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Fans celebrate Zambia’s Under 20 AFCON historic win

Sports Fans celebrate Zambia’s Under 20 AFCON historic win

Zambia Under 20
Zambia Under 20

Football fans went in a frenzy throughout the country and in Lusaka one of the two venues for the 2017 under 20 Africa cup of nations final came to a standstill as scores of fans took to the street to celebrate Zambia’s historic win of the junior under 20 Africa cup of nations title.

A check by a ZNBC News crew that went around Lusaka found fans celebrating the win by the under 20.

And in Kasangula and Great North roads were packed with fans as they waited to catch a glimpse of victorious under 20 football team.

Meanwhile, other fans took to the street to celebrate the victory through song and dance.

And some fans expressed happiness towards the country’s victory.

Meanwhile under 20 coach Beston Chambeshi says he is proud to have won the continental trophy for the first time.

Chambeshi has also paid tribute to President Edgar Lungu, FAZ, his technical bench, players and football fans for delivering for Zambia.

And Senegal under 20 Coach Joseph Koto says his team put in their best but Zambia was too good.

Meanwhile, when asked for a comment on his players allegedly use of suspected juju, Koto said he is not aware of any use of such by his players.

Senegalese players on more than two occasion been qought using suspected juju in the under 20 Africa cup of nations tournament which Zambia hosted.

In a semi-finals game against Guinea, one of Senegalese players was spoted giving his colleague suspected juju as he was being substuted while in the final against Zambia, substitute Ibrahima Ndiaye was spotted throwing an object in Zambia’s goal resulting in confusion and later a yellow card.

Zambia beat Senegal 2-nil to win the maiden Africa cup of nations under 20 tournament.

The junior Chipolopolo boys scored through Patson Daka in the 16th minute and Edward Chilufya in the 35th minute.

Zambia’s goal minder Mangani Banda was voted man of the tournament while Patson Daka won the man of the tournament award.

Zambia has bagged 250, 000 U.S dollars for winning the tournament.

In the third place play-off played earlier at the same venue Guinea defeated South Africa 2-1 to finish as Bronze medalists.

All four semi-finalists have automatically qualified for the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup to be hosted in Korea Republic from 20 May to 11 June.

The draw for the Fifa U-20 World Cup will be conducted on Wednesday, March 15.


  1. Zambia shall be saved by using right pipo not tribe or where one comes from. Imagine if other tribes had demanded for their tribes to be in the team because we had only two tribes in the team Bembas and their mbuyas. Let’s unit and win the economic cup.

    • Has some chief complained that none of his subjects was not in the team? If not, I don’t see need for No1.

    • Thank-you to our under 20 for beating Senegal.
      You may have been too young to remember but back then these *****s as urgly as they look stole everything beautiful about zambia the girls and emeralds.
      And they would also buy all the mosi in bars!
      So thanks once again for inflicting the damage sha!

    • Iwe musulo obe, it is not our problem if your If your tribesmen cant play soccer. Give us names of players who were sidelined because of tribe. Ubupuba


    • Hoooos some guys are detailed, even checking names… I thought the goalkeeper Mangani Banda was from Luapula, he resembles my nephew.

    • $250k is not so much money especially for a team of 25 members

      $250k is the kind of money GBM gives Chama his wife as a present.

    • You can go he’ll with you backward UPND and HH reasoning. You prayed for Zambia to lose but again just like in the elections, your divisiveness lost to the true Zambian spirit.

    • Not ifya kufola, they may disband team like the women was discarded.
      Forced scholarship at a Teacher Training college. Just tell them if you want or not, go to that college, transfer from there.

  2. Zambia is littered with sangomas, some even give out fliers in the streets, the question is who are their clients?

    These Senegalese realized that Zambians have so much belief in juju, and when they saw they were down they started to play mind games, thank God the technical bench had made those boys believe juju doesn’t work, it all a mind game.

    • And what about the game against Guinea? They were also playing mind games? Senagalise are fully entreched in JUJu

    • Also handsome reward. It should not just end at food level. Their effort in the tournament should change their status.

