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There could be oil and gas in Luapula and Northern Provinces-Yaluma

Economy There could be oil and gas in Luapula and Northern Provinces-Yaluma

Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma
Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma
Minister of Mines Christopher Yaluma says the consultant engaged to conduct oil and gases exploration in Luapula and Northern Provinces has indicated presence of hydro carbons in the two areas.

Mr. Yaluma says this is an indication that there is oil and gas in Luapula and Northern Provinces.

The Minister says the environmental impact assessment plan has already been done in the two provinces and Government will soon start getting results that will be announced in the next three weeks.

Mr. Yaluma says there is potential for oil and gas in block 31 and 54.

Block 31 and 54 runs from east Africa through Kenya into Tanzania and Zambia through Mpulungu, Lake Tanganyika and Sumbu up to Lake Mweru.

Mr. Yaluma has told ZNBC News in an interview in Kitwe that government is elated with the development.

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    • This is the question: Lets be serious for once and expedite these discoveries. People as far as USA know exactly what is in each of our Zambian provinces better than us in this country. The problem in Zambia is that we are very good at thinking too much and doing all manner of high level analysis and forget the basics of employment and economic empowerment activities. Too much high level analysis and thinking. Lets get down to work and avoid all these consultancies that are just wasting time. We have a lot of resources in this country to always be talking consultancies. Lets get down to serious work for once.

  1. The was oil before in Eastern province from the time of Kaunda…. GOOD LUCK

    • You mean his idea of oil from grass? He was right he didn’t just know what to call it, that time the word bio fuels was not in our vocabulary.

    • Yes the bio fuels made from grass called bana grass. Bana grass also called Napia grass is very common in Zambia. google “MacKay Green Energy Inc” and learn more.
      I thought you are an engineer so you should know more about this? Also in German there are so many bio – tech settings around the country.

  2. Hopeless, just keep dreaming! Better not to even announce such rubbish as it only distracts people from facing realities!

  3. PF sells everything. Kaunda managed ZCCM and everything else, how come these people can’t even manage ZNBC? Just selling everything.

  4. Iam surprised by people who are posting here I think there are dumb because before no one knew about Uranium which is very rich in Zambia until Lumwana mines. I just want the exploration of oil and gas to continue to see the results. I know some people are just to political and that’s the reason why they are so primitive and dull.

    • I just find out who you are with that email. Stop writing sensitive stuff. Be smarter boys.

    • That’s the smart Zambia they are preaching about, who the fvxk gives out his email pachintu bwingi.

    • What benefit are getting from uranium mining in zambia or that of lumwana mine? when every thing is being exported. not even taxes do we realize as a nation.

  5. Mr. Yaluma has told ZNBC News in an interview in Kitwe that government is elated with the development.
    What a bunch of !diots! They ought to give themselves st^pidity passports, so that they travel without problems.

    • Dr Pungwa that is the point. Dangote knew that there is potential for cement manufacturing in Masaiti. I doubt if he took consultancies and all sorts of studies. He was told that there are deposits and he started investing and here we are with a serious cement alternative. Wasting time always until there is change of government and then the next government starts other consultancies until the next government. Just moving in circles in this country and it earnestly gets me very angry.

  6. Guys,
    There is more mileage to be gained in resurrecting the “OIL FROM GRASS” project
    Many bloggers here are too young to remember such earth-shattering Zambian discovery!

    • Had the Nigerian scammers been awake at that time, ooh how they would have found easy pickings from the docile presidents Zambia has had from independence. I remember this white conman convincing wamuyayaya mankangala munshifukatilwa ntamba lukuta that oil could easily be produced from grass. And wamuyayaya bestowed upon this scammer diplomatic passports and about 5 million USD to launch this pie in the sky project. Amazingly all his advisers, no, sorry he was his only sole adviser and consultant. Never listened to nobody. The parade of stup!d punks polluting state house in the guise of ‘president’ continues with the incumbent grabbing the Oscar for the most clueless of them all.

  7. The Great rift valley extends from Saudi Arabia, through Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi- Tz border and Zambia! All these countries in this geological formation have oil so it only makes sense that Zambia would most likely also have oil in the region close to this formation ie the Mweru Wantipa, Tanganyika and Bangweulu areas.

    There is oil in this region those of us old enough to remember back when there was a lot of fish! The stuff used to smell like diesel- even when they were caught on canoes.

