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43 Vehicles in the Presidential Motorcade

Videos and Audios 43 Vehicles in the Presidential Motorcade


    • In developed countries, president and prime Ministers have not more than 5 Vehicles in the Presidential Motorcade……… 43 Vehicles in the Presidential Motorcade is unnecessary and wasteful.

      Wonder why we are poor? Just imagine the amount of fuel and allowances for police, ministers and service chiefs spent on escorting Lungu.

    • You are going to pay for it! When did Zambians ever fight for their rights? You are all busy drinking and blogging, how ironic!

    • How many of you follow HH when he is not even a president? you cadres are the same. You have no defined agenda hence following the president like ants. It can be worse if your god happen to rule zambia, God forbid!.

    • I always wonder what goes on in a kada’s mind. Do you have mental blocks or something akin to psychosis? Is it just a high level of indoctrination like North Korea where people clap till they bleed or get shot with an anti aircraft gun. Is there some medical person that can help to explain the though process of the Zambia kada. You fellows amaze and disgust me in equal measure. You counter everything with completely insane responses. You suffer willingly in the hopes of a contract or job or being given a market stand to run. You actually believe in being rude and obnoxious as your first last and only defense. Just curious is there anyone conducting a study of the mind of a PF kada.
      The female ones are a bunch of bleached “has been” middle aged marketeers or wives/widows of party…

    • i was recently in kenya, i saw 7 vehicles in uhuru kenyatta’s convoy, but anyway drunks like lungu are always insecure

    • I remember Donkey in Shek I saying “mybe he’s compensating for somehing”. Even with the Chopper and Challenger jet (ok it cannot leave the southern hemisphere-we bought an obsolete, old model), who needs all that protection, from who and what. The most I would do is ask for a job as a paid kada. I would promise to dumb down and behave like I have no knowledge of anything except what the PATE (Party) wants me to say and think.
      Someone hook a brother up with a job as a something. Special advisor on market violence or airport transfers

    • Great blog! Do you have any helpful hints for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on evthreying. Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any tips? Appreciate it!

    • Don’t call him that. I applied for a job and need to pay the rent dude! He is to be addressed as His Royal Highness, King of all things Zambian. The Boss, Bwana, Sun-ray, reason de etre, el duce, Ze boss.
      I’m trying to get in as a Kada. I have suspended my ability to think in preparations and picked out two plots in Chalala and Vorna valley for my homes.
      Maybe I can be assigned to watch the building of a university or hospital or growing of the Royal grass. If all goes well I could run a market and a public bus station by 2019. Then I will be in the big bucks. Can you imagine the perks I will get for organising a third term bid or kada’s for the choreographed national convention? Ndi mu mane (money)

  1. Ifyakunya not even in the Kaunda era did we see 43 vehicles escorting the president nor in Chiluba who was a spender. Are you out of topics to talk about? Go to sleep and continue dreaming.

    • Damwit guys. Please saying things like this. In KK’s time we had the South Africans only that wanted to put a bullet in KK’s skull. Nowadays the world is a global village and there is hinternate (internet). The real and actual threat has gone from red to deep red hot. Those pesky rag heads, camel jockeys, hebrews, oligarcs and such like are really bugging. The slant eye’d Chinks are also all over asking for contracts and you can’t tell what they are thinking with those slits they call eyes. Protection is also required from those damned kada’s that think that just because the organised the last election he somehow owes them a living. those buggers are like ticks, not like me. I’m just a flea.

    • in that sermon, except he stated that believing is having a relationship with God. If I were him, I would not use the term relationship. Salvation is from God, while relationship, in many pe2l;e&#8o17ps common understanding, is both ways, and requires active maintenance.

    He needs more cars to ferry his records, record player, crates of Mosi Lager, & Jemasoni Whisky.
    The exact opposite of what Tanzania’s Mugufuli is.

    • Why bringing the Tanzanian president into this. The man is too straight. He actually fired people for not working. We dont need that. We need industrial level laziness and bone idleness. If you do all the work today what will you eat tomorrow. The idea is to awarded the contract and dig a few holes strategically while waiting for mobilization funds. When this gift is released, give some to PS, some to ministry director, buy a Ford Ranger Wild Cat (or is it a wild lion) and get one for the Mrs. too and a BMW for the ATM aka blessed aka mai nini aka dick massager (blesser mode). Then book to Mauritius for holiday and come back to invest the rest in trading in maize (aka exporting without papers) or using the “other” boarder and an acid truck. WHAT A PLAYER!!!

  3. And the resident kaponya bloggers on LT 2020vision, terrible and HH oval head will be telling zambians to dance……..or have they scattered and taken cover and will only appear when mention of HH is made ?

    • In accounting the cost, please do not forget to include the cost of 257 police officers that must block all access points to the road used by the president. They are also paid what we call in the Police Service as ‘Route Lining’ allowance.

  4. I have wondered how really effective the security detail for the President is, scores of armed policemen and soldiers some with machine guns and rocket propelled guns,speeding cars and vans etc! One would think he is travelling through a war zone. Compare this with how the American president is protected ( and he is a more prized target than Lungu)! Can we for once be smarter. We don’t need that show of force to provide security,imagine the pile up that would happen if there was just one tyre burst!

    • There is a war on poverty and corruption. It is serious and big. He needs protection from those collapt and poor pipo.
      You citics are too much. Can’t you let me get my job as a kada?

