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President Lungu saddened by people condemning ICC membership consultation

Headlines President Lungu saddened by people condemning ICC membership consultation

President Edgar Lungu shake hands with Zambia Air Force Major General Deputy Commander David Muma during his departure to Muchinga Province at City Airport in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu shake hands with Zambia Air Force Major General Deputy Commander David Muma during his departure to Muchinga Province at City Airport in Lusaka

President Edgar Lungu has said that he is saddened by reports of people politicising Government’s move to consult citizens on whether Zambia should stay or withdraw its membership from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The President said that Zambia is a democratic nation which allows citizens to decide what is good for the country. The Head of State said that Government wants the choice of the majority to take centre stage.

President Lungu was speaking shortly before departure to Mchinga province for a working holiday.

The Head of State also said that he is content with the ministerial reports that he has received from his ministers. President Lungu said that the reports he has received have indicated that cabinet ministers are working hard.

He said that there were a lot of issues that he is finding out from the reports and that his recent visit to the Government Printers was prompted by the report from the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure development.

Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu is now in Mpika District to start his three day working visit in Muchinga Province. The President landed at Mpika day Secondary grounds at around 09 hours and was welcomed by Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo, Muchinga Province Minister Malozo Sichone and Senior government and party officials.

The Head of State is expected to attend a Church service at the Pentecostal assemblies of God church.

Later the head of state is also expected to visit various development projects in the district before he proceeds to Chinsali later in the day.

 President Edgar Lungu shake hands with Minister of defence Davis Chama,while Minister of Finance Felix Mutati looks during his departure to Muchinga Province at City Airport in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu shake hands with Minister of defence Davis Chama,while Minister of Finance Felix Mutati looks during his departure to Muchinga Province at City Airport in Lusaka

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  1. I agree with him.

    He can’t win.

    Consulting is the right thing.

    He is proving a better president and deserves a third term for me.




    • Why is the president saddened?
      He has not explained to the nation when he wants to leave.
      He first needs to made an objective case on why thst is the case.
      There is no need to spend large amounts of money on an issue as straight forward as this.

    • Mishota

      You flip flop non stop. Some times you say HH is better some times lungu.

      You are incoherent and confused at the best of times.

    • Iam neutral here but I don’t remember us being consulted when joining so why are we being consulted when deciding to leave?

    • This President is really a wonder. We want to remain in ICC. What makes you think we will support looters proposing withdrawal from ICC? Mr. President you are terribly mistaken. The whole issue is political so what do mean when you say people are politicising it? Kikiki.

    • Mr President, I beg to differ with you. Zambia ceased to be a DEMOCRATIC NATION as soon as you took the reigns of power in 2015. Zambia today is an AUTOCRATIC DICTATORIAL NATION under your incapable leadership this is why we need the ICC to enhance checks and balances on leaders like yourself. By the way, how do you tolerate riff-raffs like Kennedy Lambs who is terrorizing Zambians NOT TO ATTEND THE UPND RALLY SCHEDULED FOR NEXT WEEKEND BECAUSE THE PF WILL CAUSE BLOODSHED SINCE THE UPND HAS NOT RECOGNIZED YOUR PRESIDENCY? REALLY MR PRESIDENT! SHAME ON YOU FOR TOLERATING TERRORISM IN YOUR PF PARTY! ZAMBIA NEEDS THE ICC!

    • @Spaka like lilo

      What is the difference between a living thing and a dead thing? In the medical world, a clinical definition of death is a body that does not change. Change is life. Stagnation is death. If you don’t change, you die. It’s that simple. It’s that scary.
      Leonard Sweet



    • There are some criminals friends/workers of Edgar, whom have Zambians have advised him to withdraw, but he still continue to drink with them.

    • Democracy is not expensive but playing politics is very expensive.
      Did you consult anyone when you created extra ministries??
      Why not just take that question mark to parliament??
      Simple and cheaper!!
      Recall you were also sad when people opposed the creation of the nothing-to-do ministry of religion but you went ahead anyway.