    God has blessed Luapula, Northern and Muchinga!

    • Southern, western and northwestern is blessed with uranium too, you know what that baby can do, so don’t tempt.

    • @brainhead just as there is coal in Southern Province yes indeed the whole of Zambia is blessed. So have you started to mine that Uranium yet, has the geological survey updated its feasibilty study the last of which was actually carried out in the 80s? And before that the colonial govt carried out one that indicated traces of Uranium in the Gwembe valley. That resource just like Copper, Crude oil etc belong to all Zambians not just a select few as you think. Only in Luapula and Lambaland have all tribes been welcomed- Tongas seeing the huge agri potential have bought so much land in Luapula it is becoming a second Tongaland now so don’t be silly saying don’t try! All are welcome in Luapula!

  8. For ages Oil&gas known 2be abundant in NWP & WP yet no tangible investment 2mine it. Tarring of Chingola-Solwezi had2b by extension of mining services yet all Eurobond went 2tarring nonproductive LP,NP&MP.
    What hypocrisy is this?

    Since CB copper is now exhausted Mambalas want 2expedite oil mining in LP,NP & MP so that they simply selfishly relocate back.

    Pliz know that we shall relocate & share spoils together like we’ve done with Lambaland resources!

  9. There has always been oil which has never been there in Zambia, even from the grass. Ask KK, he will show where that grass with oil is after which Yaluma will show you how he will turn the whole of Lake Tanganyika into lake of oil.

  10. We already have oil at Indeni from TAZAMA pipelines, but see how well the citizens are benefiting from it!! ZILCH! These guys in the GRZ, including Yaluma are crooks day in day out! His boss is the most organized thug Zambia has ever known. He is a deadly thug dressed up to damage our country for now and the future generations. He thrives on looting big time using state calanders and schedules as sponsored by us, the tax payers!

  11. The biggest problem with this country is hypocrisy, hatred and being fake to the core. The Lozis, Kaondes, Luvales, Luchazis, Kachokwes, NWP Lundas were known to be the most useless and people coming from poor provinces without minerals, a strategic propaganda to make them economic slaves and brainwash them to believe so. From 1964 one party rule, almost 30 years of rule, the agenda was to neglect people from the above tribes. The 10 years of Chiluba was to promote the same agenda. But when Mwanawasa came in power, barely less than 5 years in power he pursues mineral explorations NWP and WP. To the agony of haters, who even up to now still want to deny the fact that there is oil, diamond in Western province and oil in NWP, Lumwana became a reality. So will diamond mining became a…

  12. So will diamond mining became a reality to their dismay. It is good news. Lumwana is accommodating all ethnic groupings and no one is being called a SAMAZAI. God is a giver and miracle maker. When you eat today and your neighbour draws near you, dont utter words of swear or defilement to humanity in a style of pride. But being sober and humble.

    • @NJOKO SITOTO: You seem to have misplaced grievances. Get over it and promote unity. It surprises me to see and hear people from areas other than CB boast about how rich their areas are, and how wealth from those areas is used to develop other parts of the Country. Yet you rarely, if at all, hear Lambas from the Copper Belt, whose resources have built Zambia, morn and b!#ch about resources developing Zambia as a whole. I bet even the free education you got bwana @SITOTO is because of the Copper wealth from Lambaland.

      Yes, Zambians of every hue, color, language, tribe, ethnicity, creed and religion are free to move about and settle anywhere in Zambia where there is economic activity in order to better their lives. BECAUSE OUR CONSTITUTION SAY SO. And there is nothing you @SITOTO or…

    • continue:

      … anybody else can do about it—that is what STATEHOOD/NATIONHOOD entails—A COMMON DESTINY! And Zambia is a STATE/NATION and NOT some ancient EMPIRE or KINGDOM.

  13. After they have been secretly siphoning resources and chewing the money now is when they let u know when the oil reserves are running dry. We know what has been going on

    • mmmmm but iwe uli chipuba sana ayi!…which oil reserves are you talking about?…ati we know (of course the ”we”meaning you dung beetles in your ka useless party) what has been going atase!

