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Friday, February 21, 2020

Chileshe Kapwepwe is the new Chairperson for the Zambia Revenue Authority Board

Headlines Chileshe Kapwepwe is the new Chairperson for the Zambia Revenue Authority...

The Government has constituted the full Governing Board for the Zambia Revenue Authority [ZRA] and Ms. Chileshe Kapwepwe has been elected as Chairperson to be be assisted by Mr. Alfred Lungu who was elected as Vice- Chairperson.

Commenting yesterday afternoon, Minister of Finance Felix Mutati congratulated the board on the successful deliberations at their inaugural meeting and noted further that, “the election of Ms. Kapwepwe is historic because she becomes the first woman to chair the board since the formation of ZRA in 1994.”

Ms Chileshe Mpundu Kapwepwe - IMF Alternate Executive Director - Africa Group 1 Constituency
Ms Chileshe Mpundu Kapwepwe

“It gave me great pleasure to constitute the board,” stated the Minister of Finance, adding that, “the election of Ms. Kapwepwe by the ZRA Governing Board to the position of Chairperson, also gives me pride and confidence that the authority will become stronger at all levels and help us to seal the gaps in tax administration.”

The Minister further added that Ms. Kapwepwe brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of public policy, financial management and governance following a career spanning over 25 years in the local and international private and public sector organisations.

Mr. Mutati congratulated Ms. Kapwepwe and described her as, “a well-trained professional who is profoundly gifted and through whom leadership talent among women in Zambia will be viewed positively by the tax paying public.”

Her previous roles include that of Executive Director for the International Monetary Fund [IMF] Africa Group One Constituency in Washington USA, Deputy Minister of Finance and National Planning, Managing Director of the National Airports Corporation, and Contracts Manager – SGS Societe General de Surveillance. She also served on various other Boards namely Bank of Zambia, BP Zambia Plc, and the Zambia Privatization Trust Fund.

A Chartered Accountant by Profession, Ms Kapwepwe; the new ZRA Board Chairperson, is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants ACCA (United Kingdom), a Fellow of the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA), and also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Bath (United Kingdom).

The full board, appointed by the Minister of Finance, is as follows;

1.         Ms. Chileshe Kapwepwe:  Member of the Public

2.        Mr. Alfred Lungu: Member of the Public

3.        Fredson Yamba: Secretary to the Treasury

4.       Dr. Denny Kalyalya: BOZ Governor

5.        Ms. Tandiwe Oteng:  PS Ministry of Justice

6.       Mr. James Koni: Bankers Association of Zambia

7.        Mr. Kamalesh Shah: ZACCI

8.       Mr. Musenga Musukwa: Law Association of Zambia

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    • What is a member of the public? Why can’t they just her current position, BEMBA.

      this the only thing that has made her to be selected as board chairperson. Even mushota has attested to that.

    • So these Boards are not ratified by Parliament? Why can’t we have these people Vetted through some Parliamentary process just to keep a check on some of these potentially ineffective individuals. Just out of Interest if Roles were reversed and HH was President and appointed a Tonga ZRA commissioner and then a Tonga ZRA Board chair ….mmmmmm …. just wondering

    • What is with this name Kapwepwe? Can I change mine to Kapwepwe. I tell you these Kapwepwe’s have a very good chance of getting top jobs. Same with Chibesakunda name.
      Please I am not tribal so don’t take my comment in bad faith but what I said is reality. For some reason it is either politicians think this class of names are smart for top most jobs.

    • What’s the relevance of these parastatal boards if not only to fulfil a legal obligation & milk the state. We all know state house is still “the board to end all boards” & CEOs of these institutions are answerable to the president.
      The composition of this board is so monolithic to show its irrelevance.

    • Housefly – Apparently, in Zambia there are families that have their statuses locked. They do not need to fight for anything.

    • @ 1.2 ECL-Endless Crying Lunatics BREAD HEAD,

      If I were you I would not be felling so inferior.

      Who told you that someone from your tribe cannot be appointed?

      You need to have self-esteem, it is not only a Bemba who can be appointed.

      This explains why in each of your posts you seem to be complaining.

      I urge you to encourage yourself, you are as human as any other.

    • More jobs for the North Easterners! Yet resources from ‘undesirable Provinces’ are for all shared lopsidedly 2benefit NER 2the detriment of SWR!

      Even Lambas who feel their language is akin 2Bemba are also undesirable but only for their provincial mineral & agric wealth!

