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Mutati treats my Ministry of Gender like Cinderella Ministry, he should study PF manifesto-Lungu


President Lungu with Felix Mutati and frank Bwalya at Woman day Parade
President Lungu with Felix Mutati and frank Bwalya at Woman day Parade

President Edgar Lungu has revealed that he received reports from some stakeholders that Finance Minister Felix Mutati treats the Ministry of Gender without seriousness.

Speaking at the 2017 commemoration of the International Women’s Day under the theme “Women in the Changing World of Work Planet 50-50 by 2030 yesterday at Lusaka’s Agriculture Show Grounds, President urged Finance Minister Felix Mutati, who is opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) faction leader, to study the PF manifesto to help him deliver in his portfolio.

“I have received reports that Finance Minister Felix Mutati treats my Ministry of Gender like Cinderella ministry” he said

He added that if the minister has no access to the PF manifesto he must immediately follow him after the event at state house this afternoon specifically for the PF manifesto.

“If you don’t have the PF manifesto come to statehouse this afternoon and get a copy of PF manifesto” President Lungu said

The head of state has since instructed Finance Minister Felix Mutati to start treating the Ministry of Gender with seriousness from now onwards because it is a Government department like any other ministry which should be integrated in the Government sector plans and budgets to help achieve the PF planned economic growth.


  1. The MMD leader should study the PF manifesto and implement it! Really laughable. The honourable thing Mutati can do is relinquish the leadership to another guy lest MMD will be burried

    • In short Victoria kalima has been snitching on Felix mutant to Eddy, she is a snitching stakeholder. There only two things in life it either you are hot or cold not lukewarm. Let Felix just become a fully paid up pf cadre, as long as he is lukewarm pf cadres will always look at him as a mwana mala yambi.

    • Visionless Lungu is scared that RB’s MMD bandits Mutati, Siliti & Catapultboy~Lusambo are now swallowing Panjala Fever~PF.
      Mutati has no time for PF manifesto which lacks democratic principles. In PF a leader is not elected but “anointed” by lifting, axes,hands & pangas.
      Mutati & MMD are swallowing PF. The constitution doesn’t allow blind Lungu to go for a 3rd term of office after serving 2 tenuous already~2015 & the disputed 2016. So Mutati’s eyes are on PF presidency when all MMD bandits will turn chameleon on blind Lungu.
      Lungu as visionless as he is, doesn’t know PF’s manifesto~unless he wants Mutati to be “anointed” with axes & pangas by PF bandits.
      The Skeleton Key

    • No clue what is going within the cabinet. You don’t need reports…..are you leading your ministers, honestly?
      Exposing how dysfunctional they are. Mutati has no obligation to read PF Manifesto unless he is PF himself.

    • I have received reports that my wife is not paying much attention to nshima. She is treating nshima as a Cinderella meal. Please my wife, come to my bedroom after this so that I show you how important nshima is.

    • Am disappointed with the President, ati “… Ive received reports…..” FROM WHO? Doesn’t this guy report to you? Aren’t you supposed to okay his budget BEFORE he presents it? What sort of leadership is this?

  2. This was well said by the President, all Ministries play a role in Government because the Manifesto of any political party in this case PF can only be implemented by all Ministries, no wander sometimes a President can constitutionally create a ministry to implement certain sections of the party manifesto. The Finance minister should integrate all Ministries just like the President has said.

  3. It has just begun….mutati never knew the real lungu,now he ll know.
    Follow me to state house specifically for pf manifesto…kkkkkkkk

  4. 2017 Budget was presented in parliament and debated and accepted.
    The allocation to the Ministry of Gender was made before Mutati became Minister of Finance so the Man of The People needs to sit down.

  5. Serves Mutati right , he thought he could wear the PF and MMD at the same time.Selfish man, He wants to kill MMD,

  6. Who allocates the budget…who approves it? Only some who is ignorant would take this Lazy fooool Edgar seriously…he is likened to a husband who orders the wife to buy t-bone steaks when there is no money just to impress the visitors.

    • You wonder how this guy became a Lawyer. He is so dull and his understanding of issues is shockingly dim! I want to believe even his Law degree was dubiously obtained, probably facilitated by some relatives. If you don’t have the money in the house, don’t start beating your wife because you want T-bone which you never bought! Does he understand why the budget is presented to Parliament? Does he think the budget was presented to PF Central Committee? Be realistic Bwana. Was this said out of inferiority complex? It’s good you didn’t fall this time but I tend to feel your real political fall is nigh – Chagwa!


  8. No serious minister of Finance can take that Ministry serious! why is it there even? Before we know it some Religious Ministry will start complaining as well!

  9. The President need not address his finance minister before the women on women day. Some things must be discussed behind the scenes.The approved budget is the yardstick and I hope the President was not playing politics . I also hope it wasn’t a stunt to show that the President cares for the women.
    Sometimes, the best way to analyze the poor or under funding to all ministries is to listen to the technocrats instead of cadres.
    Last , Mr President who can do better than making pronouncement… Work hard and talk less….Tame the uncoordinated talk from your party officials who talk very much and assume that all talk is work and need to to be seen that they are working.