  14. @ see. You are at liberty to call me any names as you wish, but what I stated above are the facts. Check the following:
    1. the 27 years of Kaunda rule, are you telling me he did not know there was copper potential in NWP?
    2. the 27 years of Kaunda rule, are you telling me he did not know there was potential of oil, gas and diamond in WP?
    3. the 27 years of Kaunda rule, he established politically motivated investments, Luangwa bicycle assembly in EP, Mansa batteries in Luapula Province, Livingstone motor assembly in Southern Province,
    NOW tell me what was established in NWP and WP. Only in the 1983, Mwinilunga pineapple, Western Cashew nuts, that was all. Lozis became sugar cane cutters at Mazabuka, security guards, Luvales, Luchazis, Chokwes etc cleaners in offices. Those that…


      Please STOP being silly! People in those areas you are talking about were NEVER prevented (NOT by the CONSTITUTION, or any POLITICIAN) to pick their @sses up and move to areas where there was vigorous economic activities taking place at the time. Just like there were no MINES in Luapula and Northern Provinces (now MP and NP), People in those areas (just like from many other parts of Zambia) picked themselves up and headed to places like the Copper Belt to work in the Mines to improve their personal economic status. This is the reason why Bemba is widely spoken in cities in the Copperbelt even though the local language/tribe in that area is predominantly Lamba. They did not sit on their freaking hands waiting for Govt/KK to build them a battery factory.

      So for you to…

    • continue:

      … jump to such WILD INSINUATIONS that because Luangwa bicycle assembly was in EP therefore only tribes in that area worked and benefited from it, or Mansa batteries in Luapula Province only benefited Luapula tribes, or that Livingstone motor assembly in Southern Province only benefited Tongas and tribes of that area, is really the epitome of SHALLOWNESS and MISPLACED GRIEVANCES.

      It is such unfounded grievances which has potential to lead to UNNECESSARY TRIBAL CONFLICTS in our Country. Apart from the token factories you have mentioned, Luapula, Northern, and Eastern Provinces are among the most underdeveloped Provinces in Zambia. Just like WP and NWP are. Try to travel outside of your TRIBAL/PROVINCIAL COCOON and see it for yourself.

      Get off of this TRIBAL NONSENSE…

    • continue:

      … and contribute Constructively to the debate. Any National Development, anywhere in the world, takes places in phases and at varying speed and time. Nothing WRONG or SINISTER about that!

    • Bo Njoko Sitoto

      WP is under developed because of your attitudes you guys! Any place suitably located for some developments, you guys would not allow that project to be undertaken! There is this common cliche you like using..kuti ki mubu waluna (it’s our soil/land). The earlier this kind of approach towards developmental matters is done away with, the better for WP! Now that the Mongu-Kalabo Road is done, that very filthy harbor should be demolished as suggested by ECL when he was Minister of Defence. I vividly recall there was a very serious outcry from the locals when ECL suggested a modern harbor then! Luwena Sugar has been given to another Province because you guys thought the plantation would disturb the canals and deplete the fish, fish of which has already been depleted as we…

  15. The problem here is the messenger, one Christopher Yaluma, this man is so dull that one would be worried him issuing such information whether oil is there or not…you feel you will be swindled!!

  16. @ see. Those that felt stressed with economic humiliation had to run to Botswana. If you want to proof this, the first people to seek green pastures in Botswana are Lozis and Tongas and the rest followed. Let us be honest and appreciate one another. These are true facts.

  17. @ see. Can you dispute the fact that other political projects included tobaco board in Northern province, Mpulungu fisheries, while the Lozis had to find survival entrepreneurship involving selling of timber at Buseko market and grass. Until the independence of South Africa, when white Afrikaners started to come to Zambia did the trade in timer gain commercial value together with the grass for thatching lodges, because the products were highly demanded in RSA. Then everyone saw its economic relevance and jumped into it. Call me any names. I know the truth and the truth pains.

  18. I think what a lot of pipo are missing is that wnat ever minerals, oil or gas that is in Zambia has to economically viable to be invested in. Zamia has iron ore, but at world price $45 Wwno would mine and tansport out of country.
    You dont think that anglo america and the other early minera, explorers dont know what is in zambia.. it all about economic viability and return on investment.
    By the way all minerals in zambia belong to ALL Zambians. Forget this tribal rubbish and we might just progress.
    Everybody must share equitably through a government that supports ALL ZAMBIANS


  19. During Mwanawasa we were told North Western and Western had presence of oil looking at how close North Western and Angola is and blocks were made and shared among explores but to date since the great son of Zambia died nothing is coming forth.
    Bring take investments were it is needed and will be put to good use.
    Look at the mwange youth skills farm up to date all the equipment is just gathering dust as these people from this party of the country knows only begging and insulting.
    Thank God that the neglected provinces have the best natural resources which can generate money for the country but your sliding of these provinces will cost the country.
    Had not mwanawasa reopened kasanshi mine,opened Lumwana and Kalumbila mine where was the country going to be today?