    • The president with brains
      We are behind you mwana mubotu. We tried the Referendum thing thing, it was shot down by politicians, NGOs, and the Zambian people at the ballots. You cannot decide on the ICC as politicians otherwise quacks will cry out loud. The goons are already quacking and calling for the referendum as having more priority than the ICC decision. You’re on the right track bo ECL. Your 2021 vote is secured.

    • My vote on this issue is stay the h.ell outa ICC for shameless / reckless bias
      Yes Zambia has capacity to try crimes against humanity(CAH). We definitely do not need ICC to try HH’ s post 2016 CAH. Plus while T.Brair and G.W.Bush are both busy roaming the streets of london and NY respectively, C Taylor is rotting in jail for the same sort of cases in a holier than thou sort of thinking. Next time think and consult widely before you join such kangaroo sort of courts.

    • My Yoyo, The survey is a cover as the result is already known. Soon He will be singing “I consulted Zambians to disengage from ICC”. But the real idea is to block the petition which is heading to the ICC.

    • Whether this lungu Id1ot takes Zambia out of ICC or not he will punished in good time by the Zambian people for killing their relatives with impunity.

      He is not aware he would be much safer in the hands of ICC when time comes than the next regime which might sentence him to hang. Thats why President Lungu is a low life with no morals.

      VIVA UPND.

    • Stay in ICC, for checks and balances on human rights. Use the money to start building a dual carriage way(Proper Motorway) between Lusaka and the Copperbelt. People have lost lives due to bad and narrow road network..

  2. There goes the Lazy Canister on another “working” holiday, this is all he can talk about on the airport tarmac. What a disgrace.

    • Those ministers and Defence Chiefs lining up on a Sunday to see off that Lazy Bum are being paid to do that…why can this Lazy Lungu simply get to the airport and fly out without all this commotion. All this is reckless and misuse of expenditure.

    • Only dictators keen on killing their citizens like Mugabe (his Gukurahundi killed tens of thousands of Ndebeles in early 1980s) and Kenyatta (who got his Kikuyus to butcher Luos) are afraid of the ICC. I am very happy that the ICC is going after African dictators. Look at South Sudan! What is Lungu planning against Tongas so that he won’t have to go to the ICC?

  3. You little greedy cowardly illegal president. What we are saying is that it is not priority for Zambia to be discussing mere membership of an organisation that does not affect us in anyway. Which leaves me to believe that you are doing this in order to protect yourself over things you know you are doing wrong. Only offenders of human rights are scared of icc. While people are going without salary and food here you are wanting to splash 2 million to exit icc in order to cement your relations with Sudans dictator

    • What is Lungu planning against some Zambians that makes him scared of the ICC? Countries without murderous leaders are not worried about the ICC. Go to Botswana, it is a non-issue there. In Lungu’s Zambia, we are seeing a trend of murder by govt forces – Mapenzi, Choongwa….. What next? Is mass murder being planned?

  4. Cintomfwa! Kabwala alanda. This is not a priority for any decent government unless you have many evil things you have done to hide.

  5. People are criticising because its not a priority right now. Perhaps the President needs to visit Chawama and see whether the ordinary man there cares about ICC. People are worried about bread and butter. First, sort out the hunger at home before you start dealing with outside problems.

  6. Students at UNZA are crying for sponsorship and you want to waste K2 millions of our tax payers money on something that is not even an issue. It is this reckless expenditure that you must start to address more urgently. You have already chocked the economy with too many high taxes! If you know you are clean, there is no need to worry about ICC membership. Only those who have things to hide will be in the forefront wanting to leave ICC! Why should anyone be saddened by a none issue? Disappointing!

  7. The President or the author of this article need to address what has prompted this whole ICC issue.

    Mr President or anyone who cares to answer, why are you asking the people of Zambia to decide on an issue with very minimal insight into what’s going on?

    How is it going to benefit Zambia and ordinary Zambians at large?