      How safe do Inonge, Lubinda & Mulusa feel being surrounded by ‘vultures’ only interested in unleashing them on their own people just for pieces of silver? While Inonge & Lubinda enjoy few pieces of silver their pipo are unemployable in GRZ. Only NorhtEasterners qualify to be DC & TC for Lusaka & Copperbelt, Ambassadors 2Euro/Americas, influential PS & Ministers Defence, Finance, Home, Foreign Affairs, Chairs of ZRA, TSC, LGSC, etc

      Inonge is figurehead Veep who Kambwili cud dare unchallenged. Lubinda is…

    • @Cyberbully:
      Have you just gone mad or what? Kalyalya is NOT Tonga but NOT Bemba either. Kalyalya is from North Western Province….where do you get your lunatic comments from? If you don’t know, it is best to keep quiet than start spewing sh.it in public and embarrass yourself!!

    • Inonge is figurehead Veep who Kambwili cud dare unchallenged. Lubinda is figurehead Justice Minister cos he is clueless. Its PS Stephen Mwansa making decisions for him.

      Zambia is another Nigeria & USA!

      In Nigeria the Northerners Hausa-Fulani settlers weld political & economical power to the detriment of SouthWest Igbo-Yorubas. In USA ‘White’ settlers weld political & economic power to the detriment of Indigenous pipo.

      Likewise North Easterners now weld political & economic power to the detriment of all other Zambians esp SWR!

    • Ladies and gentlemen. May I have your attention please. There are too many bembas at ZRA. The one zambia one nation motto is now just an empty shell.


  1. I’m sure Mutati read the PF manifesto on Wednesday.

    Was this board elected or selected? In the same article those two activities are coming out.

  2. Eish , another bloody Bemba .When are we gonna have a Tumbuka heading one of the main offices of state?

  3. We are also available for National service. Why are we recycling the same families and individuals – we are also available! We need to share the National cake. Zambia is not an aristocracy or meritocracy – it is a democracy, requiring equitable representation in all spheres of activity by all members of the public.
    BAcc, FCCA, FZICA, FCIS, MBA, LLB but not anywhere near National service, why? This nation needs to be more serious! We need a National data base. We need all Regions to be reasonably represented at the National level.

    • I agree. It is more about families more than tribe. Am Bemba highly qualified by Zambian standards and successful in private practice. But I am not a cadre because I hate politicians and my father spent his youth working as a house boy. Died poor. Now I am scared for my children because when another party comes in; tribe or family legacy will be the basis for appointments. My Children might never get to these positions.

  4. The President you also, meanwhile the ZRA board is defined save for the two from the public, so if you want your tribesperson to be picked maybe just work hard and become the appointing officer. otherwise you shall continue gnashing your teeth with hate speech period. I am Tumbuka and feel Ms Kapwepwe is spot on for Chairperson and the team is solid.

  5. Lungu is putting women on top of everything! If we not careful as men they might start manufacturing petticoats for our male children in the next 40 years. Yeck! My wife is already getting a higher pay than I am! It’s cool for now….

    • Do tongas , kaondes and lozis know how to play football? Even from time in memorial,soccer has not been there in thing.so your question is irrelevant.

    • Do we need to subject the selection of players for the national team to a regional vote so that we have representatives from all tribes? Sounds good!

    • Yes and the ones that actually brought the Biggest Cup we have ever won as a country had …. the Sunzus, Himondes, Mweenes, Katongos, Kalabas, etc. the mixture was good…. it should tell you something

  6. Same known names! They have been in almost every board.!! Are there no new big names in the professional Zambian society to take up such posts?

  7. Comment 9 you are right and that’s why the team has been winning. Others are still thinking of campaign and politics with their leader ……….

  8. S/W Rhodesia is now a colony of N/E Rhodesia. Not even 1 name on the board is from southern, western, N/western, central, Lusaka provinces. Is it coincidence or it’s deliberate?

    One Zambia, one Mazyuu!!!
    One Zambia, One Matuvee!!!
    One Zambia, one mafee!!!
    One Zambia, one masipah !!!

    • Chiwamila Galu kuluma mbuzi! Mbuzi ilumeko, ati maloza. I pity my Bemba clan. We tend to be used by easterners to do wrongs and in the end, it’s our clan’s name that suffers in the eyes of our South Western in-laws. We need to advise our mbuyas to understand the importance of including all tribal groupings in our various appointments! That is what builds a nation and not what we are doing. We are destroyed the very fabric that makes Zambia what it is! KK was not stup!d when he ensured tribal balancing in all things. Ba Sata is the one who actually brought this kapatulula which our Mbuyas have taken to another level of economic apartheid! This should worry all of us! The future generations may not take this kindly! We are sowing bad seeds! Easterners are sly. They have appointed our…

    • They have appointed our sister but under her they have put an Easterner to keep checks and balances. They want us to take the blame while their names remain clean! Am I the only one seeing this pattern in RB/Lungu’s Administration?????