    • That’s how bad managers and employees behave. Instead of talking to each other in their offices, they go to meetings and complain about each other. How can women at a function help the President to get his own Finance Minister to understand the PF manifesto???

  10. Edgar leave Cinderella out of your politics ! Isn’t it enough she lost a glass slipper and virginity at the same time ? Did you watch that part ?

  11. Not everyone is happy that Mutati is Finance minister. Any competent person capable to be Minister.
    The cardinal point is Zambia needs serious ,hardworking men void of political rhetoric and patriotic in true sense. Patriotic in the sense if a member of his own political does something wrong the true man must own up the mistake and discipline the wrong doer.
    Israel is one country where diverse views are very intense but they hold high the government institutions. That is why Netanyau can be investigated without interference from him or other organs.
    Truly Mr President, can someone investigate you? If yes, make it Known to the Public to set as an example to your cadres who have taken the law in their hands.
    To make Zambia great , we need high moral standards and strong checks and…

  12. I must say though .. I’m impressed bamuziba Cinderella .. Nanga Ariel ? Ok your excellency let’s talk about Cinderellas boyfriend .. What kind of man needs a shoe to find the love of his wife ? How drunk was he not to Remember her face ?

  13. So why bring it outside cabinet This is cabinet issue ba prisedent,not on the day and in public.One way of seeking cheap sympathy from the mob!!!! It is true that Mutaati is indeed working.However, it was unfair to rebuke him at meeting.That is the way he treated CK.Please change, bedroom matters should be bedroom matters.

    • Indeed, this is a cabinet issue and the fact that ECL is getting this through reports and bring it in public is an indication how he is out of touch with his ministers. He is not leading, it’s Chanda who is leading on his behalf, so he has sufficient time to take 5days in Israel and getting 35min. Shame!!!

  14. Ba Edgar, thats not how you run government. Do not play to the gallery. How can you start discrediting your cabinet in fron of the public? That was diplorable and it can only happen when yu have mediocre leadership. Zambia is at cross roads. No leadership at all.

  15. Lungu appointed Mutati knowing fully that as MMD President Mutati would implement MMD Policies if any. Why doesn’t Lungu appoint a PF Minister of Finance? What are terms and conditions guide the MMD/PF Alliance? Why is Lungu discussing with Mutati govt business thru the Press? It looks like Lungu is looking for a lame excuse to sack Mutati. This unholy alliance was always going to collapse.

    • It simply tells you he is not the one who appointed the chap. A manifesto is just but a guide the government has ongoing policies it uses to make plans and make budget Money is not allocated on the Whim as Lungu seems to be suggesting …. these are words targeted at the Gullible that the PF is so good at

  16. ECL is in other words saying to Mutati: He is not PF and cannot be PF Presidential candidate. Only HIM is eligible. Read through the lines.

  17. Mutati dont llisten to politician like victoria kalima what doz she know abt budget. She wants more money allocated to her ministry so that she can ve more money ya kwiba

  18. Mutati is as blank as his boss. He is just overrated. I don’t hate him but tell me one thing that we have achieved in the time he has been finance minister, you can’t say it’s a short time because he promised to hit the ground running.

    • The sad thing is that in MMD there was no way in hell he would he be Finance Minister…there were just too many smart brains yet in PF he is the smartest one among tins and he is not even qualified enough for that role!!

  19. Agony is to realise that PF is unable to have an authentic PF member as minister of finance.
    This is not new in PF. Late president Sata used to cane these PF cadres turned into ministers that they were lazy and before can do anything should consult his office at state house. Not strange that PF is full of dull people. Mutati is in dilema as PF manifesto is a cut and paste of MMD manifesto. Instead Mutati should hand copies of MMD manifesto to all PF members beginning with Lungu at state house.

  20. “My Ministry of Gender”

    Is the President taking his ministry with him when he leaves office in 2021?

  21. Kikikikikiki…….Chagwa really knows how to pull the legs of the UPNDonkeys, and they have fallen for it….kikikikikiki…..
    I am very sorry for them, nothing will ever break the bond between PF and MMD, it’s the most natural political alliance, something which UPNDonkeys can only lick their own lips with envy as hh has failed to work with anyone and no one wants to work with him. Hh’s political chances reached their peak in 2016, mow they are hoing down and by 2021 will be at rock bottom if you observe carefully the way hh is going.

  22. By 2021 hh will be a “has been”, both politically and financially. Interestingly he does not seem to appreciate that he is ruining himself and will end like Mmembe….what a pity, bushe tabakwata abaku bebako mwa? Nangula tabomfwa kuba nabo.

  23. You heard for yourselves from the President of the republic of Zambia. Ashamed of being Zambian? My certainly, I’m. Mafi aya

  24. I thought the whole idea of appointing Mutati was an admission that pf has failed to manage the economy & mmd was a better evil in this sector. Then do not interfere with they way Mutati is managing the affairs as he knows what is good for the country

  25. PF’s Chikwanda left the $ at K14 using their manifesto and now with Mutati’s MMD one we have it at around K9 still going down does it mean that Mutati is working?

  26. Ba Lungu muli cikopo zoona. Follow me and get a toilet tissue after kunya and not before. How will I walk Lungu mbuya? Very funny Felix reading PF manifesto? Twasebana!

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