    How is this going to benefit individual politicians who have no regard for the rule of law?

    Those who don’t want to be answerable to crimes against humanity and abuse of office once their terms come to an end?

    Our legal system cannot handle such big issues as they are not independent and can easily be compromised by incumbent politicians.

    Please let’s get serious there are more pressing issues of governance, economics etcetera etcetera that needs more…

  8. First, who proposed that Zambia withdraws from ICC? What are the reasons for wanting to withdraw from ICC? Are w?e blindingly following the corrupt Zuma and ANC of South Africa? Why do you need to spend so much money consulting people who probably have never heard or know the existence of the ICC? Gone are the days when politicians can loot the country’s resources and flee to seek refugee in a far away country with their ill-gotten wealth. The corrupt regimes especially those from Africa, sensing that the world has no place to hide as long as ICC is there are planning their escape routes, but first they must evade the ICC by withdrawing their membership. How much was LUNGU paid by the architects of ICC withdrawal, namely Zuma to support their cause? Lungu must be stopped without delay.

  9. Lungu and his other Political Farts thought they would be scoring points with the IMF team that is in the country by announcing consultations on wether to leave the ICC.

    All the removals of subsides we see were an IMF condition for talks. But what is missing is a demonstration by GRZ of good governance and press freedoms.

    PF thought announcing public consultations on the ICC decision will demonstrate good democratic governance, but the public are saying we have more pressing needs.

  10. Mr President, the issue is not lack of consultation, but unfruitful and careless expenditure.

    We just had an election where representatives of people were elected. This is a simple issue that can be handled in parliament.

    Let’s not defend the indefensible.

    Thank you for understanding our point of view.

  11. Either ba LT you are making this up, or Lungu is lot worse than I feared.
    So, Lungu actually finds it a happy achievement to block bursaries for deserving students IN PREFERENCE for ICC consultations? What is this???.

    Clearly, this man is evidently afraid of something.

  12. @10 Brian, exactly my thoughts.
    Mr President, K2million is a whopping US$200,000! Come on Mr President, you want to spend all that loot on ICC consultation? Among the list of priorities for Zambia today ICC cannot rank even at 1000th! I can understand if it is UPNDonkeys who wanted to do that, but for God’s sake not you our beloved President!
    As my colleague Brian says give it to parliament to debate. We the commoners can contribute on LT. Better still no debate just leave it as it is, why should we react to sentiments of a few misguided African countries who have nothing better to than killing each other?

    • Hehehe Mr terrible ,

      Be carfull of your blood pressure with this empty tin president you followed blindly.

  13. Mr President, I have another suggestion. If the government cannot think of priority areas like anti malaria programmes or it is too little for retirees, give the $200,000 to the First Lady. Aunt Esther certainly has a much better use for that money, I can vouch for that!
    US$200,000 ON ICC DEBATE IS A DEFINITE 10xNO Mr President!

  14. This ICC animal has no impact on ordinary Zambians. I don’t even know which Zambians in Kanyama, Chibolya, Linda, etc have issues with ICC. No ordinary Zambian has issues with ICC. This ICC mostly affects high profile cases. So who are you consulting. What has ICC done to Zambians to warrant this inquiry? May be asking Zambians about Police brutality and spending K2million would have made sense. Surely what is wrong in Zambia? And we have people who support this crap of a president.


  16. we know the reasons why this has come about , when you check your illegal activity you find yourselves with no option but to try and run away from such bodies even before you are brought to book. let zambia alone and remain in the icc no need to waste money for consultations, for what.

  17. Shadow boxing the head of state is not right. Democracy flies on two wings, namely public opinion and technical opinion. Public opinion involves meeting ordinary members of the public to gauge the mood, feelings, concerns, anxieties, worries, etc. Technical opinion involves expertise by distinguished professional, intellectuals, scholars, scientists, etc. Although technical expertise implies an element of public opinion, yet its is wrong procedural to overlook ordinary voices in the country. There is need to present technical view side by side with public opinion. If need be, the public can then be briefed and educated by experts.

