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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Nevers Mumba trial adjourned

Headlines Nevers Mumba trial adjourned

Dr Nevers Mumba during the news briefing

The case in which embattled MMD President Nevers Mumba has been charged with giving false information to a public officer has been adjourned to February 22nd.

Dr Mumba found himself in trouble after storming ZNBC studios in the post election tension protesting the coverage of the public broadcaster over the UPND petition.

The former MMD leader who has now aligned himself to the UPND was initially charged with illegal trespass but the indictment was changed on the request of the prosecution team.

Mumba was due to open his defence but his lead defence lawyer Robert Simeza was not in court on account of illness.

Magistrate David Simusamba adjourned the matter to February 22nd and 23rd for commencement of trial.


  1. Everyday PF bandits of visionless Lungu are busy persecuting innocent opposition parties & leaders.
    Let this nonsense stop now & let the presidential petition be heard by visionless Lungu giving power to the speaker. No amount of intimidation & PF mediocrity will ever stop justice for democracy.
    Very soon, PF bandits together with their visionless Lungu will be kicked out of power by international law~ICC. Mwapya! All PF bandits will scamper to Sudan.
    Leave the opposition alone & release all 8000 political prisoners from the opposition rotting in jail due to PF’s banditry together with their PFudges stealing the 2016 elections.
    The Skeleton Key

    • Visionless PF bandits of blind Lungu MUST stop the nonsense of persecuting innocent Nevers Mumba~ MMD president.
      ZNBC or DeadNBC if you so wish is a public property & the issue of Nevers “trespassing” a public property is a mere gimmick by the illogical, confused, violent & docility of PF bandits.
      The presidential petition is overwhelmingly important & the the PFudiciary should stop this unlawfulness. Very useless PF.
      The economy is rotten, roads are melting & the rule of law under PF bandits of blind Lungu is DEAD!
      How much is mealie meal?
      The Skeleton Key

    • I pity you people who support blindly. There is a serious case against Dr Mumba. Remember what capt Solo (Steven Lungu) did and what happened to him afterwards? That’s exactly (according to law) what dr mumba did. The scenarios are very identical and the charges and outcome could eventually be identical. The prosecution team has an upper hand in this case so expect twists.

  2. Nevers Mumba is being persecuted for supporting the UPND Election Petition. Nevers Mumba has been consistent. He wont recognise Lungu as a Legitimate President of Zambia until a Court Hears the Petition,determine it and declare Lungu as a Winner of the 2016 Election. Lungu stole the Election and illegally and unconstitutionally usurped power.He is therefore an illegitimate President. Lungu will soon be indicted to ICC for committing crimes against humanity. Now that 6 months is up HH & GBM should take their Petition to both ICJ and ICC. The Petitioners will never get Justice from Lungu’s compromised Courts. Very soon Lungu will be indicted to ICC even he tries to pull Zambia out of ICC. Its too late Lungu will soon join Lorrent Gbagbo in ICC jails in the Hague,Netherlands.

    • Keep on dreaming!! You think like you live on the moon. Sometimes I wonder why you people think like you have never been to school. Anyway that is the problem of staying too much with cows than human society. You loose track of reality and your mind become confused between animalism and humanity. Unfortunately the former always wins in your case. No medical remedy exists for your problem, so it is a permanent problem. What a pity!!!!

  3. Under pf we have no freedom of expression or speech. If you speak the truth against lungu then you are classed as a criminal under lungus law. Currently Zambia is been run under lungus law. Very sad because Zambia used to be beacon of democracy

  4. No simeza has not been paid so he decided not to show this is another Malita case were you work make a fool of yourself for the whole world to see and then when you tender a bill they fail to pay. The spiral effect is viral rentals cannot be pay, loss of house, loss of value to society and the politician soldiers on…

  5. No he has not been paid so he decided no show..this is a case of a lawyer making a spectacle of oneself before the ecz and then not getting paid at the end of the day next you lose all

  6. It’s not the PF that is prolonging the case @1.2 Nostradamus it’s Mumba ‘s lawyer who’s reported sick. Please be objective in comments.

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