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Government should increase grant to traditional ceremonies-Chief Madzimawe

Rural News Government should increase grant to traditional ceremonies-Chief Madzimawe

House of Chiefs chairperson Chief Madzimawe
House of Chiefs chairperson Chief Madzimawe
CHIEF Madzimawe of the Ngoni Speaking People of Eastern Province appealed to Government to increase grants for traditional ceremonies.

The traditional leader said yesterday that the current K5,000 grant that Government releases towards the hosting of big traditional ceremonies such as Nc’wala was minimal.

Chief Madzimawe said that traditional ceremonies such as Nc’wala of the Ngoni, Kuomboka of the Lozi and Kusefya Pang’wena of the Bemba needed to be well funded by Government.

He said this was so because big ceremonies attract a huge number of people who need to be catered for by the organising committees.

Chief Madzimawe also said all was set for Nc’wala traditional ceremony to take place on February 25th at Mtenguleni main arena.

He said part of the organising committee was doing some final touches to the main arena in readiness for the annual showpiece.

He said guest of honour and some invited guests were expected to be announced during the final preparatory meeting to take place at Laweni this Saturday.

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  1. What kind of waste is this. Traditional ceremonies are best funded by fundraising. Usually people of that tribe arrange and raise fund. bakabolala

    • Very true Zambia has bigger fish to fry than these celebrations, citizens bank accounts are going to be taxed and these people still think there is a time or money for us (yes US) to pay for such non factors. Let them form effective fundraising committees, give me give me mentality is killing ya’ll. Mxxxxxxm

  2. I dont agree that your need more funding rather push for policies that will empower your people and the same people will ve enough resources to finance the ceremonies… And moreover chiefdoms should be innovative

  3. Why should a normal person starting catering for tourists for free, when they are the ones who are supposed to bring in ngwees into your community, let this chief go and learn how to do business from chief mukuni or chief habasonde. Fundraising for traditional ceremonies is the duty of the people hailing from that particular region.

    You will be shocked that during the ceremony the same chief asking for handouts will give livestock gifts to the invited guest.

  4. Ah! So the Traditional Ceremonies are funded by Government? Please, please scrap it off! What of us who have no ceremonies or chief? The tribes have very rich people who can properly fund the ceremonies.

  5. there is already too much money going into these ceremonies. for example, Nc’wala itself has had a prominent sponsor -ZAMTEL and its the case that they still do even though it might not now be that company. I have attended in past and witnessed situations where directors of parastatal and some high profile individuals donate big sums directly and indirectly to the paramount chief. Others bring equipment including widescreens and freezers. These chiefs better organise themselves and device systems of accounting because the huge sums that are donated goes to individual chiefs pockets rather than to the project

  6. YOUR ROYAL HIGHNESSES… TO WHOM? You underserving characters must be ashamed of yourselves. You are impostors and deserve no respect. Some of you are child molesters and disease spreaders. You do nothing for the vulnerable souls you have enslaved and ride on with impunity. You grab their land, their animals and worse still infect their children with incurable diseases with no shame… And now you want GRZ money which may lift their souls for your fame! Egocentric vultures, you must be stopped. You have powerful vehicles etc and cant use the cars for example to take your faithful slaves to hospitals, escort them to the graves etc. When these needs are wanted you screw your faces and point to the state. TO POLITICIANS: It is worth noting that these chiefs only cast one vote each and you…

  7. Look, The Litunga in western province is facing a rebellion from his Lozi speaking people because he is out of touch. I understand he is a full time succesful businessman on the copperbelt. Chief Madzimawe is not even dressed in full traditional regalia of all animal or cowhide, shield and if not carrying a spear at least a knobkerry. He is dressed for lounging on the beach with bling bling all over.That tiny leopard bandana is an afterthought like, Oh let me throw something symbollyically traditional on my head! 2 Blackberries or I Phones simulteneously in use in Mtenguleni? I remember a few years ago Paramount chief Mpezeni on a speedboat symbolising the ngoni crossing the Zambezi, Really? I Totally agree that in their current funding format Ceremonies arf just Taxpayer monsters. Let…

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