  3. Why do you think Senegal have not been banned if this is not first time they are been accused of so called juju? It is because juju does not exist and fifa do not believe in such trivial things. It was amazing last night how people became hardcore Christians based on a Senegalese throwing an object. Ignorance is rife in Zambia under pf. This is mere u20 win and lazy Zambians have not turned up for work. I have fired my garden boy due to this. He doesn’t know yet

    • I thought today is a public holiday…..you fired your worker for what? Typical UPND cadre, always looking for demerits. This is a good day for Zambia as nation. I doubt you even have a garden boy. Its PF this, Pf that. Is the under 20 national team PF? You are an educated f.oool. Even your HH has been trying to be a soccer fanatic all of the sudden. The MORON has never liked soccer now he wants some mileage by pretending to be a soccer fun. You think you are very educated than other tribes. My wife is from your region and l interact with a lot of people UPND strong holds. THEY are just as ”ignorant” as other tribes. And one of my workers at my farm is a TONGA and he is part of my family though l am from Northern province. So lets stop this stupid.ity of bringing in politics and…

    • @PF cadre, I agree with you, you stop to be so styupid that even winning AFCON under 20 is credited to Lungu and his Kaiser Zulu people.

  4. Juju finds fertile ground on idle mind. How can a guy tell you that you can pass an exam without reading when himself doesn’t even have the old standard 2 certificate?

  5. Let’s give each other a year or 2,we will be watching the same Senegalese boys you laughing Krepin, Niane in Chelsea, Man U, Barcelona shirts. For them use of luck charms is done publicly, if it is for our Indian friends they even have altars in the comfort of their homes.

    The only good part is our boys were ready for the mind games from Senegal unlike their counterparts the south Africans and Guineans.

    • @Divide & Rule! you are right. very soon in maybe 3 years from now we will start seeing the Senegalese boys who have lost today in the best leagues in Europe and playing for top teams and our boys who have won this cup today will continue trekking to SA, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Malaysia etc. Something is very wrong somewhere

  6. I don’t understand this statement!

    “Zambia’s goal minder Mangani Banda was voted man of the tournament while Patson Daka won the man of the tournament award.”

    • @ Owizo, same here… The LT writers again are always drunk while writing.

      Congrats to the lads!

      Not sure why Lungu has to feature in everything, even things that don’t involve him. Politics in Zambia is really gone to the lowest level and has penetrated every fibre of society. People think Lungu controls their lives, its crazy.

    • It was a mistake by this reporter who cant proof read what to publish. Mangani Banda was voted the best player in yesterdays game and Patson Daka won the man of the tornament (best player of the tornament).

  7. Only sensible thing to do here is to congratulate the under 20, tell Senegal hard luck. Congratulate FAZ, Congratulate technical bench and of course the fans. There is no slot to congratulate government because FIFA does not recognise government in Football. Governments can support and pour in all the money but sorry it ends there, according to FIFA, so dear government stop taking credit on this, you are no where nearer, no matter how much you may argue

  8. We africans are like that. we fight each other instead of working together. tribalism is evil though it has always been there. Even in europe and America it is there, but those people build their countries 2getha.

  9. We have been told that the boy have won $250,000. We just want to know how much the lads will be given because as the trend in Zambia the boys will just received peanuts.

  10. I also heard on ZNBC Masuzgo saying Mangani won man of the tournament and Patson Daka won man of the tournament. It should have read, “Mangani Banda won man of the match and Patson Daka won man of the tournament……kikikikiki typo!!!!

  11. Wait a darned second. Yes, the fellows did us proud. We are all chuffed to bits. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. This is what usually f*cks us up. Next you’ll want to get them your left testicle and stuff. easy dudes. take it easy.
    The fellows need to be informed that they have to prepare themselves to be showcased on a larger stage and this may result in a contract for them at a professional team out there. Then they will earn a spot on the first team in a big league. THEN big bucks on a weekly basis will be their reward.
    You people will f#ck up these kids chances by making them gods to soon. Take sh1t east people.

  12. I dont mind where the 23 best players in the national team all came from. Even if it is Shang’ombo as long as they are Zambians. I dont care where the entire team was picked from as long as they were all Zambians representing Zambia. If Rupiah Banda is wisely using his money on his soccer academy and producing such good talent to win us something to cheer about, then it is worth it than boasting about a good house in SA and a million cattle in the south which you cannot even share a bone. HH should set up a soccer academy in the South. GBM should set up a soccer academy in the North instead of just focusing on the presidency. Kavindele should also set up a soccer academy in North-western Province and so should Katele Kalumba in Luapula, and Shakafuswa in Central. Kaingu should do the…

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