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HH warned against politicizing the death of the ZAF Officer


HH speaking to Journalists outside the Cathedral
UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema
THE politicisation of the death of Zambia Airforce sergeant Mark Choongwa by opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema has been condemned as an insensitive and an inhuman political ploy.

After visiting late sergeant Choongwa’s funeral in Lusaka on Thursday, Mr. Hichilema alleged that the officers at Woodlands Police were Patriotic Front (PF) cadres in police uniforms brutalizing innocent citizens.

But the PF Lusaka Youth Chairman Mr Kamba PF observed that Mr. Hichilema was using the death of late sergeant Choongwa to gain political mileage.

In a statement issued to the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr Kamba said Mr. Hichilema should instead concentrate on mobilizing his political party instead of using a funeral to gain cheap political mileage because it would not help the UPND in any way.

“The Zambian people know that Mr Hichilema is a failure who has failed to coordinate and mobilize his own political party,” he said.

Mr. Kamba said the UPND leader had also failed to coordinate his Members of Parliament and his secretary general following conflicting statement for boycotting Parliament on Friday last week.

He has challenged Mr. Hichilema to go to Woodlands Police Stations and check for how long the police officers were employed for him to claim they were PF cadres.

“Let him not use the funeral and death of someone because doing so is seeking cheap political mileage. Zambian they know who Hakainde Hichilema is and how many times he has lost elections,” Mr Kamba said.

He said it was clear from the happenings in Parliament that the UPND lacked leadership.

Mr. Kamba said combining the leadership quality of Mr. Hichilema and that of leader of the opposition in Parliament Jack Mwiimbu and UPND whip Garry Nkombo was clear that their party was in a serious leadership crisis.

He said Mr. Hichilema should concentrate on finding solutions to their internal political differences and not to politicize the death late flight sergeant Choongwa.

“We are equally saddened by the death of Mr. Choongwa and we want the tribunal which has been set up by the ministry of defence and home affairs to make sure that they culprits who are behind the death of Choongwa are brought to book,” Mr. Kamba said.


    • @ Sharon:
      I don’t care where this came from – whether it’s from your pu.ssey or the bigger – just put it back!!
      Use your head to think NOT your A.rse!! Cunt!!

  1. Well, both the Ruling Party and the Opposition are cut from the same cloth. Instead of lamenting the failure of the police to discharge their responsibility to every person in the land, whether in police custody or free in the street, they are both talking politics.

  2. How many people die? So if a tonga happens to be unfortunate to find himself in this situation it becomes an issue more important than other deaths?

    • iwe chimbwi where has HH stated anything to do with tribe? yes people die everyday due to poverty and failures of PF in providing effective governance. is that not why HH is where he is today fighting to the death of him inorder to bring about change? This is a very serious case because the police who we have been saying are politically inclinded were actually involved in the death of this man! How can the same police who are implicated carry out the investigations into the death of a person they killed? Are you mentally stable iwe ka ndanje? sometimes you jsut comment inorder to get attention. Learn to read and analyse texts before you put those hideous fingers on your device and blog crap! ma2uvi ya muntu iwe

    • @Mbanje khakis ka nio:
      With PF cruel executions of innocent people like this, this is the more reason why we need to keep our membership of ICC. The PF murders will have to be thoroughly investigated after change of this PF Govt no matter how long it takes.
      Of course the death of one Tonga matters a lot to us because we have experienced Tongas being killed in suspicious circumstances more than any other tribe…think of that Tonga girl, our hero freedom fighter, Memory Chibulo who was also murdered by the same PF Police.
      It does NOT make sense for the PF Police to charge the inmates for the crime they didn’t commit!! Where were the PF Police when the inmates are alleged to have committed the murder? Inmates have ZERO interest in Police vehicles – and would NOT care what happens to…

    • @Mbanje khakis ka nio:
      …….Inmates have ZERO interest in Police vehicles – and would NOT care what happens to Police vehicles!! The real killers are the PF Police themselves. Even if they cover up – something awful will happen to any accomplice and they will suffer for the rest of their lives!!

    • Oh temper, temper Upnd cadres. Didn’t Rev say this in front of HH? Did HH condemn the Rev or correct him. Sorry you’re not going anywhere with this biased reaction.

  3. Look guys everyone knows that under PF everything is politicised. We do not have a clear distinction between PF and the government. Look how the PF police has been used to try and fix independent media or anyone against the PF. HH is telling you facts. Why have we seen the killing of innocent UPND members by the police but not the killing of PF ones. And yet we all know that PF are notorious thugs. Let us learn to call a spade what it is. Zambia is now a dictatorship and while lungu is trying to break the constitution and abuse his powers we have two dunderheads above here accusing HH of tribalism. Where has he mentioned tribe in his comments. We demand that the police do not investigate this case as they are implicated in it. We need an independent international police to carry out…

  4. There is a man whose life was cut short and truth be told, this is largely due to the failure of PF to institute law and order. I do not care what platform you espouse, there is a family whose loved one life has been tragically taken on PF’s watch. For some of you who can only see issues from a political perspective, be careful. ichilipamunobe, echilinapaliiwe. Lesa nimalyotola, and surely the death of this man shall not be in vain. if anything Zambians should be outraged and in the streets protesting the killing of this man, but of course too daft to think and analyze situations.