    • Easterners just use bembas for them to hold on to power, out of the 8 board members 4 are easterners, 2 bembas, 1 Indian, and if my memory serves me right 1 tonga, but i still need clarification if denny kalyalye is tonga.

    • These nepotistic & tribalistic appointments led to the collapse of ZCCM & Zambia Airways. They were more concerned about appointing their kingsmen/tribesmen to lucrative positions, joining them in the looting instead of increasing productivity & decreasing costs.

      Today we see the same tribes jostling for tu-poto in order to get-rich-quickly. Every PF cadre wants a job at an Embassy or Zesco. Others are being recruited into police, army etc. Non of these add to the nations GDP. The false notion that Govt can’t become broke is what led to Greece crisis.

      In Greece civil servants outnumber & earn more than those in the private sector who make the money for their salaries. These boards are an easy means to make money. Some earn K100,000/sitting. They are supposed to sit once/year, but…

    • @ Maloza,
      – There are 4 Easterners on that list.
      – 2 Bemba names on the list.
      – Denny Kalyalya’s (Tonga) name is on that list. He is from Southern Province.

    • If your name starts with Ha-, Hi, Si, or Sa you are “retired in national interest”.

      Our people are being purged out of Civil service by NER immigrants due to the tribe they belong to.

      They would rather give a job to a Kasai, a gore-gore, indian, mwachusa or a malawian than a Tonga, ila, lozi, lunda or luvale. What a shame.

      One Zambia, one Mazyuu!!!
      One Zambia, One Matuvee!!!
      One Zambia, one mafee!!!
      One Zambia, one masipah !!!

  9. You mean chair person of that personal vendetta organisation used to fix political opponents and journalists who say anything against lungu that weak sick boy.

    • Yes,so what?where is your strong tonga bull HH ? our weak sick boy is the president of zambia whilst the strong tonga bull is complaining about the august 2016 elections.Life is Ironic isn’t it?

  10. Ok Easterners are our cousins. Ok but the game against SA they failed untill they were assisted by the Bembas. Free kick taken by Chilfya and scored by another Edward Chilufya. Amen

  11. women in key position is disastrous, look at Dora siliya? here we go with another slit in key position. fellow men we need to wake up, i for one i support buhari(women their place is in the kitchen) i don’t care how many PHDs LLDs she has. I believe the Bible ”GENESIS 3:16
    Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire [shall be] to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.”

  12. I wished one day someone will consider Engineers in some of these boards. A good chuck of revenue is collected from infrastructure development industry and having a representation from this industry can greatly assist in the growth and proper management of the tax regime in this industry. Only accountants and lawyers will not help much in helping the infrastructure development industry in terms of tax management.

  13. The world is a bad enough place with the pervasive racism that seems to be rising then you have this snotty cunt Mushota and her tribalism. Apparently kombonism doesn’t end with black folk who are exposed or ‘educated’. Ni chizungu chabe but no substance. It therefore shouldn’t surprise anyone that while our brothers and sisters are drowning in the Mediterranean, African ‘leaders’ are mute.

    • @17.1 ECL, that is NOT A COMPLETE REASON! It is only part of it! The majority of those illegal immigrants from Sub -Sahara Africa come from French Speaking countries bcoz the French have been stealing resources from these countries through their corrupt and heavy handed system.There are some exceptions though e.g.Ethiopia,Eriteria,Nigeria.Can you imagine someone from a country as rich as Cameroon risking human traffickers and dangers of crossing the Sahara? There is a ROTTEN SYSTEM called FRANCAFRIQUE which has been used for AGES to install DICTATORS THAT CAN FACILITATE THE PILLAGING OF THEIR COUNTRIES’ RESOURCES TO THE BENEFIT OF FRANCE. That is one of the reasons GBAGBO was hated by France bcoz he wanted an end to that!

    • Denny kalyalya is just formality, when it comes to important issues, he will be told to recuse himself, we saw that with constitutional court judges during the presidential petition case, judge mulembe my soli brother from the bantu botatwe clan had to be asked to recuse himself, so that bena annie mulenga and group can make a decision.

    • Kalyalya is NOT and CANNOT be Tomga – He is from North Western province; So let the Rat and Vinkubala eaters from the East breathe easily!!

  14. @House fly you want to change your name to Kampwepwe or Chibesakunda what about Mwanakatwe,Munkhobwe or wina who always eat with both hands in fear that things will end fast, not being tribal though.


    • Mrs Mwanakatwe…..name by marriage to that Mwanakatwe drunk at telecoms. Please leave her alone u tribalists….