  20. The saddest thing I see on this forum is that some bloggers view everything through tribal spectacles. As Zambians, we should celebrate and not mourn any discovery of resources such as oil, uranium, copper, etc in any part of our country because ultimately this will benefit the whole country.

  21. @ YAMBAYAMBA: You must be a graduated fool to ignore my observations that are very factual. Even if people from other provinces were to match all the way to be employed in those factories, do you think that is sufficient reason to offset their quest for development in their respective provinces where they came from or to deny them local development?? Stupid fool!!!! Do you know the concept called Local Economic Development and Rural Empowerment ?? Who get the ultimate benefits between the mere salary earner and the host of the investments.??? Take Tobacco board for instance, the institution does not only exist in a vacuum, it will automatically create tobacco farmers, mostly from within the region, Mpulungu Fisheries, before a Lozi walks all the way from Kalabo to cast the net, the…

  22. @ YAMBAYAMBA: Continued/. Take Tobacco board for instance, the institution does not only exist in a vacuum, it will automatically create tobacco farmers, mostly from within the region, Mpulungu Fisheries, before a Lozi walks all the way from Kalabo to cast the net, the locals will do it first and benefit. What tribalism are you talking about when the reality is discharged.??? Foolish monkey. I asked you the question: Why was Lumwana mine never encouraged to be opened but only force people to get jobs from pineapples plantation ?? Because they were job opportunities they went to seek for work in the copper belt and the available jobs they could get was toilet and office cleaning and you called them Ba SAMAZAI?? When we talk you say its tribalism??? Thank God, the Lozis were saved by…

  23. @ YAMBAYAMBA: Continued/. Thank God, the Lozis were saved by their education to survive. This is the TRUE NONSENSE that characterizes this country. Failing to swallow the truth. The truth is that their was unfair and skewed development and mostly politically influenced to punish the innocent generations. Like it or not swallow your pride and hatred. What i stated is true. Fears of the shadow. DONT develop NWP province because Mushara is going to powerful. Stupid thinking. DONT develop WP because they will have economic muscles to break away or become ungovernable. You think we are stupid. BLACK ANIMAL !!

    • Hey spare us your lunacy man! Why are being so tribal? Leave Zambia and go back to your ancient kingdom silly! Anger, bitterness dwell in an empty brainless soul!!!!!

  24. @ YAMBAYAMBA. I want to leave you or other bloggers with this question. Why is NWP province denied a modern University if the current resources benefiting the whole nation and thieves like you are coming from there?? And meanwhile your boss decides to build two universities in the northern regions with funds derived from their resources?? Who is being tribal here?? Between us the, the complaints and you the deceitful defendants?? Wake up and be real. What is wrong is and must be corrected. Period.!!!

  25. @ YAMBABAYAMBA. CORRECTIONS FOR YOU. Because there were NO job opportunities they went to seek for work in the copper belt and the available jobs they could get was toilet and office cleaning and you called them Ba SAMAZAI?? What is wrong is Wrong and must be corrected. Period.!!!

    • So if the only work they could find and get was Cleaning toilets, whose fault was that? I am sure they were forced into these jobs. Or is it possible that they ended up with such jobs because their level of education or skills not up there with others? You can not start talking like these people were forced either by law or some other unfair restrictions imposed on them by the Govt. I know it is human nature to always want to blame others for ones misfortunes. But “Toilet Cleaning” is an honorable job for anyone you wants to make an honest living and feed their families—NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!

      And if TOILET CLEANING is translated as “SAMAZAI” in some local languages in Zambia, why are you offended by that? Lowery jobs and the people who do them are always looked down upon. This…

    • continue:

      … is a common phenomenon everywhere you go in the world. But that does NOT mean it is the fault of the people who do these kinds of honorable and necessary work—THE PROBLEM STEMS FROM A UNIVERSAL HUMAN “IGNORANCE” which we all tend to poses. But that shouldn’t be a source of the kind of PARANOIA and RIDICULOUS assertions you are making here.

