites treat women with care and TLC. Our prime
      Minister is a woman. Our Queen is. Don’t get me started.

      Move here.



    • Christianity, Judaism and Islam teach women to be modest. But in the drive for equal rights, nations have forgotten their own religious laws.
      The woman should walk around naked, but the man should keep his desires on a leash. Nature doesn’t agree with that concept, neither does science. But the west says you can fight it. Rape cases have risen to unprecedented levels, but satanists say we can win the fight against nature. Only a rape victim will agree with the humane laws of religion.

  2. 66% In Rwandan Parliament Are Women But They Are Only Decorations, Meant For Donors, Flowers,Mouthless,Voiceless,Powrless,speechless, To Clap For And Suround King Paul Kagame

  3. In Zambia women are not discriminated against and there’s no such written rule in our statutes. A woman can achieve what she sets her eyes on. We have deservedly appointed women as ZP chiefs, PS ‘s, ministers, party presidents etc. We’re different from countries tinted with Islamic influence.

  4. I do agree with ndanje,our women in Zambia are not under that yolk of discrimination and there is no restricting laws against them.
    Families are free to give their daughters whatever they want education and any other demands they make and are not forced into marriages by any law.
    Women they can attain any level of education, become ministers even be presidents ,drive cars and fly aeroplanes.
    Are these not human rights?
    They can even divorce husbands.
    They can be judges etc.

    • but there are many double standards that hinder their way of life. Yes, there have been huge strides made, however, a woman is not the same as a man. Just think to yourself how differently sons are treated to daughters. Ask yourself if you have a girl and if you had a boy would you really treat them the same, both economically and socially?

      Even if a woman had more degrees or made more money than her man, would you respect that man? And why not?

      Then think if a couple decided that the husband would stay home and take care of the children while the wife went to work. People would ridicule the man because he was doing “women’s work”

      It’s the same nonsense behind ridiculing “male nurses”

      So no, there is no equality.

  5. The western world has embraced Satanism, that is why they have turned the order of things, putting a woman above a man. Africa and the middle East still holding on to their religious beliefs and that’s how they still have a man taking care of the family

  6. Ive warned LT before and I’m going to do it again. Very soon church mother bodies and concerned Zambians will start voicing their displeasure and anger over this columnist, Niki Princewill. I don’t know which hell did you get this Devil from.

  7. The success of women’s rights goes with the easiness of life and will always trail behind economic development. in an environment like Africa where one has to hustle to survive, women will always be vulnerable.

  8. Well i even in USA they are not guaranteed, so i dont know why you like talking about Africa, ask Trump for further details

    • I concur! This person didn’t speak about the Tuareg tribe that is in North Africa, that is completely Muslim but women have lots of rights. He didn’t mention the Lozis that had Queen until Mbuywamwambwa is the one who thought it is fair to also have kings.

      There is no mention of the Bemba’s matrilocal system or the countless traditional religions in North and East Africa that appreciate women and have female deities as proof. There are over 3000 tribes in Africa, there is no one “African” belief or system of thinking.

      No doubt there are African tribes that are harsh on women, for sure, but this article was a complete waste of space and time. So poorly done

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