  16. Family names from welensky to infinity will continue being the basis for appointments world all over…! Their parents had access to state resources and sponsored their children abroad for better education leaving an ordinary zambian to struggle for survival..! The same names will continue looting state resources till the end of the world…if its true the world will ever end…! Nothing we can do though….! Lucky are those in these famous families..!

  17. Yes ,some names are given priority one.They have been dominating since independence beause their relatives were freedom fighters.Everyone wanted to be liberated or to be independent. You can only have few leaders but that does not make children of those were not leaders to be perpetual subordinates. Good education and financial support was given to children of freedom fighters and other renowned names like chiefs. Lets us have equal share of the country resources based on our qualifications and not family names
    Vision 2030 jobs based on qualification and family names

  18. How is she going to maintain professional integrity working with thugs whose main preoccupation is scheming to siphon money for their pockets?

  19. @Jay Jay Engineers are more knowledgeable than the so called accountants etc. some of your entire programs are actually courses in engineering including accounting,economics, entrepreneurship, HR marketing the list is endless. Ask professors from any university they will tell you what it takes to obtain a degree in engineering. Chika.la.

  20. @Jay Jay Engineers are more knowledgeable than the so called accountants etc. some of your entire programs are actually courses in engineering including accounting,economics, entrepreneurship, HR marketing the list is endless. Ask professors from any university they will tell you what it takes to obtain a degree in engineering.

  21. 80 percent of the above comments are complaints.

    Why do you complain everyday?

    Could this be the reason why African is just dancing instead of moving forward.

    Come-on, let us grow up. Complaints after complaints.

    You don’t eat, you complain ‘am hungry; this chi government!’

    You eat, you complain ‘am too full; this chi government!’

    Even politicians the story is the same – crying all the time, ‘they have stolen my vote. My vote eeh.. my vote’

    When are we gona grow up?

  22. We need Engineers to manage this project zambia. To ma lawyers and accountants and their idiocy has failed zambia.

    • @28 Kapaso wa.. ENGINEERS WOULD CERTAINLY BE PRAGMATIC and RESULTS ORIENTED, NOT THIS TALK,TALK, …endless talk and debates!!

  23. With all this blatant tribalism playing out before our eyes everyday, I wonder why Bembas and Nyanjas still think Kaondes, Lundas, Luvales, Lambas, Tongas and Lozis will keep on allowing this stupi.dity to persist. The sooner the split this country into two the better.

  24. Congratulations ma’am. Most Zambian women should note her attire and her cultural Zambian presentation which is flawless. Her father Simon Kapwepwe told us not to be too Western, to avoid wearing mini skirts! He’d be very proud right now.

    ZRA needs to be tougher and we look forward to seeing her muscle in collecting our taxes.

  25. Tumbuka this ,Bemba that ,Tonga tribe ,Indian origin blah blah blah. Why are Zambians so tribal and so regional? Do we really expect a Maasai to be good at rocket science or a Fulani cattle herder to be good at mining operations?

  26. Congratulatulations are in order for the newly appointed board. In particular, i would like to extend special recognition for the excellent choices of Ms Mulenga Kapwepwe and Dr Denny Kalyalya to their respective roles oh the board. Both are committed Zambians eminently qualified to capably fulfill the mandate. As a Zambian i have known both as selfless ,assertive hard working scholars with love for country first. Mulenga may come from a famous family but she attained those academic glories by hard work. Yes her fafher Simon, our vice President, was one of the primcipals for our freedom. Those like Mushota, a flaming tribalist, can hate all you want can swallow your bigotry. Denny is another true Zambian, scholar ,familyman and is one of the best sweepers in soccer! Mulenga could have…

  27. Mulenga could easily have ridden the coattails of her late father, gone to get spoiled brat education abroad and possibly marry and live there worry free of all this prevelant hate, tribal and sexist demagogry that defies logic. Yet she grew up one of us, attended the real academically demanding UNZA, transcended gender biases in her academic and professional pursuits , while evolving into a complete multitalented woman who sees no glass ceiling.Similarly Denny is a humble relentless scholar unbound by trivial speed bumps. Use baby wipes Mushota next time!

  28. Too much noise and too many complaints. Everyone sees a tribe and tribalism in almost anything and everything. That must tell you something about the tribal orientations of the bloggers themselves. To put things in perspective, the Bank of Zambia governor always sit on the ZRA board just as the Secretary to the Treasury always sits on both the Bank of Zambia and ZRA boards as an ex-officio. It people spent a bit more time to research such matters and a bit less time on making noise and complaining, we would be in pole position as a country.

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