    • Sorry: “I am sure they were forced into these jobs.”

      SUPPOSE TO READ: “I am sure they were [NOT] forced into these jobs.”

  26. Any update on the Oil and gas discovered in Chavuma and Zambezi in 2006? Its now 6years since the discovery was made.Was the discovery of any commercial value worth exploiting ? How different is the new discovery being discussed in this article ? Its prudent not to issue such statements until information about the commercial value of the reported presence of hydrocarbons is obtained .Can someone tell the nation what has happened to the Chavuma and Zambezi discovery made in 2006 and why that reserve if any hasn’t been exploited upto now.

  27. Iwe chi @NJOKO SITOTO, So Luapula Province is underdeveloped because of what? Northern Province is not as developed because of what?, Eastern province isn’t developed because of what? TELL ME?? In your small mind, you even bring up Mushala (a freaking rebel). If that was the reason why NWP is underdeveloped, why according to your warped logic and view, NP/LP was “developed” because these areas also had Characters such Lenshina who equally gave the young Govt of KK a headache? But, as I have already told you, NP/LP is just as underdeveloped as NWP/WP. So what is your explanation for this?

    Now, if WP province didn’t develop even during the time it was a British Protectorate and, the time when your so called Lozi Kings where in full control of the resources and affairs in that area,…

    • continue:

      … including claim to the Copper wealth which did NOT belong to you, why do you then want to blame KK/Govt which only took over in 1964? Your Lozi Kings and Chiefs used to get commissions/payments from the British Mining Company under Cecil Rhodes, now show me any world class infrastructure (hospital, University, road, airport, bridge, canal, etc) built out of this money appropriated (to me, more like “misappropriated”) to your Kings? The answer is NOTHING, ZERO! The little that is there was done by KK and his Govt. So what the f**k where you doing almost a century under your freaking “KINGS” protected by the British if you were so educated and smart?

      And if you want to talk about Universities, it is only Copperbelt that can cry about wanting to have a University in…

    • continue:

      … every city considering the amount of wealth taken out of that place. Starting with your [email protected] imperialists the British in “unholy” partnership with your greedy Kings. You peerage the Copper wealth which did not belong to you (as you want to stick it to others) and you have nothing to show for it and want to blame others for your ineptness. Your so called Education was only availed to mainly the closest relatives of your ‘all-knowing’ demigod the “King Lewanika” who were sent for studies in the UK. The rest of you were just as ignorant and uneducated as most Zambians were at the time.

      Kaunda came along and you all benefited from is NATIONALISTIC AGENDA which included FREE EDUCATION for all—including !d!ots like yourself. Tell me how many people…

    • continue:

      … your so called Lozi Kings and their benefactor (Queen Victoria) educated? Even just among the Lozis—the number is pitiful. And I am being generous by saying this.

      You can go hung with your ridiculous complaints and warped view of our Country’s history!

  28. Can somebody explain the meaning of “Yaluma”? Maybe this will help me understand what goes on between this man’s ears…..

  29. Yes indeed oil is good for the development in Zambia.
    I am just worried about those negative zambians who think. minerals should only be in one part of the nation.
    You are disappointed because of this information.
    What people need to know is that God is no respecter of persons.
    Very soon you hear Malawi has gold and diamonds.
    This will make you mad.

  30. YAMBAYAMBA whatever your name is. Njoko sitoto is stating the facts and facts that contain the truth. If this truth hurts you just hang up your gloves. Lumwana contributes greatly to the nation’s GDP, but government has the audacity to turn a blind eye on the plight of the people of NWP to deny them the most essential thing in life, modern tertiary institution, but decides to locate the two universities in the northern regions. Come on. What do you call this?? This is hypocrisy. From your comments it shows you are the same basterds who think more superior than others. You called us Ba Samazai, that is the truth. But today the same Lumwana is full of your people and more painfully is that your very people now want even to speak in Bemba and contemplating to have it introduced in…

  31. But today the same Lumwana is full of your people and more painfully is that your very people now want even to speak in Bemba and contemplating to have it introduced in schools, because you dont want to learn the local languages. That is how hypocrite your clique is. Simple

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