    May the Lord give us leaders who truly fear him. May the family of the deceased be comforted by the only one who gives peace beyond our understanding

  5. Say what you want about Myou president Hakainde Hichilema the truth will always be the truth…..Edgar Lungu and his pf police cadres killed that man…again l say Edgar instructed his pf police cadres to kill him for reasons best known to everyone.all those inmates are scapegoats….and I feel for them…their condition has made them vulnerable to be accused knowing they can’t get over out of it.By the time Choongwa was put in cells he was already half dead….they beat him up and left to die right at the accident scene.Zbians we need to grow out of these shell of protecting what is wrong.

    President Hakainde Hichilema is hated for being who he is….a smart ..intelligent..fearless… humble and his unique way of doing politics which challenges the corrupt leadership of Edgar and all…

  6. Some people are surely dull and dont reason how can you surely say HH is a failure but PF cadles KAMBA we know you want your voice to be head but be reasonable and talk about facts can you surely compare yourself with HH you are just a LUSAKA province cadre who has never in your life time interacted with intellectuals Globally like HH has done and by the way you are just known in LUSAKA by PF cadres shame on u a day for attonement is coming.

    • Terrible @10 it’s a pity that Upnd see things with two glasses 1) To rule zambia 2) Tonga must rule. But to rule Zambia you must love all tribes not just your tribe. If the police assault a Bemba in Kasama, HH must visit that victim of police brutality. If police burn villages simultaneously one in Namwala and another in Kawambwa HH must visit kawambwa instead of Namwala. But this is not the case.

  7. @3.1 NEZ, don’ defendof course we all know that hh’s visit to the funeral house and subsequent comments are tribal, he sees tonga in this death rather than death if an innovent Zambian citizen.
    You want proof? The last time hh visited a funeral house was the death of Reeves, the Auto force guy killed by his girlfriend. Reeves was tonga wasn’t he? Look here, hh is a tribalist, and the only reason he does not come out openly is that his running.mate or is it room mate is a bemba, otherwise he would be full blast talking about bemba monkeys. That is hh for you., thinks,

    • You are area dog because hh between now and reeves funeral has visited the funeral homes of those involved in numerous accidents caused by your useless governments. Please do not embarrass yourself. You wish he was tribal. Pathetic chap. Kikiki

    • Please don’t belabour the tribal card to the extent of not seeing the elephant in the room. You must be sick in the head.

  8. No Politics, Police have committed murder and the real culprits must be brought to book. A simple Traffic offense should have not led to the death of an innocent soul. Was it politically motivated? Or was it tribally motivated? If yes then our leadership must be held responsible because they don’t realize how serious this tribal thing is hurting Zambia.
    RB is happy to see all attention diverted from his cases and real issues. Mubarak thought He was too powerful, He has spent SIX Years right where He tortured others, Idi Amin thought He was supreme, He ran from his own shadow all the way to his death….there just is no escape as long as you knit this kind of Cobweb…God has never been mocked!

  9. It’s not politicising his death. It’s just highlighting over and over how incompetent this government is!

  10. Why do some people rush to state that someone is ‘politicising’ issues when they make a comment? What is not political about respecting life, due process and justice in general? Extra-judicial killing is one of the most serious matters that underlies whether a country has institutions and men/women that can protect the citizenry. Failing to act appropriately or to ensure professional conduct in a wing of government that you run, is as good as being liable for despicable actions such as the ones that took Nchimunya’s life. It is not the first of such incidents in recent times. Instead of condemning this, some bloggers unashamedly and myopically strive to be apologists or bury their unthinking heads in the sand. Everyone should be robust in taking a stand against police thuggery that has…

  11. … got worse. Who will protect YOU when your turn comes? We need to act in ways that ensure EVERYONE is protected and able to seek recourse from institutions and agencies bestowed with such responsibilities. Many a nation has slid into anarchy because institutions have lost their purpose, politicians have done nothing to stem ‘tribal’ talk or divisions or have actually turned a blind eye because it has benefited them in one way or the other. We need to move away from selfish divisive objectives regardless of party affiliation or allegiance.

  12. Who is Kamba to warn an official opposition leader? Everyday the PF is always ‘warning’ someone or something. That is the only response and language they know.

  13. HH is correct in politicizing the death of this ZAF Officer and other’s deaths at the hands of ZP. All ZP officers are in their jobs by the hand of Lungu. Lungu appoints all ZP’s top officers. And we can ss the incompitence of these officers, and their cruelty. They have no regard for human life, and their brutality is a daily experience for those citizens who want to enjoy their constitution. It is clear that had these stupid fellows not been appointed by a corrupt political leadership, none of the current killings would have occurred.

  14. HH is not tribal wangwele just because the victim is TONGA then u wish him speak TRIBALISM , NO he is so smart above that and u shall never catch him on that one ,,please let the courts hear him

  15. Upnd pipo can break my ribs with laughing coz to them whatever misfortune the nation can experience it’s the pf government be it drought, accidents and many other natural occurrences it’s the pf government. They should try at least try to be objective,we known they are desperate to rule , but give the pipo of Zambia a concrete reasons as to why Zambians should give them chance to rule. This is the first time I have ever witnessed cheap and mediocre opposition in Zambia.kkkkkkk,mediocre opposition at it’s highest oda.

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