  5. Although iam a pf supporter, I don’t support such misuse of resources..! Plz Lungu lead by example as we are told to tighten our belts in view of the economy recovery measures that govt is planning..! U should also cut down on foreign trope..! Rupiya banda lost because of wat ur doing now..! Not happy..!

    • It is not misuse. What will us kada’s eat?
      It should be called strategic redistribution of resources towards kada suplimentary budget

    • why do you want to give Mugabe our cars. OK pela, give me the cars. I need transport to get to the next kada’s meeting.

  6. This is Robert Mugabe’s motorcade. Power is sweet no wonder Humwine Hwanshima can even kill someone over it

  7. Can’t you those cars have yellow number plates? It’s probably in Zimbabwe. This is the fake news people are talking about, it’s as though you people think people are dunder heads that will accept anything. Ba lusaka times what you put outhe on your site. Disgusting.

    • Got to love this kada. He’s taken the Trumpet stand. If you cannot defend, deflect, change the issue and respond with a totally different question and accusation. “fake news”
      Next analyst will be like Newstead Zimba who was caught philandering on video and claimed that he was mis quoted. That one cracked me up f’real!
      Got to love my kada’s

    • Bloody basket, the story is about the wonderful number of vehicles. We are better that any of our neighbors. We waste at a higher volume and frequency. We use Versace and Gucci to mop floors.
      Mugabe, top that bumpkin!

  8. Out of curiosity, is there some threat on the PORZ that we have not been told about. Jeezus. That many cars, abulances, cruisers with paramilitary cops and such like, wow! There must be some serious threat, he must be holding a nuclear football as well and if it gets into the wrong hands RSA and the rest of Southern Africa will become a radioactive wasteland.
    Does he have an inferiority complex that makes him want to have hundreds of yes men around him at all times. Or is it for public show that he needs a massive crowd to receive him everywhere to assure him that he is “El Duce”. Nowonder he needs the fuel levy and toll gates to run the motorcade.

  9. A poor country has a long motorcade for its president while a rick donor country like Germany and the UK have no more than 5 cars for their leaders, a minister in a poor country is entitled to more the 3 big cars, while rich Donor British/Germany minister has one . Why should a beggar be living lavishly than the one who is supporting him?

  10. 43 Vehicles in the Presidential Motorcade. Are they all government vehicles. No. some are for cadres. All those driving government vehicles are already on a pay role.

  11. Ba Lsk Times thanks for bringing this to light, only by criticising in a constructive manner can the powers that be stop wasting resources on such things as convoys. Be it the President or any other high ranking govt officer we need to stop this habit of using expensive SUVs. Fuel, drivers allowances plus the cost of the vehicle to buy and maintain is not worth it! The money spent could better be used to fund hospitals, pay pensions or educate our kids!
    Excellent reporting ba Lsk Times keep it up!

  12. People of God if we have the fear of God, we will not be talking like the way I see the comments. Trust me we are doing any good by all this abusive language I see on social media, but just attracting the wrath of God. Believe me or not one day we will pay on individual basis for what we are producing out of mouth about the Leaders whether Opposition or leading party. we need to be careful. Eccl 10:20,

    Psalms 101:5 – Whoso privily slandereth his neighbour, him will I cut off: him that hath an high look and a proud heart will not I suffer.

    Zambians these are just politics but let us to respect one another in Image of God. Shalom!

  13. 7 Good Bible Verses For Our Government and Politicians To Reflect On
    September 28, 2015 by Jack Wellman 21 Comments

    Here are 7 Bible verses that governmental employees and politicians can reflect on.
    First Timothy 2:1-2 “First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.”

    We may not feel like it or we may not believe that they are doing the best that they can but we are commanded to pray for those who are in “high positions” and that most certainly means praying for governmental leaders and politicians. As bad as they may seem or as corrupt as we might believe they are, this does not relieve us of…

  14. Without accountability, even the most brilliant, hard-working, well-intentioned leaders fail – they fail to meet their performance goals, they fail to develop their teams, they fail to hire top talent, they fail to coach their employees, they fail to communicate clearly, they fail to optimize performance, and they fail the business overall. Effective leadership requires real accountability.

  15. Ignorance is such a painful condition. Why do you want to pretend to know how V.I.P. security and travel protocol are executed in higher developed and other nations. Most highly industrialised nations like the U.S. have backup Airforce one, Marine One and all the requisite helicopters, fighter jets, Electronic/Didgital jamming vehicles and aircraft, medic vehicles in addition to a swath of personnel that arrives months earlier for assesment. They drink with you and you dont know it. When the deligationn arrives these guys have already taken over your country. As such you cant count the number of vehicles civlian, assault or anti aircraft in their convoys. These other countries are more sophisticated and spend more on security of top leadership than our GNP. Stop joking! Ha Ha ha,

  16. This is why Africa is a rich poor continent. More money is wasted on Lungu while innocent girls & women are killed in Chilanga and Kafue etc because there are no police patrols at night. I miss Kafupi

  17. What is disheartening is for people that are able to type and post comments on this platform,unable to see from the video that that is Mugabe’s motorcade. You can see not only from the colour of the number plates but also from the Zimbabwean flag on the limousine which happens to be on the left hand. Our presidential vehicles have the flag on the from where the Mercedes star is!

  18. I have a suggestion! There should be a battalion and defence force commanders stationed permanently at the KKIA to receive and send off our beloved president on his very numerous trips. How about having the challenger modified to refuel in the air to ease on his very important trips?

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