  18. Why is this Illegitimate President saddened when people tell him to give that K2 million to UNZA Students for Bursaries? There is no need to spend this money on ICC Inquiry,its not a priority. Take the ICC issue to Parliament and debate the issue and leave the matter there Only Dictators want to leave the ICC. What crimes has Lungu committed to fear ICC? After dictator Yayha Jammeh was dethroned from power Gambia has rejoined ICC. In South Africa Zuma has been blocked to leave by Concourt. Zambia needs to remain in ICC whether Illegitimate Lungu likes ir or not.

  19. I would rather we be discussing police impunity, govt impropriety – matters close to home. Discussing the ICC is nothing more a diversionary ploy aimed at masking govt short comings. Get back to work mwee mbutuma mweh!

  20. “The President said that Zambia is a democratic nation which allows citizens to decide what is good for the country. The Head of State said that Government wants the choice of the majority to take center stage.”

    The way UNPD has been treated it’s like we leave in flawed democracy, only in flawed democracy government failed to protect the opposition.

    We to stay in ICC.

  21. Its only Dictators who quit ICC when they are being criticized for their misrule. Quiting ICC is consistent with Lungu’s strategy to achieve a One Man Dictatorship in Zambia and rule forever. That is why Lungu is already setting his eyes on stealing another Election in 2021. How does Lungu justify spending K2m on ICC Consultation when there are Students at UNZA without Bursaries? Lungu himself is a graduate of UNZA and benefited from a govt Bursary to complete his Law Degree and now for political expediency he is denying Bursaries to poor students. Lungu is selfish and heartless and is power to self enrich himself and his fellow criminals. Shame..Shame on this Vote Thief and Illegitimate President.

  22. Same indults day in day out we are tired of the propaganda insults. No factual blogs or indeed worthy blogs, all are insults. Grow up UPND cadres, there must be a better way to dialogue.

  23. The big question is: Who was the first to propose that Zambia leaves the ICC?Is it the politicians? Is it us the ordinary citizens? I don’t think it is the ordinary citizens. It is the politicians. Why would a poor ordinary citizen be afraid of leaving the ICC?Anyway the President is right to consult the citizens on this important proposed step. I hope we are doing the right thing.

    • We understand democracy is not cheap but in this case it is not very clear to most of us why this issue has become such an important preoccupation of our President. Perhaps if he could elaborate further otherwise our daily dictates don’t have ICC as an issue. Nkani ya democracy yavuta.

  24. Zambians are the ones who are disappointed with him for wasting their money trying to come out of ICC. He should be a quilt person for wanting to come out of the ICC. progressive Botswana and some others are not coming out.

  25. 2021 general elections maybe the bloodiest zambia has ever witnessed. This idea of leaving ICC is to ensure that the likes of Kaizer may not be held accountable at all after the blood elections. Wake up Zambians

  26. and see through all these criminal schemes meant to protect violent PF officials after 2021 general elections. Why should leaving ICC be the first priority at this time when the nation has alot of issues to deal with?

  27. and see through all these criminal schemes meant to protect violent PF officials after 2021 general elections. Why should leaving ICC be the first priority at this time when the nation has alot of issues to deal with?

  28. Fellow Bloggers – Kindly go through what you write before flooding LT with poorly constructed english. Certain levels of mistakes some bloggers are making leaves much to be desired and are mistakes of the ugliest order. When Bloggers make torrents of mistakes, LT will not improve.

  29. Can someone make me understand something….is the president having enermies in zambia…..why cant well informed citizens debate the icc issue before these consultations……why do they seem to agree with outsiders than their own brothers and sisters……..our president is new on the presidential platform ,,,obviously he can be having the same fears like mugabe……..

  30. The only leaders scared of ICC in Africa and elsewhere are the filthy dictators. Zambia should continue to uphold membership of ICC now and always.

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